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27  novembre     15h00
From my dad’s death in Afghanistan 20 years ago to Taliban retaking the country. How did we get here?
Jake Spann    On Nov. 25, 2001, I was an infant when a group of Marines came to my family’s house to inform us that my father, Johnny Mike Spann, wasn’t coming home. He had been killed in Afghanistan.
National Adoption Month - Here’s how to connect children in need with forever families
Mary Beth Chapman    Yes, these barriers to adoption can easily be perceived as insurmountable. But there is hope and help, and well, something must be done.
A US-Russia war over Ukraine would be catastrophic
Rebekah Koffler    U.S. costs and losses in a war with nuclear Russia would be catastrophic. Such a war is unwinnable, and it is not worth sacrificing American lives to wage.
Allowing foreign citizens to vote in US elections is a rotten idea
Deroy Murdock    Approximately 808,000 non-citizens may vote in future New York City elections, if the City Council welcomes them to do so, as early as December. This is a rotten idea.
Greg Gutfeld: Media doesn’t care about the truth when there’s a good story
Greg Gutfeld    Greg Gutfeld discusses how the story of Mark D’Amico defrauding donors through GoFundMe reveals an uncomfortable truth about the media.
Tucker Carlson: How can America survive three more years of Joe Biden?
Tucker Carlson    Tucker Carlson discusses why Joe Biden’s approval rating is so low, only a year into his presidency.
26  novembre     14h00
Why it’s better than a 50-50 chance that Russia will attack Ukraine this winter
Robert Maginnis    The director of Ukraine’s defense agency anticipates Russian forces near the Russia-Ukraine border will attack by the end of January or early February 2022, according to the Military Times.
From mob looting in San Francisco to deaths in Waukesha these shocking crimes should be a wake-up call
Newt Gingrich    The attack in Waukesha, Wisconsin dazed the country because it was so stunning to see such senseless killing and maiming.
Biden-Harris dream team suddenly Dems’ worst nightmare after just 10 months
Colin Reed    The month began with Democratic election setbacks, and concludes with renewed concern about inflation and higher costs of well, everything, from gasoline to home heating to Thanksgiving meals.
25  novembre     14h00
As Arizona’s attorney general and a first generation American, I’m grateful for the USA
Mark Brnovich    My family fled communism from the former Yugoslavia. They came to America because this nation could provide them and their descendants with boundless opportunities and freedoms.
Lincoln, Jefferson and Thanksgiving’s anti-slavery roots
David Marcus    Not everyone has been on board with the national holiday of Thanksgiving. I am not referring to the modern progressives who decry it as racist, but rather to our third president, Thomas Jefferson.
The First Thanksgiving story shows us how disparate people come together in challenging times
Melanie Kirkpatrick    At its heart, the First Thanksgiving is a heroic tale about a moment in time when two disparate peoples found a way to come together in harmony and respect.
Greg Gutfeld: Americans are focused on the crime wave, the left is focused on language
Greg Gutfeld    Greg Gutfeld highlights how the left is more concerned with which words to use than reducing crime in major U.S. cities.
24  novembre     20h41
Arbery and Rittenhouse trials show the transcendent strength of our jury system
Jonathan Turley    Three defendants have all been convicted in the killing of Ahmaud Arbery. Travis McMichael, Gregory McMichael and William Roddie Bryan Jr. are now looking at life in prison.
This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for democracy and the common sense of ordinary Americans
K.T. McFarland    We went into COVID lockdown nearly two years ago and have emerged to find a greatly changed America.
Wealthiest 1% get richer under Dems’ reckless tax-and-spend package
Sen. Mike Crapo    The truth is Democrats seek to tax everyone, and a large portion of tax relief, if the state and local tax (SALT) cap is repealed, will go to the wealthiest 1%.
Woke culture has hit our police hard and now it threatens our safety
Karol Markowicz    The numbers don’t lie: the consistent attack on police has broken the social contract.
Biden’s biggest economic liability is his credibility
Brian Brenberg    Americans say the economy is broken and they don’t think the president’s massive spending bill will fix it. But the deeper problem for the president and his party is that his mishandling of the economy is calling into question his competence and honesty.
Greg Gutfeld: Stories like these show you how the media works
Greg Gutfeld    The fact that criminals take innocent lives will not invalidate the left’s beliefs in letting these criminals out. The consequences of their actions can’t even change their minds.
Tucker Carlson: Media won’t investigate motives in Waukesha massacre - here’s why
Tucker Carlson    Tucker Carlson highlights what the motives may have been behind Darrell Brooks’ killing of multiple people in Wisconsin.