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03  décembre     16h00
Google Pixel 8 has AI-enhanced photography
Kurt Knutsson, CyberGuy Report    Kurt CyberGuy Knutsson breaks down the features of the new Google Pixel phone. It’s ideal for gaming, and it’s battery should last all day.
5 gift card tricks targeting you this holiday season
Kurt Knutsson, CyberGuy Report    Gift cards are popular for the holidays, but use caution. The Better Business Bureau has seen an increase in reported gift card fraud this year.
02  décembre     16h00
Can AI make photos of you look better than you do in real life?
Kurt Knutsson, CyberGuy Report    Kurt CyberGuy Knutsson tackles the topic of how photo editing tools powered by artificial intelligence can change the content of photos.
7 lucky people prove Apple Watch can save lives
Kurt Knutsson, CyberGuy Report    Fall Detection, introduced by Apple Watch in , has played an important role in health emergencies. Kurt CyberGuy Knutsson explains.
01  décembre     16h00
How to find any recipe with just a photo on iPhone
Kurt Knutsson, CyberGuy Report    The iPhone uses Visual Look Up technology that allows phone users to search for and find recipes using only a photo. Kurt CyberGuy Knutsson explains.
Ghost hacking: How to protect yourself from scams from beyond the grave of those you knew
Kurt Knutsson, CyberGuy Report    Scammers and hackers prey on those who are dead and their friends and families, especially on Facebook, according to Kurt CyberGuy Knutsson.
30  novembre     16h00
How to double your battery life with a simple Android setting
Kurt Knutsson, CyberGuy Report    Kurt CyberGuy Knutsson explains how Android users can extend battery life with the power saving mode, which is available on most Android devices.
7 ways to keep your Amazon gift purchases a secret
Kurt Knutsson, CyberGuy Report    With holiday shopping season around the corner, there’s a way to keep Amazon purchases secret so you don’t spoil the secret for loved ones.
Police urge parents to turn off Apple iPhone setting dangerous to kids
Kurt Knutsson, CyberGuy Report    Police in Massachusetts are warning parents about the new NameDrop feature on iPhones. It allows phone users to share contact information when iPhones are brought close together.
Smartphone tricks every iPhone and Android user should know
Kurt Knutsson, CyberGuy Report    Have you read the most recent user manual for your iPhone or Android Here are some of the latest tips and tricks of what your smartphone can do for you.
29  novembre     20h13
Clever tech hacks for less stress this holiday, from Amazon spoilers to family pics
Fox News Staff    There’s already too much to worry about this time of year: give yourself the gift of tech literacy to improve your holiday season rush.
This Google Maps trick can supercharge your ability to navigate directions
Kurt Knutsson, CyberGuy Report    Kurt CyberGuy Knutsson offers his pro recommendations for how to best manage the use of routes on the Google Maps app while traveling.
Fox News AI Newsletter: The AI-powered US bomber that China fears
Kurt Knutsson, CyberGuy Report    Stay up to date on the latest AI technology advancements and learn about the challenges and opportunities AI presents now and for the future.
5 ways to securely access Wi-Fi on your phone while traveling
Kurt Knutsson, CyberGuy Report    While traveling abroad, you should know how to best protect your privacy and online data. Kurt CyberGuy Knutsson explains how to do both.
28  novembre     16h00
How to silence group chats, emails without missing important notifications on your iPhone
Kurt Knutsson, CyberGuy Report    Kurt CyberGuy Knutsson shows you how to silence messages and mute email threads on your iPhone, so you can avoid unwanted notifications and focus on what matters.
Proof that being Google’s billionaire co-founder can get your crazy airship approved
Kurt Knutsson, CyberGuy Report    Google co founder Sergey Brin’s Pathfinder, a green and modern airship, is ready to take off for test flights after getting approval from the FAA.
27  novembre     16h00
How to set up a separate Wi-Fi network for your guests
Kurt Knutsson, CyberGuy Report    Kurt CyberGuy Knutsson discusses how a guest WiFi network is a way to let your visitors use the internet without compromising your main network’s security and privacy.
9 ways to keep packages safe from being stolen this holiday season
   Kurt CyberGuy Knutsson talks about how to stop a porch pirate from stealing your packages. These ways to keep deliveries from being stolen can keep you safe.
26  novembre     19h31
Five dumb tech security mistakes you’re making
   Despite what you may think about your own cybersecurity measures, it may not be enough to shield against cybercriminals. Learn to adjust your strategy from a tech expert.
A DIY version of Tesla’s Cybertruck made out of wood
   A man in Vietnam with stunning woodworking skills wasn’t about to wait for the official release of the Tesla CyberTruck. So, he made his own out of wood.