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Rushjet : youtube
30  novembre     04h00
Mega Man: The Wily Wars: Hogwave
28  novembre     04h36
Mega Man II - Hardwave
   Not the game you expected.
13  novembre     23h14
Thanks, AI
   he haunts my dreams
Mega Man 4 - Brightwave
   AI Generated art is funny stuff. There was a horrifying one where it basically renders a cartoony looking Bright Man but made from realistic things, including human teeth It’s impossible to get an AI to add a lightbulb to his head, this is the closest i could get
10  novembre     05h46
MM8BDM Muspak: Nitro Man
   so i herd u liek swing
30  août     17h10
18  août     00h50
Mega Man - FireWave (VRC6)
   Fire man. But synthwave. I Guess.
31  juillet     15h53
Suppression (SMS 400hz)
   This was the original version of the song, but with the ending from the other version added on. I had started working on this hz version first but exports were broken. Turns out it was just the vgm players messing up timing apparently, so this is a quot;what could have been quot; kind of...
10  juillet     09h06
Mega Man 4 - Dustwave (VRC6)
   I put more effort into this than I expected to
12  avril     19h17
PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator - Squishy Sonata
   Originally this was hz for the pitchbends but the NES itself couldn’t handle all the gxx spamming I did for the non swing parts... so I had to cut it to hz which sounds almost identical and modify all the gxx sxx xx xx commands. I’m really glad quot;uniform pitch bend mode quot; exists...
27  mars     13h28
Jacob Venndt - The Juggler (NES 2A03 VRC7)
   I started this over years ago and just finished it last night. Doesn’t really use any of the tricks from recent VRC stuff I’ve done but I think it still does a good job of recreating the harmonica sounds. Here’s a link to the original video: https: watch v z MeMFrcmdI
24  mars     15h49
vrc7test3 (plays back on real hardware now)
   I uploaded the nd quot;patch swapping quot; test for VRC years ago. I thought it was just a glitch specific to FamiTracker but now the emulation in dn FT is accurate enough to simulate real hardware. This track does in fact play back on hardware now Just had to make a ton of modifications.
25  janvier     15h00
Final Fantasy V - Battle with Gilgamesh but with MMX3 instruments
24  janvier     17h50
Mega Man X3 - Blast Hornet but with Final Fantasy 6 instruments
   fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff...