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Rushjet : youtube
01  avril     22h22
april fools joke 2024
   or is it https: rushjet https: rushjet
26  mars     00h34
Mega Man 2 VRC6 PCM Romhack (with my remixes )
   MM : https: hacks MM : https: hacks To see what this is playable on emulator wise, check out the links.
17  mars     19h52
Mega Man 6 - Yamatowave (VRC6)
   yamà to, yamato
06  mars     06h20
Tartarus (Game Boy)
   This was made for GBJAM in . I don’t know why I didn’t put this on my channel back then. The version in the actual game was made in FamiTracker but this version is made with Trackerboy. This is my first time using Trackerboy so I had to do some wonky stuff to make this track work. check...
30  janvier     23h54
Underground Lair (Atari 2600 TIA)
   made for BotB Winter Chip XIX
25  décembre     06h44
Atari 2600 TIA - Jingle Bells
   sure why not merry mas
30  novembre     04h00
Mega Man: The Wily Wars: Hogwave
28  novembre     04h36
Mega Man II - Hardwave
   Not the game you expected.
13  novembre     23h14
Thanks, AI
   he haunts my dreams
Mega Man 4 - Brightwave
   AI Generated art is funny stuff. There was a horrifying one where it basically renders a cartoony looking Bright Man but made from realistic things, including human teeth It’s impossible to get an AI to add a lightbulb to his head, this is the closest i could get
10  novembre     05h46
MM8BDM Muspak: Nitro Man
   so i herd u liek swing
30  août     17h10
18  août     00h50
Mega Man - FireWave (VRC6)
   Fire man. But synthwave. I Guess.
31  juillet     15h53
Suppression (SMS 400hz)
   This was the original version of the song, but with the ending from the other version added on. I had started working on this hz version first but exports were broken. Turns out it was just the vgm players messing up timing apparently, so this is a quot;what could have been quot; kind of...