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01  novembre     19h05
Sick of slow Wi-Fi? Move your router
Matt Leach    You can buy the best router on the market, but if it’s in the wrong place, your connection will suffer
29  octobre     15h15
People in Nashville sound off on Facebook amid whistleblower scandal and name change
Teny Sahakian    Fox News asked people in downtown Nashville their thoughts about Facebook as the company deals with mounting crises.
24  octobre     10h06
Tech tip: Get more life out of your dying phone battery
   When was the last time you left the house without your phone? Me neither.
23  octobre     11h48
Computer a mess? Your 5-step quick plan to clean it up
   Cleaning up your computer doesn’t take a ton of time. But you have to do it right, smart way. Here are some tips to help.
17  octobre     10h46
Tech how-to: Show photos saved on your phone on your TV
   If you’re not watching anything on your TV, why not display your favorite photos? Here are a few easy ways to get the job done, straight from your phone.
16  octobre     13h40
Still using Facebook? 3 ways to make sure it’s not listening
   They are always listening for the wake word, and tech companies admit smart assistants mishear commands more often than any of us would like.
10  octobre     11h45
Tech tip: Digitize your handwritten notes or copy text from a photo
   OK, I admit it. I’m a sucker for the latest gadget. I bought a smart notebook with all the upgrades to write my daily to-do lists digitally. Yeah, 600 later, I’ve used it eleven times.
09  octobre     10h40
Black Friday shortages are real: Amazon shopping tips to get what you want and still save money
   The holiday shopping season arrives earlier every year. In 2021, it’s not only a retailer’s strategy to get you to spend more money. Supply chain disruptions and chip shortages mean buying specific items will be more challenging and more expensive.
04  octobre     00h29
Tech cleanup: Files and folders taking valuable storage from your PC
   The longer we keep our devices, the more cluttered they become
02  octobre     10h12
9 photos you should always have on your phone
   Your phone’s photo library is good for more than just selfies and pictures of food for Instagram.