DaveJustDave : video
11  août     15h00
DE-Modifying my IBM 5170 AT in the Pursuit of Period Correctness
   This was the machine that started it all. I had committed the cardinal sin of modifying too much and too far. Can I restore this machine to period correct greatness without compromising any functionality? Intro music: Bridge to the Universe by Bjorn Lynne aka Dr. Awesome at https: www...
01  janvier     20h42
DaveJustDave 2021 NYE Livestream
   Hi Guys... haven’t done a livestream in a LOOONG time, sorry I had forgotten how to even do it on YT I think the chat replay will show up momentarily on the right, so you can have some context to what I’m talking about on the screen. Happy 2021 everyone
24  décembre     16h00
Christmas Eve 2020 - A Brief Tour of Dave’s Retro PC Loft
   Hi guys, I wanted to thank all of you for your support this year. Here’s a brief tour of a cozy place I like to call home. Intro music: Bridge to the Universe by Bjorn Lynne aka Dr. Awesome at https: www.lynnemusic.com, used by permission.
19  décembre     16h00
DOSCember - Let’s Build a 386 - Red headed stepchild, or sweet spot of DOS Gaming?
   With #DOSCember in full swing, I break out some spare parts and put together a 386 DX-40. Sometimes it’s nice to have a machine thats a bit faster than an AT, and a bit slower than a 486. Is this the sweet spot for late 80s DOS games? 0:00 Introduction 0:35 Some history on the 80386 3:28 The...
11  décembre     15h45
DOSCember Continues - the Evolution of PC Game Packaging - with Feelies
   For those of us who grew up in the 80s and 90s, the fun began long before you started playing the actual game. Old DOS games made up for their lack of fidelity by providing physical items and tactile sensations to draw you into the game. In this video I unbox several and answer the question... ...
04  décembre     16h00
DOSCember Running Bare Metal DOS on Modern Hardware and #Faux86 on the Raspberry Pi
   If emulation isn’t cool enough for you and you’re fed up with high retro prices and hard to find vintage hardware, you might want to try installing DOS on some modern steel Download RMPrepUSB here: https: www.rmprepusb.com Download a DOS Bootdisk here: https: allbootdisks.com Faux86...
19  octobre     01h47
Byte Size Retro Episode 3 - How much is your retro computer worth? How to price retro hardware.
   How do you determine a fair price for retro hardware without getting ripped off as a buyer, or laughed at as a seller? I may not be able to give you an exact number, but I can give you a pretty good idea. Intro music: Bridge to the Universe by Bjorn Lynne aka Dr. Awesome at https: www...
03  septembre     16h17
SEPTANDY - The Ken Williams Interview Tandy, Sierra, his new book, and more
   WIN A COPY OF KEN’S BOOK Leave a comment below indicating your first tandy or sierra experience (or both) and I’ll choose two winners on September 30th, 2020. MORE DETAILS ON KEN’S NEW BOOK "NOT ALL FAIRY TALES HAVE HAPPY ENDINGS" AT https: kensbook.com #SEPTANDY is an annual...
16  avril     16h00
Roland MT-90s - Play Midi Files Without a PC
   If you’ve ever wanted to pop a 3.5" floppy into a little jukebox and play music, you’re in luck The Roland MT-90s is a metronome on steroids that packs a Roland Sound Canvas inside. Intro music: Bridge to the Universe by Bjorn Lynne aka Dr. Awesome at https: www.lynnemusic.com, used...
03  avril     07h15
Byte Size Retro Episode 2 - Where to find Retro Hardware?
   One of the most popular questions I get is "Where do you find all this stuff?" In this episode, I show you just that. Also, check out two very entertaining retro channels, Mr Lurch’s Things: https: www.youtube.com channel UCMQ28v823w6p1ZnyiZDVwUg CTRL-ALT-REEs https: www.youtube...
01  avril     06h14
Byte Size Retro Episode 1 - Buying and Selling Retro Hardware Part 1
   I’m debuting a new format I like to call Byte Size Retro where I answer questions that have been submitted. In this first series, I cover the ins, outs, and pitfalls of buying and selling retro hardware. Intro music: Bridge to the Universe by Bjorn Lynne aka Dr. Awesome at https: www...
29  mars     08h11
Tandy Sound without a Tandy Computer
   I install and test the TNDY sound card, an ISA board that reproduces 3 channel Tandy Audio SORRY there is a labeling error towards the end of the video for the Ultima 6 segments, i swapped the TNDY sound card and the real Tandy 1000 label. Sorry i got tired :( For more information, go to https...
22  septembre     00h47
Let’s Clean a RetroPC - Filthy Tandy 1000SL - #SEPTANDY
   It’s still the month of september, so that means more #SEPTANDY I found this filthy Tandy 1000SL sitting on the floor of a garage, and decided a saturday afternoon was best spent cleaning this old machine. #SEPTANDY is a collaborative effort and the brainchild of Mr. Lurch in collaboration...
16  septembre     04h48
Tandy 1000: The Once and Future King of Early DOS Gaming #SEPTANDY
   Forget the IBM PC, XT, or PCJr. If early DOS gaming is what you’re after, its hard to beat a Tandy 1000. I also try an interesting way of getting 256 color VGA MCGA games running on Tandy graphics This video, along with videos from AkBKukU, Adrian’s Digital Basement, and Mr. Lurch is part of...
02  septembre     17h26
Comprehensive 486 Build Guide for Beginners - Part 2, RAM and Video Cards
   The legendary 486 is the cornerstone of DOS retrocomputing, and is a lot more accessible and affordable than you thought This series will take you through the process of choosing parts for and building your very own 486. In this episode we choose the right memory and video card Intro...