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28  novembre     02h41
Sudan military says several soldiers killed in Ethiopian attack
   Military sources tell Reuters at least six Sudanese soldiers were killed in an attack in a disputed border region.
Israel to ban entry of all foreigners over Omicron variant
   Ban makes Israel the first country to shut its borders completely in response to the new coronavirus variant.
27  novembre     20h27
More European countries find Omicron cases as concern grows
   UK, Germany and Italy latest to find infections of new coronavirus variant as South Africa condemns travel curbs.
Serbian anti-mining activists block bridges, roads
   Environmental groups are angry over a recent referendum reform and oppose a new expropriation law.
Deaths in Niger as protesters confront French army convoy
   Nigerien gov’t says two people killed, 18 wounded after the convoy, which is heading to Mali, ran into trouble in Tera.
How worrying is the new Omicron coronavirus variant?
   The world faces yet another variant ’of concern’, nearly two years into the COVID-19 pandemic.
Reinstated Sudanese PM Hamdok dismisses police chiefs
   Medics say dozens of people have been killed as security forces sought to crush weeks of anti-coup protests.
COVID-hit Czech President Milos Zeman discharged from hospital
   President, 77, leaves military hospital in Prague and will name Petr Fiala as prime minister on Sunday, his office says.
Activists hail Tanzania move to lift ban on pregnant schoolgirls
   Tanzania became one of the last two countries in Africa to lift a ban against pregnant girls from accessing education.
Burkina Faso police fire tear gas at anti-government protest
   About 100 protesters attempt to march in Ouagadougo to protest against the government’s failure to quell violence.
It is high time we start preparing for future pandemics
   And this week’s World Health Assembly is a great place to start.
Algerians vote in local polls to seal post-Bouteflika change’
   Election is the third vote under Abdelmadjid Tebboune who promised to reform state institutions.
Blinken calls for negotiations amid Ethiopia military escalation
   US Secretary of State expresses concern over escalating fighting between gov’t forces and Tigrayan fighters.
Turkish lira crisis hits Idlib in Syria
   Turkey’s currency crisis spills over into opposition-held Syrian city that adopted the lira more than a year ago.
UK, Germany, Italy confirm cases of Omicron coronavirus variant
   Countries impose bans on travellers from southern Africa against the advice of the World Health Organization.
Can Japan’s new prime minister tackle income inequality?
   Japan has acknowledged its economic policy of the last 10 years has increased inequality.
Japan PM to step up defence amid China, North Korea threats
   Prime Minister Fumio Kishida says security situation around Japan is changing fast and is more severe than ever.
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Declaration of war’: Pacific islands blast COP26 pledges
   Nations most vulnerable to climate change say rich world must step up, meet goal to limit temperature rise to 1.5C.
Three bodies found after days of unrest in Solomon Islands
   Australian police are now helping patrol Honiara, the capital, which was relatively calm on Saturday morning.
Incomparable’ Broadway composer Stephen Sondheim dies at 91
   Sondheim, renowned for musicals including West Side Story and Sweeney Todd, died at home in Connecticut.
26  novembre     21h54
WHO designates new COVID strain Omicron as variant of concern’
   Several countries impose travel restrictions as new variant detected in South Africa raises global alarm.
Biden calls for intellectual property waivers on COVID vaccines
   World Trade Organization negotiations over waivers are currently deadlocked amid opposition by some wealthy nations.
Hundreds protest in Jordan against water-energy deal with Israel
   Critics say the deal leaves Jordan dependent on Israel without providing a solution to the country’s water problems.
Who is to blame for refugee tragedy in Calais?
   France and the UK criticise each other for the deaths of dozens trying to cross the English Channel.