20  novembre     07h25
A Chinese Tennis Star Accused A Top Official Of Sexual Assault. Then She Disappeared.
David Mack    Tennis stars are demanding answers about Peng Shuai, whose disappearance has again underscored China’s brutal authoritarianism just months before it hosts the Winter Olympics.View Entire Post
12  novembre     22h17
Prevent Catastrophic Climate Change Or Keep Burning Coal? You Can’t Have Both.
Zahra Hirji    By 2030 in the United States, we won’t have coal, US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry claimed this week.View Entire Post
Amazing Photos Of Airport Reunions After The Coronavirus Pandemic Separated Families
Pia Peterson    Countries like the US and Australia are reopening their borders to vaccinated travelers, making for emotional reunions nearly two years in the making at airports around the world.View Entire Post
06  novembre     20h05
Why Facebook Shutting Down Its Old Facial Recognition System Doesn’t Matter
Emily Baker-White    Facebook just made a big deal of shutting down its original facial recognition system. But the company’s pivot to the metaverse means collecting more personal information than ever before.View Entire Post
04  novembre     18h31
The World Is On Track To Warm 3 Degrees Celsius This Century. Here’s What That Means.
Zahra Hirji    Our current coastlines gone. Bangkok underwater. Massive declines in the fish population. More droughts, downpours, and heat waves.View Entire Post
09  novembre     05h11
How The Pandemic Severed One Of Southern Africa’s Main Economic Lifelines
Marko Phiri    With few options, some traders have turned to smuggling or sex work. I work with what I have at the moment, one woman said.View Entire Post
19  octobre     23h01
A Data Sleuth Challenged A Powerful COVID Scientist. Then He Came After Her.
Stephanie M. Lee    Elisabeth Bik calls out bad science for a living. A feud with one of the world’s loudest hydroxychloroquine crusaders shows that it can carry a high price.View Entire Post
11  octobre     17h09
The DOJ Is Investigating Americans For War Crimes Allegedly Committed While Fighting With Far-Right Extremists In Ukraine
Christopher Miller    The probe involves seven men but is centered on former Army soldier Craig Lang, who is separately wanted in connection with a double killing in Florida and is fighting extradition from Kyiv.View Entire Post
30  septembre     17h16
These Photos Show The Timeless Appeal Of Travel And Tourism
Pia Peterson    Now that travel has opened up, you can access more places and see more things. Our definition of travel photography has changed. View Entire Post
26  septembre     06h09
Immigrants Who Escaped The Texas Camp Crackdown Are Facing Another Set Of Dire Circumstances In Mexico
Adolfo Flores    I’d like to stay here in Mexico, but I’m scared because I don’t have permission to be here, one immigrant told BuzzFeed News. I don’t know what to do. View Entire Post
These Pics Of Angela Merkel Covered In Birds Are Now A Meme And It’s Sehr Gut
Hamed Aleaziz    Instagram vs. Twitter. View Entire Post
22  septembre     04h09
How A Mission To Turn A Haitian Town Into A Surfing Destination Failed To Live Up To Its Promise
David Mack    Surfing was a profitable enterprise in Jacmel, as locals rented out boards and hosted lessons. But the project’s recent struggles reflect the difficulty of obtaining resources in a country battered by a series of catastrophes.View Entire Post
15  septembre     18h38
Top Scientists At The FDA And WHO Are Arguing Against COVID-19 Booster Shots
Karla Zabludovsky    In a review published on Monday, the experts said the evidence does not show that boosters are needed for the general population.View Entire Post
11  septembre     01h15
Prince Andrew Has Been Served With A Sexual Abuse Lawsuit By Jeffrey Epstein Accuser Virginia Giuffre
Azeen Ghorayshi    The person who served the papers told the court that the first time he tried, Andrew’s security team said they weren’t allowed to accept anything court-related.View Entire Post
03  septembre     01h51
He Got Out Of Afghanistan Just In Time. His Family Didn’t.
Ellie Hall    When Farhad Wajdi left Afghanistan for the US, he assumed he could help his parents get out too. But then everything changed.View Entire Post
31  août     23h21
UN Peacekeepers Fathered Dozens Of Children In Haiti. The Women They Exploited Are Trying To Get Child Support.
Megha Rajagopalan    A landmark ruling in a Haitian court offers some hope to the families seeking child support, but the peacekeeper fathers won’t have to pay unless their home countries step in.View Entire Post
30  août     02h33
12 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World
Karla Zabludovsky    Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.View Entire Post
27  août     23h42
Working Women In Afghanistan Are Beginning To Navigate Life Under Taliban Rule
Pia Peterson    At a hospital in Kabul, terrified patients fled their beds, a new policy bars interactions between men and women, and nurses and doctors must check in with the Taliban daily.View Entire Post
These Photos Show The Devastating Aftermath Of The Deadly Kabul Airport Attack
Nishita Jha    At least 13 US service members and an unknown number of Afghan civilians were killed in an explosion at an already chaotic airport.View Entire Post
London’s Famous Notting Hill Carnival Is Canceled This Year, But Here’s A Look Back At The Party
Kirsten Chilstrom    Looking back at over five decades of joy put on by the Black British and Caribbean community in London.View Entire Post
Police In At Least 24 Countries Have Used Clearview AI. Find Out Which Ones Here.
Pia Peterson    As of February 2020, 88 law enforcement and government-affiliated agencies in 24 countries outside the United States have tried to use controversial facial recognition technology Clearview AI, according to a BuzzFeed News investigation.View Entire Post
25  août     01h35
Foreign UN Staffers Are Evacuating Afghanistan. Local Staffers Say They Have Been Left Behind.
Ryan Mac    Afghan nationals who work for the UN take on far greater risks for less pay than their international colleagues, and their work leaves them exposed to Taliban reprisals.View Entire Post
23  août     03h44
7 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World
Caroline Haskins    Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.View Entire Post
24  août     21h21
People Who Fled Vietnam Are Reliving Their Trauma Watching The Fall Of Kabul
Antonio Pequeño IV    I think about my family, about what they’ve been through ... and I think that what’s going to happen in Afghanistan [is] going to be so much, even worse than what I can imagine. View Entire Post
21  août     08h57
She Smuggled Women In Kabul To Safety. Now She’s Hiding From The Taliban.
Megha Rajagopalan    Though the Taliban have blacklisted Nilofar Ayoubi, she has insisted on speaking out about women’s rights in Afghanistan.View Entire Post
20  août     22h51
Big Tech Thought It Had A Billion Users In The Bag. Now It Might Be Forced To Make Hard Choices To Get Them.
Pia Peterson    Long viewed as the world’s biggest market for the next billion users, India is fast becoming Silicon Valley’s biggest headache.View Entire Post
19  août     18h21
These Photos Of Haiti Show The Pain And Turmoil From Back-To-Back Natural Disasters
Stephanie K. Baer    Days after a magnitude 7.2 tremor killed more than 1,400 people, bodies still lie in the streets as officials grapple with the chaos and poor weather.View Entire Post
17  août     22h45
This Is What The Fall Of Kabul To The Taliban Looks Like
Nishita Jha    Photos show chaotic scenes at the airport and Taliban soldiers patrolling the streets.View Entire Post
16  août     04h00
8 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World
Megha Rajagopalan    Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.View Entire Post
12  août     18h41
People Have Fallen In Love With This Herd Of Wild Elephants Looking For A New Habitat In China
Pranav Dixit    More than 150,000 people were evacuated from homes in the elephants’ path, but the animals have become local darlings as fans track their progress.View Entire Post
These Photos Show The Immense Scale Of The Wildfires Ravaging Greece
Kirsten Chilstrom    Thousands of people, many with injured animals, have been forced to flee the wildfires.View Entire Post
13  août     05h22
Goods Linked To A Group That Runs Chinese Detention Camps May Be Ending Up In US Stores
David Mack    A major organization in the region, sanctioned for its connection to serious human rights abuses against ethnic minorities, still does business all over the world.View Entire Post
Great Britain’s First Black Olympic Swimmer Is Hopeful Swimming Caps For Black Hair Will Be Approved For The Next Games
Kate Bubacz    I know a lot of people want to be on the right side of history with this. So I’m very optimistic that there’s going to be a positive outcome from it. View Entire Post
11  août     18h12
It Is Unequivocal : Humans Are Driving Worsening Climate Disasters, Hundreds Of Scientists Said In A New Report
Pia Peterson    The highly anticipated United Nations report on climate change details both the increasingly dire crisis facing the world and what’s needed to stop it.View Entire Post
09  août     02h00
Yes, Delta Is Scary, But Europe’s Recent COVID Surges Show That It Can Be Controlled
Pia Peterson    The UK and Netherlands should be a counsel against despair, one expert told BuzzFeed News. We needn’t be fatalistic about the Delta variant. View Entire Post
05  août     00h11
Looking Back At Meghan Markle’s Last 15 Years For Her 40th Birthday
Kirsten Chilstrom    Meghan’s life has changed dramatically over the past decade here’s a look back at her epic journey to being a royal.View Entire Post
03  août     20h25
Simone Biles Won A Bronze Medal In Her Olympic Return
Megha Rajagopalan    I was proud of myself just to go out there after what I’ve been through, Biles said afterward.View Entire Post
Simone Biles Will Compete In The Gymnastics Balance Beam Final
Ikran Dahir    It will be her first appearance since she dropped out of the team all-around competition last week, citing her mental health.View Entire Post
31  juillet     07h01
The Uplifting Olympics Content We All Need Right Now
Zahra Hirji    These celebratory moments from the Olympics make me want to cry and cheer.View Entire Post
03  août     13h25
US Olympic Fencers Wore Pink Masks To Protest Against Their Teammate Accused Of Sexual Assault
Peter Aldhous    Three men on the US épée team took a stand against their teammate Alen Hadzic’s inclusion in the Olympics despite sexual assault allegations against him.View Entire Post
01  août     01h25
Gorgeous Photos Show What The Last Tokyo Olympics Looked Like In 1964
Pia Peterson    Over 50 years ago, Tokyo hosted its first modern Olympics. It looked very different from the games today View Entire Post
28  juillet     21h25
Simone Biles Withdrew From The Individual All-Around Gymnastics Final
Ikran Dahir    Her decision comes a day after she pulled out of the team final, citing mental health concerns.View Entire Post
02  août     11h25
A Photographer Reflected On Her 45-Year Career And What Has Changed
Ikran Dahir    These days, from an early age, women are given a push, and expectations to demand more. View Entire Post
26  juillet     03h24
8 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World
Kirsten Chilstrom    Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.View Entire Post
23  juillet     20h02
Athletes Celebrated The Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony In An Empty Stadium
Tasneem Nashrulla    Due to the pandemic, the opening ceremony took place Friday before a practically empty stadium. But the host country Japan still put on a dazzling show.View Entire Post
25  juillet     03h21
The Director Of The Olympics Opening Ceremony Has Been Fired For A Holocaust Joke He Made In 1998
Brianna Sacks    I understand that my foolish choice of words at the time was a mistake, and I regret it. View Entire Post
23  juillet     00h51
Photos Of The Deadly Flooding In China
Pia Peterson    Record rainfall fills Zhengzhou’s streets and subway stations, leaving at least 25 people dead and thousands stranded and wading in chest deep water.View Entire Post
The Celebrities Came Out In Full Force At Cannes
Alex Campbell    The movies are back, and we can’t wait for our turn to see the star-studded films that premiered at Cannes.View Entire Post
18  juillet     03h25
This Is What The Historic Anti-Government Protests In Cuba Look Like
Ben Henry    The protests started on Sunday and have spread rapidly as thousands of Cubans are frustrated by hunger and basic supply shortages.View Entire Post
10  juillet     17h25
A London Cop Has Pleaded Guilty To Murdering British Woman Sarah Everard
Pia Peterson    Everard was killed in a seemingly random attack while walking home from a friend’s place in March. Her murder set off a tidal wave of grief and anger in the UK.View Entire Post