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12  juillet     13h00
The Evolution of Martial Arts in Finland
   The development of martial arts in Finland is a fascinating journey from traditional combat forms to the diversity of modern disciplines. Judo, karate, and Brazilian jiu jitsu are just a few examples of sports that have become deeply rooted in Finnish sporting culture. In this article, we explore...
11  juillet     12h55
Former world judo champion Gella Vandecaveye launches crowdfunding for blind children in Rwanda
   Gella Vandecaveye, former judo champion and ambassador of Belgian NGO Light for the World, is committed to drawing attention to an urgent problem: blindness caused by cataracts in children in Rwanda. In September, Vandecaveye plans a visit to Rwanda to see Light for the World’s projects in person...
10  juillet     13h55
Elvismar Rodriguez cannot complete third Olympic Games
   Elvismar Rodriguez from Venezuela, has faced numerous challenges throughout her career. Despite being in a position to compete in the Paris Olympic Games, she will not represent Venezuela in the kg division. Over the years, the International Judo Federation IJF and the International...
Ukraine’s Mykhailo Svidrak forced to eye Los Angeles 2028
   Although Mykhailo Svidrak narrowly missed qualifying for the Paris Olympic Games, his rapid rise in the judo world suggests a bright future ahead, with the Los Angeles Olympics firmly in his sights. Born in , Svidrak has quickly made a name for himself as a promising judoka,...
Expert Tips for Successful Judo Betting
   Judo, a martial art known for its emphasis on throws and groundwork, offers unique challenges and opportunities for sports betting. When considering judo betting, it’s crucial to grasp the sport’s fundamentals.
05  juillet     23h05
Miracle surprises Enej Marinic with Olympic spot
   Slovenian heavyweight Enej Marinic is relieved now that he has secured a spot at the greatest tournament of his career after all. Marinic was surprised by the opportunity that arose when Russian heavyweight Inal Tasoev was forced to withdraw from the games because the Russian Judo Federation pulled...
04  juillet     11h55
No space for Makhmadbek Makhmadbekov to compete as neutrral athlete at the Olympic Games
   Despite accepting the invitation from the International Olympic Committee IOC , Makhmadbek Makhmadbekov, who accepted the invitation, will have no chance to compete in Paris. The IOC updated the status of neutral athletes on its website, but Russian insiders claim he cannot go alone; it’s either...
03  juillet     15h25
How National Olympic Committees obtain universality places for judo.
   National Olympic Committees NOCs that participated with an average of eight athletes or fewer in individual sports at the Olympic Games Rio and Tokyo are eligible to obtain Universality Places, designed to ensure broader global representation at the Olympics.
28  juin     21h30
Russian Judo Team withdraws from Paris Olympics amid controversy over IOC athlete selection
   The International Olympic Committee IOC has officially announced the list of judokas eligible to participate in the upcoming Paris Olympic Games, including only four athletes from Russia. This decision comes amidst ongoing debates over the inclusion of Russian and Belarusian athletes in...
27  juin     05h25
India’s Tulika Maan wishes to change history in her country
   As Tulika Maan gears up to compete in the Paris Olympic Games, she carries with her the hopes of a nation. The year old heavyweight judoka from New Delhi has already made a significant mark in the world of judo, and now she aims to elevate Indian judo to new heights. Her journey from a...