E-International Relations
27  novembre     18h20
Pluriversal Peacebuilding: Peace Beyond Epistemic and Ontological Violence
Garrett FitzGerald    Pluriversal peace may play important roles in navigating inevitable conflicts in the shared pursuit of a world in which different ways of knowing and being can coexist.
25  novembre     09h50
Interview - Ties Dams
E-International Relations    Ties Dams talks about the geopolitical narratives of China and the EU, disinformation, and the EU’s relations with the Biden administration.
24  novembre     11h13
Socialism in India: Conflicting International Outlooks?
Saneet Chakradeo    Socialist ideology has developed and gained pertinence in Indian political thought: Two major diverging schools with differentiated international outlook exist.
23  novembre     18h17
Why India Needs a Gender Policy for its Armed Forces
Kiran Chauhan    The impediments to women’s integration in the Indian military are rooted in gender biases and specific constructs of femininities and masculinities.
22  novembre     09h36
Interview - Sankaran Krishna
E-International Relations    Sankaran Krishna discusses decolonising the university, post- and decolonial approaches to research, democracy in India, and cricket.
21  novembre     17h42
Opinion - Why Women’s Rights in the Gulf Matter for Afghanistan
Rachel A. George    For the Gulf states, there is a delicate balance between the region’s evolving geostrategic interests and a desire to appear as leaders of Muslim modernity.
The Ethiopia Conflict in International Relations and Global Media Discourse
Jon Abbink    Respecting the sovereignty of Ethiopia, as confirmed in elections in June 2021, and developing a wider strategic view on Northeast Africa would help international actors deal with the situation better.
Opinion - Irish-American Diplomacy and the Catholic Orphanage Scandal
Martin Duffy    That Irish-American diplomacy contributed to an elaborate network of child adoption casts a dark shadow over what is otherwise hailed as a formative period in the relationship between the two nations.
20  novembre     16h39
Considering Democracy and Power in Light of the Kyle Rittenhouse Acquittal
Ali E. Erol    At what point do we stop repeating not because the system gets fixed but because we stop trying to exist with it and within it? What happens then?
Opinion - Merkel Talks with Lukashenka: A Positive or Negative Step?
David R. Marples    If change is to come in Belarus, it requires interventions from external sources, the most likely of which is Russia - however unlikely that may appear.
18  novembre     14h39
Opinion - The Status of the BRICS, 20 Years Later
William Daldegan and Carlos Eduardo Carvalho    BRICS are an initiative that recognizes the huge differences between its members and is developed according to the resultant possibilities.
Interview - Shivshankar Menon
E-International Relations    Shivshankar Menon talks about Sino-Indian relations, Indian foreign policy, the Belt and Road Initiative, and national boundaries in South Asia.
Confronting Great Powers: New Zealand’s Nuclear Stance During the Cold War
Antonios Vitalis    Constructivism best reveals how France’s bombing of a Greenpeace protest vessel in 1982 emboldened and solidified New Zealand to pass the Nuclear Free New Zealand Act.
17  novembre     15h56
The Lasting Repercussions of Kazakhstan’s Nuclear Disarmament
Wilder Alejandro Sanchez    30 years post disarmament it is important for Kazakhstan to share its post-nuclear record so that the global community can lobby more effectively for the reduction of nuclear weapons elsewhere.
Opinion - Biden’s Blunder on Ethiopia
Worku Aberra    US support for the TPLF can only prolong the destruction, the bloodshed, and the suffering of Ethiopians while damaging the reputation of the US as a defender of democracy.
15  novembre     18h44
Interview - Jan Lüdert
E-International Relations    Jan Lüdert discusses normative practices of appropriateness, challenges to state sovereignty, decision-making in the United Nations, and pedagogies in international relations.
12  novembre     19h45
Opinion - The Long History of the Olympic Industry and Totalitarian Regimes
Mac Ross and Helen Jefferson Lenskyj    The Olympic ideal of peaceful internationalism has always belonged in the realm of mythology. This ideal is dead and buried beneath the capitalist excesses of the IOC.
Opinion - Black and Southern Feminisms Matter in the Global Climate Struggle
Lydia Ayame Hiraide    Black and Southern feminists challenge us to consider the climate and environmental crisis as a crisis tied up in global histories of race, gender, and class as embedded in European empire.
11  novembre     08h48
Review - Global Reboot
Katharina Kuhn    This podcast from Foreign Policy should inspire listeners to think big, despite its largely abstract and Western centric approach to tackling global challenges in a post-pandemic world.
Interview - Caroline de Gruyter
E-International Relations    Caroline de Gruyter talks about the relationship between Europe and the Hapsburg Empire, the EU’s role in contemporary international politics, and the image of the EU in the media today.