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09  décembre     15h14
Supreme Court can stop trans power grab that is taking away parental rights
Kayla Toney    The Supreme Court can put an end to a major, trans power grab. States are overruling parental and religious rights so they can mandate gender transition for children.
Army-Navy game honors values that bind us together as one nation
Britt Slabinski    The annual Army Navy game speaks to our great values like honor, tradition, compassion and civility that unite our nation. of Americans agree our nation needs values like those.
08  décembre     19h00
Biden fought for Brittney Griner but forgot about Fogel
Thomas Mundell    On December, , Brittney Griner was released from a Russian prison in exchange for Viktor Bout, the Merchant of Death.
New Hunter Biden charges reveal what can happen when lawyers get too greedy
Mike Kelly    President Biden’s son has been indicted for a second time. He faces nine new charges. The situation offers a lesson in what can happen when lawyers get greedy
The governor who stole Christmas, Disney’s death wish, and more from Fox News Opinion
Guy Reschenthaler    Read the latest from Fox News Opinion watch videos from Sean Hannity, Raymond Arroyo more.
UN wants Americans to cut back on eating meat. And that’s only the beginning
Jonathan Turley    The UN climate change conference COP reveals how elites want to make Americans cut back on eating meat. And that’s only the beginning of what they have in store for us.
Disney can’t feel the love at the box office. And here’s the reason why
Fox News Staff    Another Disney movie has bombed at the box office and has only itself to blame, turning its back on its audience in their films, their products and their theme parks.
A few questions for Republicans about abortion
Justin Haskins    The majority of Americans support access to abortion, and anyone who is not willing to accept this reality is out of step with the American people.
We must advance nuclear energy in the US
Penny Young Nance    Recent geopolitical events, from wars in the Middle East and Ukraine to China’s nefarious energy supply chain dominance, make securing our energy future all the more urgent.
There’s at least one university that stands with Israel
Jessica Mackler    Despite the disastrous performance of college presidents on Capitol Hill, I know my school must stand with Israel. As a chancellor, it’s our duty to speak out.
07  décembre     19h24
College presidents just showed America their moral cowardice
Shelley Moore Capito    Presidents of three of America’s most prestigious universities were on Capitol Hill this week. Their refusal to call out hatred and rising antisemitism explains why it’s flourishing.
The bombshell revelation about government’s chilling alliance to censor Americans
Grace Stanke    The House Judiciary Committee and Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government recently released a report on censorship.
Don’t sell the DA’s office to Soros supporters in exchange for sky high crime and social justice
Chris Barnard    Billionaire George Soros has been supporting radical progressive candidates for distict attorney in races around the country. Rising crime and a reduction in safety is the result.
I just screened the Hamas horror film, and I don’t know what to do with Hamas sympathizers
Donald Sweeting    The Israeli Defense Forces recently screened for media a minute video documenting just a fraction of Hamas’s brutality.
I’m in Israel in the IDF, and Hanukkah this year looks a lot like the first Hanukkah
Jay Greene    There is a very real parallel between the Hannukah miracle of ancient times and the situation Israel finds itself in today.
GREG GUTFELD: BLM rioters fined 500 for burning down a Wendy’s
Rand Paul    FOX News host Greg Gutfeld takes aim at the ’madness’ following a fine and years of probation for two BLM rioters on Gutfeld
06  décembre     19h41
Tuberville was blackmailed by weak Republicans. There’s only one way to fix that
Timothy Shea    The current Republican party is failing many Republican supporters. The party’s inability to stand up to the left and push back effectively is alarming. It’s time to fix the problem.
Why Jewish students belong at anti-Israel Ivy League schools
John Milhiser    Amid rising anti Israel sentiment at Ivy League universities like Harvard and Yale, some Jewish parents are pledging not to send their children there. This is misguided.
What Washington can learn from the American people about national security
Jason Rantz    Latest Reagan National Defense Survey shows an unwavering belief that the U.S. should act as a leader in the world, rebuild its eroding military strength, and support our friends and allies.
Before Biden gives one more dime to Ukraine, he must first secure our border
Itai Schimmel    The top priority for any U.S. president must be to protect America’s citizens and uphold our Constitution. Yet, President Biden is AWOL when it comes to border security.