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31  mars     11h02
Amazon workers in Coventry announce six new strike dates
Heather Stewart    April dates come as GMB union prepares to test support for stoppages at five other sitesWorkers at Amazon s Coventry warehouse have announced six fresh strike dates as the GMB union prepares to test support for stoppages among staff at another five of the delivery company s sites Strikes at the
Trump loses, Paltrow wins: Twitter marks a historic afternoon for America
Matthew Cantor    Social media highlights remarkable timing of verdicts in unusual cases that gripped a nationAn ex president indicted for alleged hush money payments to a porn star A wealthy actor and wellness guru vindicated in a nail biting fight for justice against a retired optometrist And all in the space of
30  mars     15h00
Vulkan files’ leak reveals Putin’s global and domestic cyberwarfare tactics
Luke Harding, Stiliyana Simeonova, Manisha Ganguly and Dan Sabbagh    Documents leaked by whistleblower angry over Ukraine war Private Moscow consultancy bolstering Russian cyberwarfare Tools support hacking operations and attacks on infrastructure Documents linked to notorious Russian hacking group Sandworm Russian program aims to control internet and spread
Meta reportedly considering Europe political ads ban
Kalyeena Makortoff    Facebook owner weighing up move amid fears it could struggle to abide by new EU laws say reportsBusiness live latest updatesFacebook and Instagram s parent company Meta is reportedly considering a company wide ban on political advertising in Europe amid fears it could struggle to abide by new
29  mars     16h00
AI chatbots making it harder to spot phishing emails, say experts
Alex Hern and Dan Milmo    Poor spelling and grammar that can help identify fraudulent attacks being rectified by artificial intelligenceChatbots are taking away a key line of defence against fraudulent phishing emails by removing glaring grammatical and spelling errors according to experts The warning comes as policing
Elon Musk joins call for pause in creation of giant AI digital minds’
Alex Hern UK technology editor    More than artificial intelligence experts urge delay until world can be confident effects will be positive and risks manageable More than artificial intelligence experts researchers and backers have joined a call for an immediate pause on the creation of giant AIs for at least six
30  mars     12h14
Why am I crying over this?’: how corecore TikTok videos caught the mood of Gen Z
Hannah Ewens    Sad clips from films TV shows and TikTok are being spliced together over melancholy music and they re raising a smile among hopeless young peopleJimmy Nguyen an year old student saw his first corecore video on TikTok in January He can t remember which one it was there are so many of
Best podcasts of the week: The hidden history of the American right’s anti-trans agenda
Alexi Duggins, Hannah Verdier, Hollie Richardson and Ammar Kalia    In this week s newsletter The Anti Trans Hate Machine returns with a second series looking back at America s record of violence toward transgender people Plus five of the best pop culture podcastsDon t get Hear Here delivered to your inbox Sign up hereThe Lesser DeadAll episodes on Wondery now
28  mars     10h53
TechScape: How the world is turning against social media
Alex Hern    France has banned not only TikTok from government phones but Facebook and Twitter too Could this be a tipping point for big tech Plus AI generated pictures of the pope signal a new type of viral imageDon t get TechScape delivered to your inbox Sign up for the full article hereGovernment
Our universe was lost for ever’: what happens when a tech glitch erases your memories?
Sarah Hagi, Marlowe Granados, Sloane Crosley and Sam Wolfson    Photos emails playlists our phones and computers have become hosts for our pasts What happens when the backups fail No matter how much our computers assure us they re backing everything up to a hard drive in the sky memory failure remains a hardwired part of our lives Writers reflect on when
13  mars     07h00
Nokia G22 review: a budget Android phone you can repair yourself
Samuel Gibbs Consumer technology editor    Low cost smartphone has three day battery life decent camera and is designed to be taken apartDesigned to allow the back to be popped off and the battery replaced within minutes Nokia s new G is not the first smartphone to be DIY repairable But the Android handset is the first to come in at a
22  février     07h00
Oppo Find N2 Flip review: new hinge decreases the crease
Samuel Gibbs Consumer technology editor    Clamshell phone with longer battery life aims squarely at challenging Samsung s Z Flip Oppo s first folding flip phone to be sold outside its Chinese home market is the Find N Flip an Android clamshell aimed squarely at challenging Samsung s popular Z Flip The next gen flipper costs
08  février     07h00
OnePlus 11 review: rapid Android with long battery life
Samuel Gibbs Consumer technology editor    Top performing phone has great screen superfast charging and solid camera but lacks pizazzThe OnePlus is one of the first smartphones with the latest top chip from Qualcomm which makes it faster and longer lasting but a revamped design of the device has polarised opinion The new phone costs
31  octobre     07h00
Google Pixel 7 review: cracking camera at a good price
Samuel Gibbs Consumer technology editor    Smaller Android phone offers great software smart AI and performance for much less than rivalsGoogle appears to have triumphed again The new Pixel offers the same the top flight software camera and smart AI systems that have made its phones winners but at a knockdown price that significantly
28  mars     06h00
Sonos Era 100 review: the latest best-sounding smart speaker
Samuel Gibbs Consumer technology editor    Compact wifi hifi with big sound supports hundreds of music services multiple voice assistants and looks the partThe Era is the first of a brand new line of wifi speakers from multi room audio specialists Sonos taking what was good about its popular longstanding One series and adding more
27  mars     06h00
Nothing Ear 2 review: see-through earbuds with good sound
Samuel Gibbs Consumer technology editor    Bluetooth buds have standout design noise cancelling and work with Android and iPhoneThe Ear are the latest competitively priced earbuds from the London based tech firm Nothing which hopes to tempt buyers away from the Apples and Samsungs of this world with novel see through designs and good
20  mars     07h00
Apple HomePod review: a Siri speaker with a bass problem
Samuel Gibbs Consumer technology editor    Smart speaker can sound great depending on the room but is only for those all in on Apple devicesApple s big high quality smart speaker is back for a surprise second generation But five years since the first model was launched a lot has changed in the world of voice controlled home hi fi Can
09  février     07h00
OnePlus Buds Pro 2 review: good-sounding earbuds with spatial audio for Android
Samuel Gibbs Consumer technology editor    Noise cancelling buds are some of the first to support Google s new surround sound featureFinally an Android rival to the AirPods Pro has arrived OnePlus s new Buds Pro noise cancelling earbuds are some of the first on the market to support Google s new spatial audio virtual surround sound tech
30  mars     22h37
E3 2023: video game industry’s biggest expo cancelled
Keza MacDonald    The annual event which faced years of Covid disruption will not return in E the video game industry s biggest annual expo has been cancelled The show had been due to make a return after years of Covid disruption this June in Los Angeles but in a joint statement the US s Entertainment
Bafta Games Awards: God of War wins six but Vampire Survivors is best game
Keith Stuart    The were gasps in the crowd as a cult indie shooter beat the blockbusters to the key award of the nightIt must be one of the biggest shock wins in the history of the Bafta Games Awards Up against huge blockbuster titles such as Elden Ring and God of War Ragnarök the best game winner at this year
28  mars     12h15
Luigi has sweet notes of apple’: testing out Lush’s unlikely Super Mario soaps
Keith Stuart    Animal friendly cosmetics brand Lush is releasing a range of Mario themed products so our reporter tried them for scienceThe announcement that cosmetics chain Lush would be running a collaboration with the Super Mario Bros Movie was met with some incredulity in the video game press last week
27  mars     15h00
Terra Nil review - restore nature, and with it your hope for the future
Malindy Hetfeld    PC smartphones via Netflix Free Lives Devolver DigitalThe rewarding environmental restoration game plays like a puzzle and is satisfyingly simpleIn the beginning there is nothing before you but cracked brown earth This landscape of toxic soil and dried out riverbeds is yours to restore in
25  mars     14h00
How a video game has revolutionised the way farmers are buying tractors
James Tapper    Farming Simulator lets customers test out new trailers balers and other machinery before buying the real thingTractors are commonly sold to farmers at agricultural fairs and announced in the trade press But machinery makers are falling over themselves to get a slice of a much more unlikely
23  mars     16h13
The Forest Cathedral review - an unnaturally intense ecological puzzle game
Edwin Evans-Thirlwell    PC Xbox Whitethorn GamesThis brief raw and unsettling reimagining of a celebrated environmentalist s campaign against pesticides presents a sickly vision of nature contaminated by humansVideo games are often getaways to ravishing natural worlds The Forest Cathedral transports you to one whose
TikTok CEO shown video threatening committee chair during Congress hearing - video
Scarlet Pestell    TikTok s CEO Shou Zi Chew testified before US Congress on Thursday amid growing security concerns with the Biden administration threatening to remove the app from the US entirely During the hearing Republican Kat Cammack showed Congress a TikTok video inciting violence towards the house energy
Robot lips invented for long-distance kissing - video
   A Chinese startup has invented a long distance kissing machine that transmits users kiss data collected through motion sensors hidden in silicon lips which simultaneously move when replaying kisses received The device MUA also captures and replays sound and warms up slightly during kissing and
09  mars     13h41
Is artificial intelligence coming for your job? - video
   For decades people have worried about the rise of robots coming for jobs but rarely does the reality match the concern Then came ChatGPT an AI chatbot that has gone viral becoming the fastest growing app with m active users just two months after launching Technology reporter Chris Stokel