28  octobre     15h32
Edge Side APIs
Kévin Dunglas    Here is the slide deck I used for my talk Edge Side APIs at ForumPHP 2021. I introduced a new architecture for web APIs derived from REST and inspired by Jamstack: ESA. Continue reading Edge Side APIs & The post Edge Side APIs first appeared on Kévin Dunglas.
18  septembre     09h39
Installing a LaTeX environment on a Mac
Kévin Dunglas    Installing LaTeX on Mac is straightforward. Install Homebrew if not already done, then run: brew install --cask mactex That’s all If you need a good editor, I recommend the LaTeX Workshop extension for VS Code (brew install --cask visual-studio-code or brew install --cask vscodium). Alternatively,...
10  septembre     13h44
Introducing Edge Side APIs (#APIPlatformCon Keynote)
Kévin Dunglas    Here are the slides I presented during my keynote at the API Platform Conference. I introduced a new API architecture inspired by Jamstack: Edge Side APIs (ESA). My colleague Antoine Bluchet gave another talk giving more details about how API Platform started implementing ESA: The talks have been...
28  mai     13h11
Webperf: PHP after Server Push
Kévin Dunglas    Here are the slide deck from the talk I gave this morning for AFUP Day 2021 And here is the video (in French): Google recently announced that it will remove Server Push support from its flagship browser. Server Push is a technology that is part of the HTTP 2 and HTTP 3 standards. Server Push is...
09  avril     12h12
Symfony UX Turbo: Do You Still Need JavaScript? (SymfonyWorld)
Kévin Dunglas    Hotwire Turbo is a tiny library recently introduced by DHH (the creator of Ruby on Rails) allowing to have the speed of Single-Page Apps without having to write any JavaScript As part of the Symfony UX initiative, I’m very excited to announce the immediate availability of Symfony UX Turbo: the...
17  février     14h19
Using the 103 Early Hints Status Code in Go Applications
Kévin Dunglas    103 is a new experimental HTTP status code defined in RFC 8297. It’s an informational status that can be sent by a server before the main HTTP response. Used in conjunction with the Link HTTP header and the preload relation, 103 gives the client the opportunity to fetch resources (assets, images,...
21  janvier     16h12
Schema Generator 3: A Step Towards Redecentralizing the Web
Kévin Dunglas    I just released API Platform Schema Generator version 3 It’s a command-line tool, part of the API Platform framework, that instantly generates a complete PHP data model (classes, enumerations, ORM mapping, validation rules, web API definitions, PHPDoc&) from RDF vocabularies and ontologies. RDF...
03  décembre     11h11
API Platform 2.6: PHP 8 support, Next.js and Nuxt.js app generator, Caddy server, ActivityPub and much more
Kévin Dunglas    During my talk at SymfonyWorld, I announced the immediate availability of API Platform 2.6 Try it now Version 2.6 is the result of more than one year of work and hundreds of commits. It contains a huge list of new features, checkout the change logs (core library, distribution) for the full list....
28  novembre     09h53
The Mercure.rocks Hub is now based on Caddy Web Server
Kévin Dunglas    I’m very happy to announce the immediate availability of the Mercure.rocks Hub version 0.11 The Mercure.rocks Hub is a free software implementing the Mercure specification, an open protocol for fast, reliable and battery-efficient in-browser real-time communications. Version 0.11 is a major...
26  août     16h14
A Structured HTTP Fields Parser and Serializer for the Go Programming Language
Kévin Dunglas    Structured Field Values for HTTP is an upcoming RFC defining a set of well-defined data types to use in HTTP headers and trailers. This new format will improve the interoperability and the safety of HTTP by allowing to create generic parsers and serializers suitable for all HTTP headers (currently...