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02  décembre     18h36
Air Force unveils B-21 Raider stealth bomber
Julia Musto    Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Northrop Grumman Corp are set to unveil the U S Air Force B Raider on Friday at the company s Plant in California
Tech tip: 3 steps to make your (or a family member’s) phone safer
Julia Musto    Holiday get togethers with family often mean lots of tech questions from older family members Here s how to keep your loved ones are safe on their smartphones
01  décembre     21h38
Major password manager suffers another security breach
Timothy Nerozzi    LastPass said Wednesday it had determined an unauthorized party was able to gain access to certain elements of the password manager s customer information
Vatican website targeted with multiple hack attempts, ’abnormal’ access
Julia Musto    The Vatican s official website has been the target of repeated cyber attacks forcing the site to send users to error pages officials confirmed
30  novembre     18h06
Spotify releases 2022 Spotify Wrapped: Bad Bunny, Taylor Swift and Drake among top artists
Julia Musto    Spotify launched its long awaited annual Spotify Wrapped summary on Wednesday with the top artists including Bad Bunny Taylor Swift Drake The Weeknd and BTS
29  novembre     21h04
Apple picks the best apps of the year
Greg Wehner    Tech giant Apple announced the best apps and games of this year including the ultra popular BeReal social app and fitness tracking app Gentler Streak
Air Force to unveil its new B-21 Raider stealth bomber Friday
Sarah Rumpf    The U S Air Force and Northrop Grumman plan to unveil the newest stealth bomber called the B Raider in Palmdale California on Dec
27  novembre     12h00
Simple steps to improve your new or old TV’s picture quality
Julia Musto    While televisions may be cheaper during this time of the year it may not guarantee crystal clear resolution
26  novembre     17h22
Meta’s VR gamble: How do holiday headset prices compare?
Timothy Nerozzi    Meta said earlier this month that it would shift resources to the metaverse firing thousands of employees Is its virtual reality headset worth the price
25  novembre     15h48
Lawmakers concerned about Chinese drones in restricted spaces around Capitol
Lawrence Richard    National security officials and lawmakers are uncomfortable with the rising number of Chinese manufactured camera drones flying in the Washington D C area
24  novembre     09h11
Elon Musk trolls critics with new ’stay at work’ merchandise, following ’woke’ discovery
Julia Musto    Twitter CEO Elon Musk posted a photo of a new t shirt on his account Wednesday afternoon that seems to troll his critics and others that spoke out against his work policy changes
23  novembre     23h54
Quick tech tricks to make the busy holiday season easier
Julia Musto    The holidays don t have to be stressful if you internalize these tech tips which will help you keep track of your luggage avoid overpaying and more
Tax filing websites sent Facebook financial information: Report
Julia Musto    Some tax filing websites have reportedly been sending financial information including email addresses and refund amounts to Facebook through a shared code
22  novembre     20h07
Apple iPhone data not as anonymous as company says: researchers
Julia Musto    Researchers at Mysk claim that analysis shows that the detailed analytics data Apple records about what users do in the App Store can be linked directly to accounts
19  novembre     17h14
The Twitter alternative Mastodon: What to know
Elizabeth Pritchett    With rumors of a Twitter collapse following the layoffs and resignations of thousands of employees in recent weeks some social media users are jumping to Mastodon
18  novembre     20h04
Facebook and Instagram accounts: How to keep yours protected
Julia Musto    Facebook and Instagram accounts are often targeted by hackers Here are proactive and preventative steps to take right now to ensure your Meta profile stays yours
Twitter reportedly losing more staff members after Musk’s ’hardcore’ ultimatum
Julia Musto    Twitter is losing more employees a day after CEO Elon Musk gave them a deadline to choose to work hardcore or resign with severance pay
17  novembre     22h35
Money tight? Tricks to help you save big on holiday gifts
   When it comes to holiday gifting we re all looking for bargain Instead of hoping you spot the best deal let tech do the work for you
Google Maps rolls out new features: Here’s what to know
   Google has announced new Google Maps features ahead of the holiday season The search engine giant promoted the releases including an accessibility function
16  novembre     22h19
Apple AirPods the cheaper alternative to hearing aids?
   Taiwanese researchers found that Apple s AirPods Pro headphones could potentially be a hearing assistive device for adults with mild to moderate hearing loss