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Steven Spielberg on making West Side Story with Stephen Sondheim: I called him SS1 ’
Ryan Gilbey    p The legendary director used to get scolded by his parents for singing its songs at the dinner table. As his version hits the big screen, he talks about his own dancefloor prowess - and the obscure movie club’ he formed with Sondheim p p It’s a winter afternoon and you’re about to begin a...
James Bond: acclaimed writers explain how they would reinvent 007
Archie Bland    p Producer Barbara Broccoli has not yet decided how Bond will return in the next film - but here are some ideas p ul li strong Warning: article contains spoilers strong li ul p There are few commercial principles more reliable than this: there will always be another James Bond movie. p ...
Charley Pride: how the US country star became an unlikely hero during the Troubles
Walker Mimms    p Tammy Wynette and Johnny Cash cancelled gigs in Belfast during the violent 1970s, but Pride played on - and, with his song Crystal Chandeliers, became a sensation in the north and the Republic p p When a href https: music 2020 dec 12 country-superstar-charley-pride-dies...
Top 10 books about the Roman empire Greg Woolf
Greg Woolf    p From Edward Gibbon to Asterix the Gaul, the astonishing endurance of the largest state Europe has ever known continues to inspire a compelling literature p p The Roman empire’s USP has always been its survival. The largest state ever to exist in Europe, Rome’s empire began with the conquest of...
07  décembre     22h05
Landscapers review - Olivia Colman and David Thewlis stun as killer couple on the run
Lucy Mangan    p Two of their generation’s greatest actors reach new heights in this immaculate retelling of real-life murderous couple Susan and Christopher Edwards p p It isn’t always the quiet ones. In fact, it’s hardly ever the quiet ones. Generally, it’s exactly the ones you expect who do exactly what they...
08  décembre     00h01
Don’t Look Up review - slapstick apocalypse according to DiCaprio and Lawrence
Peter Bradshaw    p Adam McKay’s laboured satire challenges political indifference to looming comet catastrophe but misses out on the comedy p p Having long complained that movies aren’t engaging with the most vital issue of our time - the climate crisis - it’s perhaps churlish of me not to be glad when one comes...
She was very complicated. She was a conundrum’: who was the real Lucille Ball?
David Smith in Washington    p Aaron Sorkin’s Oscar-tipped drama shows behind the scenes of the much-loved sitcom I Love Lucy. Here those who knew her look back on her unusual career p p em em She was very complicated, she was very loving and she was very mercurial. She was very generous but she came from the Depression...
How to Make It on OnlyFans: the foot porn scene alone is Bafta-worthy
Joel Golby    p Kinky feet, armpit licking and credit card dramas abound in this funny, charming Channel 4 documentary about the adult streaming site. Plus, Alex Sim-Wise is the fairy godmother of fetish p p The problem with Channel 4 documentaries is, done right, they can be so utterly convincing they lead...
Best music books of 2021
Alexis Petridis    p Sinéad O’Connor’s extraordinary memoir, the untold story of 90s Dancehall and a portrait in song from Paul McCartney are among the releases hitting the high notes p p strong a href https: books 2021 jun 06 rememberings-by-sinead-oconnor-review-the-sound-and-the-fury ...
The 50 best films of 2021 in the UK, No 8: Azor
Peter Bradshaw    p An eerie, unsettling conspiracy drama about the ultra-wealthy from director Andreas Fontana, in which a Swiss banker navigates Argentina’s dirty war p ul li a href https: film 2021 nov 30 the-50-best-films-of-2021-in-the-uk 50 best films of 2021 in the UK a li li a...
The 50 best films of 2021 in the UK: 50-8
Guardian Staff    p The countdown of the best films released in the UK during 2021 continues with shady bankers during Argentina’s darkest days p ul li a href https: film 2021 nov 30 the-50-best-films-of-2021-in-the-us 50 best films of 2021 in the US a li li a href https: viewer...
The 50 best TV shows of 2021: 50-11
Alim Kheraj    p Our countdown of the year’s best telly brings a footballing comedy that shoots and scores again, and a sitcom about an all-female, all-Muslim punk band p ul li a href https: culture series best-culture-2021 More on the best culture of 2021 a li ul p em This list...
The 50 best albums of 2021, No 8: Olivia Rodrigo - Sour
Ben Beaumont-Thomas and Laura Snapes    p The 18-year-old’s wildly successful debut may show its influences very plainly, but its anxious, barbed emotions announce a new and singular talent p ul li a href https: culture series best-culture-2021 More on the best culture of 2021 a li ul p Who is a href ...
The 50 best albums of 2021: 50-8
Hollie Richardson, Jack Seale, Phil Harrison, Henry Wong and Hannah J Davies    p Olivia Rodrigo unleashes a barbed and brilliantly crafted debut album about teenage heartbreak, as we count down one LP per day to the best album of the year p ul li a href https: music 2021 nov 29 the-20-best-songs-of-2021 The best songs of 2021 a li li a href ...
TV tonight: sniffy Thatcher drags her feet on the Aids epidemic
Charlotte Higgins    p Sky’s brilliant Positive documentary goes back to the 1980s. Plus: Dan Brown’s conspiracies look topical and DJ Target presents highlights from the Mobos. Here’s what to watch tonight p a href https: tv-and-radio 2021 dec 08 tv-tonight-sniffy-thatcher-drags-her-feet-on...
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Charlotte Higgins on The Archers: it’s party time in the cider shed
Simon Wardell    p At the big vow-renewal bash, the vicar ended up being filmed drunk in a limo. Pity for everyone the sinister country house hotel Grey Gables didn’t get trashed p p Are you suggesting, said Oliver, the owner of Grey Gables, that Kathy isn’t doing her job properly? If I may interject,...
03  décembre     15h39
The Wife to Touching the Void: the seven best films to watch on TV
Ben Beaumont-Thomas    p Glenn Close is mesmerising as a betrayed and undermined spouse, while Joe Simpson recounts his tale of extreme survival in the Peruvian Andes p p When Glenn Close was nominated a seventh time for an Oscar for this a href https: film 2017 sep 12 the-wife-review-glenn-close...
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Reading and Leeds festival 2022 announce lineup with Arctic Monkeys, Dave and more
Alison Flood    p Megan Thee Stallion and Halsey are first female headliners since 2014, with Rage Against the Machine and Bring Me the Horizon rounding out the top billings p p Reading and Leeds festivals have announced their lineup for 2022. p p Using two main stages at each site, the festivals will host six...
Nobel winner Abdulrazak Gurnah says writing cannot be just about polemics’
Nadia Khomami Arts and culture correspondent    p The Zanzibari novelist spoke of migration, colonialism and how he became a writer in his acceptance lecture on Tuesdsay p p The Nobel laureate Abdulrazak Gurnah, who fled Zanzibar for England in the 1960s, has spoken of how he began writing in refusal of the self-assured summaries of people...
07  décembre     17h58
Funny fat girl’: Rebel Wilson says her team were against her losing weight
Adrian Horton    p Actor says she received pushback’ from her management due to fears of the impact it could have on her career p p Rebel Wilson, one of Hollywood’s top comedy actors, has said her own team were opposed to her losing weight because she was earning millions of dollars being the funny fat girl ....
Chris Cuomo’s upcoming book pulled by HarperCollins following dismissal by CNN
Harriet Sherwood Arts and culture correspondent    p The publisher cancelled the book days after he was fired for assisting his brother during sexual misconduct investigation p p HarperCollins will pull a planned book by former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, the publisher announced Tuesday. The book, titled Deep Denial, was to be released in the fall of...
Story of Stonehenge to be told in major British Museum exhibition
Alison Flood    p Curator puts monument in context of era, with loaned objects including 3,600-year-old Nebra sky disc p p A bronze disc inlaid with gold symbols and two gold cone-shaped hats decorated with solar motifs are among objects from the Stonehenge era that will go on show for the first time in the UK...
Malcolm X’s former prison cell becomes first of 1,000 planned freedom libraries’
Dalya Alberge    p The first of the planned amenities for US prisoners opens in the Massachusetts jail where the campaigner was incarcerated in the 1940s p p Malcolm X writes in his autobiography of how he spent hours reading in the library at Norfolk Prison in Massachusetts. Now the cell that the human rights...
US billionaire surrenders 70m of stolen art
Alison Flood    p Michael Steinhardt displayed rapacious appetite for plundered artefacts’, says district attorney p p An American hedge-fund billionaire has surrendered 180 looted and illegally smuggled antiquities valued at 70m and been handed an unprecedented lifetime ban on acquiring other relics as part...
Feminist retelling of Nineteen Eighty-Four approved by Orwell’s estate
Sarah Marsh    p American writer Sandra Newman’s novel Julia will tell the dystopian story from the perspective of Winston Smith’s lover p p The estate of George Orwell has approved a feminist retelling of Nineteen Eighty-Four, which reimagines the story from the perspective of Winston Smith’s lover Julia. p ...
Billy Connolly reveals unusual methods for keeping his Parkinson’s under control
Emine Saner    p Comedian says he hypnotises’ hand to stop it shaking but laments condition stopping him writing p p Billy Connolly said he has learned to hypnotise his hand to stop shaking due to Parkinson’s disease, but lamented not being able to write by hand due to the condition that has forced him to...
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Welcome to Earth review - Will Smith has Important Things to say, but he’s no Attenborough
Catherine Love    p In this Hollywood blockbuster of a nature show, Will Smith crosses horrifying gorges and teeters on the edge of volcanoes to deliver banal messages about conquering fear, and the beauty of the world p p Will Smith is looking worried. He’s about to traverse a mighty gorge by rope - and if a fall...
Cinderella review - out with the in-jokes and in with the puns
Leslie Felperin    p strong York Theatre Royal strong br Paul Hendy’s cast deliver a dependable mix of song and dance, spectacle and silliness, as well as a brilliant, bin-toting Buttons p p For decades, the Theatre Royal panto has been a York institution. Under former writer and long-running dame Berwick Kaler,...
Slumber Party Massacre review - video nasty back from dead in more playful mood
Tom Regan    p Rebooting the 1982 slasher horror, director Danishka Esterhazy tweaks the genre’s shocks in a movie that’s mostly decent fun p p The 1982 video-nasty classic a href https: watch?v -vrSx--k0 k&ab channel VideoDetective The Slumber Party Massacre a - a confection of...
Solar Ash review - ambitious sci-fi adventure leads to a boring new world
Chris Wiegand    p strong PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC; Heart Machine Annapurna Interactive br strong This unquestionably beautiful game about saving a planet from an encroaching black hole boldly goes where few have remained awake p p Life is about the journey, not the destination, the saying goes, and...
07  décembre     23h00
A Chorus Line review - a thrilling combination of sharp moves and snappy tunes
Kit Fan    p strong Curve, Leicester br strong A gifted company has the chops to do the 1975 New York musical proud, saluting an imperilled industry with an irresistible revival p p I’m a dancer: a dancer dances, says Cassie in this enduring 1975 concept musical about auditions at a Broadway theatre....
08  décembre     07h30
Call Us What We Carry by Amanda Gorman review - symphony of hope and solidarity
Arifa Akbar    p This powerful debut collection from the youngest inaugural poet in US history explores collective memory and the current pandemic p p What happens when words spoken on Capitol Hill make us shiver? Amanda Gorman’s luminous poem The Hill We Climb was addressed to Joe Biden and the world ....
The Book of Dust: La Belle Sauvage review - a theatrical marvel
Guardian Staff    p strong Bridge theatre, London br strong Nicholas Hytner brings a dazzling wizard’s touch to this adaptation of Philip Pullman’s fantasy tale p p Nearly two decades ago, a href https: stage 2017 apr 23 nicholas-hytner-national-theatre-memoir-interview-bridge Nicholas...
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Rising again: forgotten Japanese American photography - in pictures
   p Troves of works by these west coast pictorialists were lost during the second world war - but a new exhibition shows just how influential they were p a href https: artanddesign gallery 2021 dec 08 rising-again-forgotten-japanese-american-photography-in-pictures Continue...
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Northern lights photographer of the year - in pictures
   p The travel photography blog Capture the Atlas has published its annual a href https: northern-lights-photographer-of-the-year northern lights photographer of the year a collection with stunning images from 25 photographers. Coinciding with the northern lights season at...
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Furbabies Victorian Christmas-themed dog pageant - in pictures
   p Pooches dressed up in festive finery for the Furbabies dog pageant at Collingham Memorial Hall in Leeds p a href https: artanddesign gallery 2021 dec 06 furbabies-victorian-christmas-themed-dog-pageant-in-pictures Continue reading... a
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Flower power: 2021’s hot new UK photography - in pictures
   p The New Talent exhibition created by the Photographers’ Gallery shines a light on the best British-based artists, with work looking at dementia, surveillance and cakewalk queens p a href https: artanddesign gallery 2021 dec 07 new-talent-exhibition-london-photographers...
01  décembre     15h00
I was part of the Beatles’ act’: Mike McCartney’s best photograph
   p I call our kid Rambo Paul in this one, because he reminds me of Stallone. I have no idea why George is pointing at his nipple’ p p I didn’t intend to pick up a camera. I’d been practising on drums that had fallen off the back of a lorry into our house on Forthlin Road, Liverpool. But when...
02  décembre     07h00
From Miami to the metaverse Art Basel hits Florida - in pictures
   p Marina AbramoviÄ goes on a spiritual journey in Brazil and Francis Bacon enters an entirely new world at this year’s Art Basel Miami Beach p a href https: artanddesign gallery 2021 dec 02 from-miami-to-the-metaverse-art-basel-hits-florida-in-pictures Continue reading.....
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Bikers, rappers and rude boys: the photographer who got to the heart of subcultures
   p Janette Beckman has spent four decades documenting underground movements from London’s punks and the birth of hip-hop to LA gangs and illegal girls’ fight clubs. How does she win her subjects’ trust? p p It was the tension between a href https: Janette Beckman a ’s...
It was terminal’: the decay and demolition of a Leeds landmark - in pictures
   p Quarry Hill flats were a dazzling white monument to the future - then the concrete turned grubby. Photographer Peter Mitchell captured their demise p a href https: artanddesign gallery 2021 dec 01 it-was-terminal-the-decay-and-demolition-of-a-leeds-landmark-in-pictures...
30  novembre     07h00
Step into the night: American dreamscapes - in pictures
   p Paul Guilmoth’s intimate images of floating spider webs and icy waterfalls have one foot in the present and another in the past p a href https: artanddesign gallery 2021 nov 30 step-into-the-night-american-dreamscapes-in-pictures Continue reading... a