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29  novembre     13h22
Researchers discover two new minerals on meteorite grounded in Somalia
Oliver Holmes    Phenomenal finds are named elaliite and elkinstantonite and Canadian scientists are analysing third mineralA team of researchers in Canada say they have discovered two new minerals and potentially a third after analysing a slice of a tonne meteorite that landed in east Africa The meteorite
Another slice of triceratops, Barbara?’ Did the fearsome T rexes take care of their sick?
Andrew Gregory Health editor    The skeleton of Barbara a pregnant and injured tyrannosaurus raises a shocking possibility that these dinosaurs had a touchy feely sideName Barbara Age About m years old Continue reading
Plant-based diet can cut bowel cancer risk in men by 22%, says study
Nicola Davis Science correspondent    Researchers find no such link for women suggesting connection between diet and bowel cancer is clearer for menEating a plant based diet rich in vegetables whole grains nuts and legumes can reduce the risk of bowel cancer in men by more than a fifth according to research A large study that
28  novembre     17h27
Long Covid: the patient who’s made an app to track symptoms
Tory Shepherd    The app Visible is also geared towards people living with conditions such as chronic fatigue syndromeWhen Harry Leeming developed symptoms of long Covid he found the lack of understanding of the condition alarming They became so severe that I went to A amp E and I was turned away being told
Life no longer as we know it’: war in space would have devastating effects, military expert says
Harriet Sherwood    Attacks on satellites could take out GPS systems banking systems power grids and affect military operations panel at space conference saysIt would no longer be life as we know it if a space war destroyed the satellites that the world now relies on space commanders have warned and China and
Ancient barn conversion with steam room found at Roman villa in Rutland
Ian Sample Science editor    Fresh evidence of owners lavish lifestyle discovered at same site as rare Iliad mosaic If you thought barn conversions were a relatively recent development for the property owning classes you d be wrong probably by or centuries Archaeologists at the site of a Roman villa complex in the
29  novembre     19h00
Bats are the death metal singers of the animal world, research shows
Emma Graham-Harrison and Helen Davidson in Taipei    Mammals can produce sound from ventricular folds used by humans only for Tuvan throat singing and death metal grunting It has long been known Ozzy Osbourne has a taste for bats But now it seems the mammals are also fans of his Bats greet each other with death metal growls scientists have
China covid protests: authorities call for crackdown on hostile forces’
Jamie Grierson    Streets flooded with police as top security body blames infiltration and sabotage for unrestChina s zero Covid policy explained in seconds China has sent university students home and flooded streets with police in an attempt to disperse the most widespread anti government protests in decades
Error at UK Covid testing lab might have led to 23 deaths, say experts
Jonathan Yerushalmy and agencies    Mistake at Immensa Health Clinic Ltd lab in Wolverhampton led to tests wrongly labelled negativeAt least deaths might have been caused by a blunder at a privately run laboratory after thousands of positive Covid cases were reported as negative public health experts have estimated The
Zero-Covid policy: why is China still having severe lockdowns?
Helen Davidson    Strict measures that continue almost three years into pandemic are prompting widespread protests Here are the factorsChina s strategy of controlling Covid with lockdowns mass testing and quarantines has provoked the greatest show of public dissent against the ruling Communist party in decades
China’s zero-Covid policy explained in 30 seconds
John Harris    Rampant and sudden lockdowns have sparked anger as pressure piles on officials to curb outbreaksChina s Covid protests complete guide in videos maps and chartsSince the Covid pandemic began China s government has operated a zero tolerance policy on outbreaks The resource intensive system of
20  novembre     13h00
They said we would build back better’ after Covid. What breathtaking deceit John Harris
Linda Geddes Science correspondent    Instead of rewarding us for our suffering Jeremy Hunt and Rishi Sunak are offering nothing but more hardshipThe Covid era is not yet over The worst might have long since receded though deaths linked to the virus go on and for most of us infection now means nothing more serious than a few
19  novembre     11h00
Does exposure to cold and flu viruses weaken or strengthen the immune system?
Andrew Gregory Health editor    And is that answer different now in our Covid world Linda Geddes looks at the evidence and talks to the expertsAs temperatures drop and November rain falls the seasonal onslaught of coughs sore throats and sniffles may feel inevitable but does constant exposure to everyday infections such as
15  novembre     22h30
Europe faces cancer epidemic’ after estimated 1m cases missed during Covid
Gaby Hinsliff    Report says m screenings lost because of pandemic which had chilling effect on researchExperts have warned that Europe faces a cancer epidemic unless urgent action is taken to boost treatment and research after an estimated m diagnoses were missed during the pandemic The impact of Covid
26  novembre     09h00
Who wants to live to 100 on a diet of lentil and broccoli slurry? Mostly rich men Gaby Hinsliff
Lauren O'Neill    Instead of searching for the key to immortality what if we tried to make people s lives better in the here and now Shortly after waking Bryan Johnson drinks a murky concoction involving olive oil cocoa flavanols and something derived from algae Breakfast will be a blended green slurry of
22  novembre     12h04
Favourite lyrics reveal your attachment style - psychologists would have a field day with mine Lauren O’Neill
Adrian Chiles    Are you secure anxious or avoidant songs we play repeatedly can be revealing So what is it with me and Pulp s Babies When I discover or am reminded of a song I particularly like I am one of those people who will listen to it over and over and over again The song will be on when I am
17  novembre     07h00
Do I really need to drink almost 4 litres of water a day? I haven’t got the bladder for it
George Monbiot    I used to laugh at my friends frequent toilet breaks I have a lot more sympathy since I decided to stay properly hydratedI have long been quietly proud of my bladder control Not for me the frequent often urgent toilet visits of my middle aged friends Motorway pitstops not for petrol just for
09  novembre     10h00
There’s one big subject our leaders at Cop27 won’t touch: livestock farming George Monbiot
Presented by Madeleine Finlay, produced by Ned Carter Miles, with sound design by Rudi Zygadlo and executive produced by Georgia Moodie    It s on course to guzzle half the world s carbon budget so why are governments so afraid to discuss it There are just two actions needed to prevent catastrophic climate breakdown leave fossil fuels in the ground and stop farming animals But thanks to the power of the two industries both aims
29  novembre     05h00
What are leap seconds, and why have we scrapped them? - podcast
Presented by Ian Sample, produced by Madeleine Finlay, sound designed by Tony Onuchukwu, and executive produced by Georgia Moodie    At a recent conference in France scientists and government representatives voted to scrap the leap second by Leap seconds are added periodically to synchronise atomic time and astronomical time which get out of sync because of variations in the Earth s rotation Madeleine Finlay speaks to JT
24  novembre     05h00
How should we prepare for an ageing global population?
Presented by Madeleine Finlay with Paul MacInnes, sound designed by Rudi Zygadlo, and executive produced by Georgia Moodie    On November the world s population reached billion according to the UN Much of that growth is because we re living longer As a species we will continue to age but eventually stop growing The UN predicts that in the next century humanity will begin to go into decline So what happens when
22  novembre     05h00
Will the Qatar World Cup really be carbon neutral?
Killian Fox    It s supposed to be the first ever carbon neutral World Cup Organisers Fifa and host Qatar say they have implemented sustainability initiatives taken measures to limit carbon output and will offset greenhouse gas emissions by purchasing credits Fifa has admitted however that the tournament s
26  novembre     14h00
Physicist Sabine Hossenfelder: There are quite a few areas where physics blurs into religion’
Helen Scales    To answer life s biggest questions says the German theoretical physicist and YouTuber we need to abandon unscientific ideas such as the multiverseSabine Hossenfelder is a German theoretical physicist who writes books and runs a YouTube channel with subscribers at time of writing called
30  novembre     06h00
Discovered in the deep: is this the world’s longest animal?
Donna Lu    A submersible off the coast of Western Australia chanced upon an metre long deep sea siphonophore arranged in a feeding spiral trailing its deadly tentaclesIn about metres ft down in an underwater canyon off the coast of Western Australia scientists encountered a long
12  novembre     19h00
Genetic engineering could be used to control mouse populations, research finds
Ian Sample Science editor    Scientists demonstrated that a gene drive can be used to induce female infertility in the common house mouse an invasive species in AustraliaFollow our Australia news live blog for the latest updatesWant to get the Afternoon Update to your email inbox every weekday Sign up hereGenetic engineering
30  novembre     00h50
Drug slows cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s patients, study reveals
Kieran Pender    Antibody therapy lecanemab removes clumps of protein called beta amyloid that builds up in brainResearchers have hailed the dawn of a new era of Alzheimer s therapies after a clinical trial confirmed that a drug slows cognitive decline in patients with early stages of the disease The result comes
28  novembre     14h00
Paw and order: Lucy the labrador provides support as Australia’s first full-time court dog
Alex Bellos    In Melbourne s family court Lucy visits hearings legal interviews and mediations all to relieve people s stress as they navigate the justice systemFollow our Australia news live blog for the latest updatesGet our morning and afternoon news emails free app or daily news podcastWhen Lucy enters
Did you solve it? Puzzles for blockheads
Alex Bellos    Were you a Clevor Trever The solutions to today s puzzlesEarlier today I set you these five puzzles from Mathigon s advent calendar Here they are again with solutions Sorry if you came here to read about Ian Dury but in recompense you get to get your head around these blocks Hit me with
Can you solve it? Puzzles for blockheads
Alex Bellos    There ain t half been some clever brainteasersUPDATE You can read the solutions hereToday s questions come from this year s Mathigon puzzle advent calendar One of the many reason to be cheerful Pt at this time of year If you have a head for blocks the first one is for you Continue reading
14  novembre     17h00
Did you solve it? Are you a puzzle thoroughbred?
Alex Bellos    The answers to today s equestriansEarlier today I set you the following two puzzles Here they are again with solutions Neigh bother Continue reading
Can you solve it? Are you a puzzle thoroughbred?
Matt Fidler    Please answer the equestrianLet s begin today s challenges with a problem about horses followed by an excellent pattern recognition puzzle that was recently doing the rounds on social media Neigh bother Continue reading
21  novembre     18h56
Timelapse shows Earth visible on Nasa’s Orion lunar flyby - video
   Nasa checked off another crucial milestone on its first crew capable moon mission for years early on Monday with the Orion capsule of Artemis buzzing the moon as it made its closest approach to the lunar surface of the day space flight The pass miles above the far side of the moon
16  novembre     07h58
Watch the moment Nasa’s Artemis 1 blasts off to the moon - video
   The unmanned lunar rocket Artemis lifted off from Nasa s Kennedy Space Center in Florida at am ET on Wednesday Artemis will be on its journey for days going beyond the dark side of the moon then returning to Earth and splashing down in the Pacific Ocean in December The success of
08  novembre     15h18
Beaver moon’ lunar eclipse seen around the world - in pictures
   A selection of images of the beaver moon According to Nasa this is the final total lunar eclipse until March and was visible in North and Central America Asia Australia the Pacific islands and parts of South America Continue reading