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20  mai     13h30
Restoring a Vintage Electro-Mechanical Accounting Machine
   Hopefully you ve seen the past Electronics Inside episode where Clem and I tore down a s accounting machine there s a link to that episode just below So of course I had to have a go at fixing it again I hope this doesn t end the same way as my last attempt I take a look at its very unusual
18  mai     13h30
How Colpitts Oscillators Work - DC To Daylight
   In this theory based episode we look at what it takes to make a Colpitts oscillator produce a sine wave We cover Barkhausen rsquo s criteria in order to keep the oscillation going a basic NPN transistor amplifier which controls the gain and calculating the resonance of the LC circuit rsquo s
13  mai     13h30
DIY Electronic Controlled Motorized Wheelchair
   Wesley does work in the medical field and a DIY project that s been on his mind for a while has been to take a manual wheelchair and create an adaptable electronic system for it He wanted to make the system cost effective usable for many types of wheelchairs and also achievable for anyone with
11  mai     13h30
Ham Radio Teardown with Derek from DC To Daylight - The Electronics Inside
   I m sure lots of people wonder what s inside a HAM radio However if you re like me you may wonder what specifically IS a HAM Radio What makes it different from other technologies When you have so many questions it s often best to phone a friend In this episode I work with Derek from the
06  mai     13h30
Using a Teletype Machine as a USB Printer with Arduino
   In a previous episode Clem mapped the pinout for his Siemens S Teletype Now it s time to connect it via USB to a modern PC He ll need to decode its communication protocol and interface it with an Arduino to make that happen Baud Bit Baudot code is quite different from modern ASCII
04  mai     13h30
How Oscilloscope Acquisition Modes Work - Workbench Wednesdays
   The analog to digital converters in digital oscilloscopes can do more than just ldquo sample rdquo the data Acquisition modes like Peak Detect can make use of the ADC rsquo s high speed sampling even when looking at slower signals for example This video looks at various modes and addresses
29  avril     13h30
Electronic Fidget Cube, Building Your Ideas
   Half a fidget cube is fun but a whole fidget cube is even better Join Katie for Part of this build where she works on the remaining sides of the cube A piezo disk used for a vibration buzzer a rolling ball maze puzzle using an accelerometer and small display what else might she add to
27  avril     13h30
Using Relays to Make a Vegas Style Sign - DC to Daylight
   In the previous episode we looked at how to drive a relay from a lower power semiconductor device using an NPN transistor as a buffer In this episode we ll put our knowledge to the test by using a timer a CD decade counter and some transistors and relays to make a Las Vegas style
22  avril     13h30
Creating a “Mummy” Wake Word Detector with Raspberry Pi and Edge Impulse
   Plenty of parents can relate Lorraine rsquo s children really like to say her name over and over again several hundred times a day or possibly thousands So she decided to use her maker skills to find out just how many times they were calling her Using Edge Impulse she trained a Raspberry Pi
20  avril     13h30
Oculus (Meta) Quest 2 Teardown - The Electronics Inside
   Have you tried virtual reality If not it isn t too surprising since most VR kits need to be attached to a high end gaming PC to drive their graphical needs But what about a stand alone VR headset like this Oculus Quest How do they work There s only one way to find out https bit ly
15  avril     13h30
Mapping the Outputs of a 1960s Teletype Machine - How Hard Can it Be?
   When there s some awesome retro tech to be had Clem can t say no A s vintage Siemens Fernschreiber S Teletype recently caught his attention so of course he eventually wanted to use it as input output for a homebrew computer of some sort But how do you find a pinout for such an ancient
13  avril     13h30
How Advanced Power Supply Functions Work, Featuring the B&K 9140 - Workbench Wednesdays
   Bench power supplies are very useful tools and some have advanced functions The BK Precision Bench Supply is a triple output watt power supply with power sequencing features Each channel is isolated and has the same capabilities making it usable in a wide range of applications In this
08  avril     13h30
Designing a Custom PCB for Microsoft Jacdac
   For several years Lorraine has waited for an easy to program and chainable RGB LED board Since no one else has made one she decided to take matters into her own hands Using every tool available to her Lorraine has created Solas a programmable chainable multi colored LED This project has
06  avril     13h30
How Electromechanical Relays Work - DC to Daylight
   In this theory based episode we take a look at the evolution of the relay how it changed telegraphy and how to actuate a relay safely from a low current source like a microcontroller The method Derek typically uses to select the proper base resistor for a given BJT transistor is presented as
01  avril     13h30
Reviving the 1984 IBM 5155 PC - How Hard Can It Be?
   On The Electronics Inside we tore down an IBM PC from but the power supply was suspicious How hard can it be to get it going again Was the power supply the only issue or was it a symptom of another problem in the hardware itself Let s find out https bit ly JY hTy The