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16  avril     05h30
330: ’CAUSE I’M THE TAX AVOIDER, MAN (Tax Avoiders for the 2600)
   We re getting down to the last few days of tax time in America as this episode goes out Why not relieve some of that mathematical stress with a podcast In we re playing the game TAX AVOIDERS the intense adventure of tax sheltered investments Then once you ve listened to this episode
02  avril     05h30
329: ME WANT COOKIE ER...EPISODE. NO, DEFINITELY COOKIE (Cookie Monster Munch for the 2600)
   Peanut butter and jelly Laverne and Shirley And now Atari and Muppets All great things that belong together In episode we re playing COOKIE MONSTER MUNCH for the This joint effort by Atari and The Children s Computer Workshop is a showcase for Cookie Monster I was more of a
19  mars     05h30
328: MASTER OF NONE (Master Builder for the 2600)
   In we build on the massive tower of gaming experiences we ve had on this show with MASTER BUILDER from Spectravision Does it stand tall and proud or all come tumbling down Listen and find out ORIGINAL SHORT STORY Building Up Expectations Thanks to Kevin McLeod at Incompetech com for
05  mars     06h30
327: GET YOUR KICKS (Kickman for the 2600)
   features the prototype KICKMAN from CBS Electronics based on the arcade game which also wasn t that popular Why didn t it work out One guess No not that It s balloons This game is full of em And even in they knew to stay away from balloons Why didn t we listen Thanks
19  février     06h30
326: SLAM THE CHAMBER DOOR (Dark Chambers for the 2600)
   By the was feeling a bit long in the tooth But once in a while it could still enthrall the gamer of the day So does DARK CHAMBERS from Sculptured Software enthrall or enrage Throw open the chamber door on this episode and see what happens Bad Poetry Corner HEART BEAT ON DARK