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02  décembre     21h19
Ron DeSantis is already a target of liberal media’s darlings
Tim Graham    The midterm elections saw Florida Gov DeSantis score a decisive reelection victory Now liberal media columnists are determined to take down Republican leader DeSantis ahead of
Biden to meet Putin? President shows he’s observer-in-chief, not a leader
James Jay Carafano    President Joe Biden welcomed French President Emmanuel Macron to the White House Thursday and declared that he was willing to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin
Republican majority must keep promise to parents and students
Luke Messer    Republicans in a House majority are in position to expand educational freedom by directly empowering parents
Transgenderism, bondage bears, and more from Fox News Opinion
Fox News Staff    Read the latest from Fox News Opinion watch videos from Tucker Carlson Sean Hannity Laura Ingraham more
I will tell Supreme Court speech must be kept free, that you don’t lose your rights when you start work
Kristen Waggoner    I will tell Supreme Court speech must be kept free Colorado wants to force a designer to violate her rights but you don t lose your rights when you start work
Protests in China are about much more than COVID lockdowns
Robert Sirico    Recent protests in China indicate the Chinese people are demonstrating against more than the communists draconian COVID lockdown measures
Bondage teddy bears are part of media culture oddly tolerant of sexualizing kids
Dan Gainor    Balenciaga sparked outrage after the luxury fashion house featured controversial ad campaigns depicting children with BDSM teddy bears But the liberal media thinks this is no big deal
What Black communities need are local solutions not big government. That’s the only way real change happens.
DaQuawn Bruce    What Black communities need are local solutions not big government Contract with Black America will provide a grassroots path to fixing economic inequality
GREG GUTFELD: Elon Musk is ticking off all the elite
Greg Gutfeld    Greg Gutfeld breaks down how Elon Musk upset the White House Hollywood Antifa and far left Democrats in his pursuit for Twitter free speech on Gutfeld
TUCKER CARLSON: Who exactly works for Joe Biden?
Tucker Carlson    Fox News host Tucker Carlson breaks down the top leaders of the Biden White House and voices his concerns over their behaviors on Thursday s Tucker Carlson Tonight
01  décembre     17h00
Voters fired Nancy Pelosi, so why are Republicans helping her pass another spending bill?
Mike Braun    Voters fired Nancy Pelosi so why are Republicans helping her pass another spending bill and giving her a gift on her way out of her job as House speaker
President Biden’s first state dinner puts Jill Biden in the spotlight
Jennifer Pickens    President and Mrs Biden will host their first state dinner on Thursday The grand elegant event puts the spotlight on Jill Biden and will become part of her White House legacy
Beirut bombing victims and their families deserve support and justice. Congress must do the right thing
James Jones    The victims and family members who were killed and injured in the Beirut Marine barracks bombing should not be excluded from the compensation they deserve
Biden’s gender transition proposal cements school-to-clinic pipeline
Leor Sapir    New rules from the Biden administration will worsen gender related distress in children
University of California strike is massive example of how Golden State problems are warning to rest of nation
Chuck DeVore    University of California strike is example of how out of control spending adds to state s looming billion deficit Problems are warning to nation
Weaken America First is the new Democrat Party policy
Newt Gingrich    Weaken America First is the policy embraced by Biden Democrats They make every policy decision based on which hurts the US most That s what they pick
I was fired as a school counselor for using free speech and saying F--- transgenderism’
Marissa Darlingh    I was fired as school counselor my home was vandalized and I was harassed for using free speech and saying F transgenderism as I spoke out on gender
More voters picked Republicans than Democrats in November. Can GOP restore sanity to Congress?
Stephen Moore    Americans had been told that they might see a red wave on November But Republicans could not seal the deal Will the GOP now use Congress to woo independent voters
TUCKER CARLSON: Zelenskyy, Yellen and Bankman-Fried could use federal investigations, but are celebrated
Tucker Carlson    Fox News host Tucker Carlson weighs in on the impact of the U S government still sending funds to Ukraine following the Russian invasion on Tucker Carlson Tonight
30  novembre     17h00
If Republicans want to win in 2024, these are the voters they need to understand
Ellen Walter    If Republicans want to win the election they need to understand that voters aged care about kitchen table issues instead of culture war rhetoric