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29  novembre     11h40
TechScape: Enter the multiverse - the chat-room game made of AI art
Alex Hern    An exciting multiplayer Discord game asks you to find things in the multiverse through an AI image generator The hallucinatory results could mark a new frontier for AI artDon t get TechScape delivered to your inbox Sign up for the full article hereThe Bureau of Multiversal Arbitration is an
28  novembre     22h31
Elon Musk accuses Apple of threatening to remove Twitter from App Store
Dan Milmo Global technology editor    Twitter owner says Apple gave no reason for the potential ban and had stopped advertising on the platformElon Musk has accused Apple of threatening to remove Twitter from its App Store without giving a reason to the social media platform Twitter s new owner also said the iPhone maker had stopped
29  novembre     17h13
Changes to online safety bill tread line between safety and appearing woke’
Alex Hern    Ministers drop harmful communications offence with some arguing it was legislating for hurt feelings The online safety bill is returning to parliament under the aegis of its fourth prime minister and seventh secretary of state since it was first proposed as an online harms white paper under
28  novembre     23h30
Is it worth taking out personal cyber insurance in case you are caught up in a data hack?
Josh Taylor    Experts say investing in identity theft protection may provide peace of mind but won t help recover lost informationGet our morning and afternoon news emails free app or daily news podcastThe recent Optus and Medibank data breaches in which thousands of Australians had their personal information
Social media firms face big UK fines if they fail to stop sexist and racist content
Dan Milmo Global technology editor    Revised online safety bill proposes fines of of revenue but drops harmful communications offenceSocial media platforms that breach pledges to block sexist and racist content face the threat of substantial fines under government changes to the online safety bill announced on Monday Under the new
29  novembre     06h00
Rude drivers will swerve in my lane’: are Tesla owners paying the price for Musk hate?
Alaina Demopoulos    US owners say they ve been on the receiving end of road rage but it may be more about EVs than the CEO himselfTesla lost at least one customer this weekend after Alyssa Milano tweeted that she had returned her model for a Volkswagen electric vehicle prompting jokes from Elon Musk and
Googling abortion? Your details aren’t as private as you think
Johana Bhuiyan in New York    Exclusive a study shows the company has a long way to go in upholding its pledge to protect usersIn the wake of the US supreme court s overturning of Roe v Wade Google pledged fresh policies to protect people s abortion related data But new research has shown the way our location and other
27  novembre     09h00
Extinction is on the table’: Jaron Lanier warns of tech’s existential threat to humanity
Edward Helmore    The American computer scientist who coined the term virtual reality cautions against online psychological operatives Jaron Lanier the eminent American computer scientist composer and artist is no stranger to skepticism around social media but his current interpretations of its effects
Being heard is better than being seen’: supermodel Paulina Porizkova on living unfiltered’
Eva Wiseman    Paulina Porizkova one of the great supermodels of the s has refound fame as the lady who cries on Instagram It began with the death of and betrayal by her husband of yearsMoving through a room as a teenage supermodel when she first came to New York mouths would drop drinks would
26  novembre     14h00
Physicist Sabine Hossenfelder: There are quite a few areas where physics blurs into religion’
Killian Fox    To answer life s biggest questions says the German theoretical physicist and YouTuber we need to abandon unscientific ideas such as the multiverseSabine Hossenfelder is a German theoretical physicist who writes books and runs a YouTube channel with subscribers at time of writing called
31  octobre     07h00
Google Pixel 7 review: cracking camera at a good price
Samuel Gibbs Consumer technology editor    Smaller Android phone offers great software smart AI and performance for much less than rivalsGoogle appears to have triumphed again The new Pixel offers the same the top flight software camera and smart AI systems that have made its phones winners but at a knockdown price that significantly
10  octobre     06h00
iPhone 14 review: familiar design but now easier to repair
Samuel Gibbs Consumer technology editor    Same performance and battery of predecessors with better camera and significant changes on the insideOn the surface the iPhone looks like a very minor upgrade But a redesigned inside makes it easier and cheaper to repair marking a major shift in the right direction for Apple Weak currency
05  septembre     06h00
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 review: cutting-edge excellence at eye-watering price
Samuel Gibbs Consumer technology editor    Refined phone tablet hybrid is better all round but still a gadget lover s dream and not for the mass marketSamsung s cutting edge Galaxy Z Fold Android phone tablet hybrid is back and here to prove that folding devices are the future By putting both a powerful smartphone and in tablet in
29  août     06h00
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 review: folding-screen flipper stands out from crowd
Samuel Gibbs Consumer technology editor    Chic hi tech Android flip phone has better cameras and longer battery life losing none of its noveltySamsung s hi tech flip phone has been a bit of a hit over the past year Now the Z Flip is back for with better cameras a faster chip longer battery life and more customisation options than
28  novembre     07h00
Apple TV 4K 2022 review: cheaper but still premium streaming box
Samuel Gibbs Consumer technology editor    Rapid smart TV upgrade with every streaming service available and a quality ad free home screen Apple s latest TV streaming box is faster smaller more efficient and cheaper than its predecessors making it one of the best and most reliable smart TV experiences you can get The third generation
21  novembre     07h00
Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 review: slick operation but dated design
Samuel Gibbs Consumer technology editor    Premium Windows PC offers smooth and quiet experience but is showing its age compared with rivalsMicrosoft s latest Surface Laptop has new chips new connections and costs the same as last year but has a five year old design that makes it look aged The Surface Laptop starts at A
09  novembre     07h00
Apple Watch Ultra review: the super-charged smartwatch
Samuel Gibbs Consumer technology editor    Bigger and longer lasting with a new rugged design but falls short for adventurers and endurance athletesFor the first time in years there s a new top Apple smartwatch model available that s beefier hardier lasts longer and is aimed squarely at dethroning Garmin at the top of the adventure
20  octobre     06h00
Google Pixel Watch review: a good first attempt
Samuel Gibbs Consumer technology editor    Small smartwatch gets much right but comes up short versus cheaper rivals and cannot be repairedGoogle s first Pixel smartwatch is finally here after years of waiting integrating the company s Fitbit health tracking tech and hoping to take on Samsung and the dominant Apple Watch The Pixel Watch
25  novembre     12h00
I didn’t get my son’s favourite video game - but it got me Dominik Diamond
Dominik Diamond    Dominik Diamond desperately wanted to like Outer Wilds so he wouldn t disappoint his son But the profound joy of gaming provides a universal bond even when you totally suck at itAbout a year ago I tried to bond with my year old over Sea of Thieves It did not work Since then he has harangued
No one had seen anything like it’: how video game Pong changed the world
Kyle MacNeill    It started as a trick played on a young IT engineer and has inspired art installations and even social experiments Its creators and those they influenced hail the bleeping genius of a coin op classicPong a game so simple a bundle of lab grown brain cells could play it This might sound like
24  novembre     19h24
Somerville review: minimalist British horror is the perfect game for winter
Tom Regan    Xbox PC JumpshipOne man and his dog traverse the English countryside after an alien invasion in this haunting wordless game a masterclass in foreboding sound design and minimal storytellingIt s a Sunday or at least feels like one Waking up with a start you realise you ve fallen asleep in
23  novembre     11h35
Pushing Buttons: Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto - what we owe the most influential game designer
Keza MacDonald    The legendary designer behind Super Mario Zelda and many other Nintendo classics understood how technological innovation and sharp ideas could work together At he s lost none of his sense of funDon t get Pushing Buttons delivered to your inbox Sign up hereNintendo s designer Shigeru Miyamoto
18  novembre     12h00
Scholars, symphonies and rave music: making the Assassin’s Creed soundtrack
Dom Peppiatt    How do you create the audio DNA of a new game series How do you make time travel sound like time travel And how does electronic music match with a medieval adventure Composer Jesper Kyd reveals allUbisoft knew Assassin s Creed was going to be huge Over its three years of development the game
17  novembre     09h00
Pokémon Scarlet Violet review - poor performance holds an exciting game back
Tom Regan    Nintendo Switch Game Freak NintendoTechnical problems and an evident lack of development time take the shine off this ambitious new outing for the world conquering crittersModern video games can be so perceptibly realistic grass rippling in a gentle breeze non player characters going about
31  octobre     15h19
Video appears to show Chinese factory workers fleeing Covid-19 lockdown - video
   Unverified videos shared on Chinese social media showed people who are allegedly workers at the Foxconn plant climbing over fences and carrying their belongings along a road Workers from China s largest iPhone factory have reportedly been fleeing the factory amid fears of full scale
11  octobre     16h42
Robot says AI is ’threat and opportunity’ to artists during Lords address - video
   A robot has addressed the House of Lords for the first time telling a committee that artificial intelligence can be a threat and opportunity to artists The robot named Ai Da and devised in Oxford by Aidan Meller gave evidence to the communications and digital committee as part of an inquiry
01  octobre     09h39
Tesla CEO Elon Musk showcases humanoid robot - video
   Tesla s CEO Elon Musk showcased his humanoid robot Optimus at the electric vehicle maker s AI Day event The billionaire has said a robot business will be worth more than its carmaking business At the event a prototype of the robot walked on stage and waved to the audience And a video of it