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23  juillet     13h35
July 21 recorded as hottest day, breaks previous records
   On Sunday, July , a record . C was reached, exceeding July ’s . C. Copernicus reported months of rising temperatures. Heatwaves hit the U.S., Russia, and Europe due to climate change, El Nino ending in April , and fossil fuels. Reuters suggested might be hotter. In ,...
Dubai princess Sheikha Mara’s first post after divorcing husband on Instagram
   Dubai princess Sheikha Mahra bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum who divorced her husband on Instagram posted a photo with her two month old daughter after making headlines for her divorce. The princess and her two month old have been captured in front of a portrait of a horse. The princess did not...
Wildfires near Canada’s Jasper National Park prompt evacuation; fleeing vehicles clog highways
Kamala Harris slammed for not having children: ’Becoming step-parent doesn’t...’
   Kamala Harris has been subjected to trolling, sexist, racial slur ever since she became the vice president. Now that she is a probable in the race for the US president post, the attacks have been doubled in the last two days and she is even berated for being ’childless’. In fact, Trump’s VP pick JD...
Obama hasn’t openly endorsed Kamala Harris yet because...
   Former US President Barack Obama has not yet openly said anything in support of Kamala Harris the probable Democratic presidential nominee after Joe Biden opted out of the race. But according to a New York Times piece by Glenn Thrush, this is not a snub from Obama to Kamala, but a calculated...
Kamala Harris not American, partied with Epstein’: 5 fake news busted
   Vice president Kamala Harris finds herself at the center of a disinformation storm on social media ever since Joe Biden opted out of the presidential race paving the way for her. She will probably be the Democratic candidate against Donald Trump in the November election. Courtesy to the...
Watch: Biden’s phone call to Kamala Harris in raspy voice: ’I love you’
   Amid Republicans storming the social media with ’where is Joe Biden’ trend, Biden called Kamala Harris during a live event and said: ’I love you’. Biden has reportedly been recovering from Covid and is staying at his Rehoboth Beach home. Biden said he is not going anywhere and will be campaigning...
Hamas and Fatah sign declaration in Beijing on ending yearslong rift
   Hamas and Fatah have signed a significant unity declaration in Beijing aimed at ending their long standing rift and forming a government. This move comes amid ongoing Gaza conflict and international cease fire efforts. Despite past failures at reconciliation, the agreement signals a potential shift...
King Charles ’not a monster’, says former staff denying claims of his ’terrible’ temper
   A former employee defended King Charles against claims of being ’irascible,’ describing him as ’absolutely not a monster in the office.’ This comes after a video showed him irritated by a leaking pen. The staff member emphasised that, while he can be temperamental, he is well prepared and respected...
This is a good sign’: Netanyahu indicates possible deal for Gaza hostages nearing
JD Vance slams Kamala Harris as million times worse’ than Biden at rally
   At a rally in Radford, Virginia, Republican vice presidential nominee JD Vance slammed Vice President Kamala Harris, calling her a million times worse than President Biden. Vance criticised both parties for outsourcing jobs and emphasised a need to restore American manufacturing. Attendees...
With immense pride and ...’: Harris wins key support for White House race after Pelosi endorses her
24-year-old Chinese influencer Pan Xiaoting dies during livestream Mukbang session
   year old Chinese influencer Pan Xiaoting died during a Mukbang livestream on July . Known for consuming up to kg of food in marathon sessions, she weighed kg at the time of her death. Her extreme eating habits, despite family warnings, led to severe health issues. Her tragic death...
What is DNC 2024? When is it and how do delegates work; What you need to know
   President Joe Biden’s withdrawal from the race shifts the spotlight to Vice President Kamala Harris ahead of the Democratic National Convention DNC on August in Chicago. The DNC will determine the party’s presidential and vice presidential nominees through a delegate voting process,...
You’re lucky you turned to right’: Biden told Trump on call after assassination attempt
Cocaine sharks: Brazilian study shows marine predators ’high’ on drug
   Scientists discovered high levels of cocaine in Brazilian sharpnose sharks off Rio de Janeiro, raising concerns about behavioural impacts. The study found chronic exposure, with cocaine concentrations up to times higher than in other marine animals. Potential sources include drug lab drainage...
China FM says Palestinian factions agree to set up ’reconciliation government’
   Palestinian factions including Hamas and Fatah met in Beijing this week in a renewed bid for reconciliation.
Donald Trump describes Harris as ’bad combination’ of ’vicious and dumb’
   Donald Trump has branded Vice President Kamala Harris as ’vicious and dumb’ in an interview with The Post, marking his first major comments since President Biden withdrew from the presidential race. Trump’s remarks come as Harris, the likely Democratic nominee, seeks to consolidate support. Trump’s...
Israeli government quietly sends millions to unauthorized West Bank settler outposts
   Documents uncovered by Peace Now illustrate how Israel’s pro settler government has quietly poured money into the unauthorized outposts, which are separate from its more than officially recognized settlements. Some of those outposts have been linked to settler violence against Palestinians and...
Thousands of migrant kids have reached the Canary Islands alone
   Mora Peces is among a growing number of people sounding the alarm as the archipelago struggles to deal with thousands of teenagers and children traveling alone to the European Union territory from Senegal, Mali, and other African nations, fleeing poverty, conflict and instability.