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30  mars     16h55
Net zero strategy shows UK will miss 2030 emissions cuts target
Fiona Harvey and Jillian Ambrose    Government admits its policies will achieve only of cuts and experts think that is a generous reading The UK government has said it is still on track to meet its international climate commitments under the Paris agreement as analysis of its energy plans suggested more drastic policies would
31  mars     10h14
Raw sewage spilled into English rivers 825 times a day last year
Helena Horton    Figure comes despite barely any rainfall during year and prompts call for environment secretary to resignRaw sewage was spilled into English rivers times a day last year despite the fact there was barely any rainfall and most of the country was in drought Thérèse Coffey the environment
Meadows to return at 100 historic sites in England to mark coronation
Mark Brown North of England correspondent    Ten year project by English Heritage will see landscapes at sites including Stonehenge return to how they would have once lookedMeadows across historic sites in England from the panoramic ruins of Scarborough Castle to the chalk down landscape of Stonehenge are to be created or enhanced in a
Country diary: Putting a garden at the heart of the church Mary Montague
Mary Montague    Magheralin County Down The parishioners here have been busy their environmental endeavours a direct expression of pastoral care Where shall we place our hope These words pop into my head as I watch a bumblebee dawdling around the pollinator garden of Magheralin parish church The garden was
Recycling rubble can help rebuild Syria faster, scientists show
Damian Carrington Environment editor    Tests show recycled concrete could safely be used in new buildings in war and quake stricken countryConcrete rubble from destroyed buildings in Syria can be safely recycled into new concrete scientists have shown which will make the rebuilding of the war hit country faster cheaper and greener
Oysters and whisky? Why the pairing could have huge benefits for wildlife in Scotland
Karen McVeigh    Scientists find that using oysters as water filters helps the bivalve and other species thrive and could treble the amount of carbon going into the seabedGood whisky needs pure clean water which partly explains why distilleries in Scotland always seem to have such scenic loch side backdrops
The week in wildlife - in pictures
Joanna Ruck    The best of this week s wildlife photographs including a baby egret a newborn shark and a zebra on the loose Continue reading
30  mars     21h07
Brazilian meat firm’s A- sustainability rating has campaigners up in arms
Jonathan Watts Global environment editor    Environmentalists question high grade given to JBS and accuse it of deforestation in the Amazon and under reporting emissionsThe award of an A minus sustainability grade to the world s biggest meat company has raised eyebrows and kicked off a debate about the rating system for environmental and
Reports of rotten pork being sold in UK may lead to tighter control of FSA
Sophie Kevany and Helena Horton    Therésè Coffey may bring Food Standards Agency now overseen by health department under remit of DefraThe UK government is considering tightening control over the Food Standards Agency FSA after news that allegedly fraudulent pork products found their way on to supermarket shelves Therésè Coffey
3.5m of Tory donations linked to pollution and climate denial, says report
Helena Horton    Millions given to party and MPs last year came from entities linked to fossil fuels high polluting industries and climate denialPolitics live latest updatesThe Conservative party received m from individuals and entities linked to climate denial fossil fuels and high pollution industries
Plants emit ultrasonic sounds in rapid bursts when stressed, scientists say
Ian Sample Science editor    Thirsty or damaged plants produce up to staccato pops in an hour which nearby creatures may respond to researchers findThere comes a time in a plant s life when the head sags the leaves go pale and the body releases a barrage of sounds that are the ultrasonic equivalent of stamping on bubble
29  mars     16h14
United Nations adopts landmark resolution on climate justice
Nina Lakhani Climate justice reporter    Resolution hailed as win for climate justice of epic proportions should make it easier to hold countries accountable for failuresA UN resolution was adopted on Wednesday that should make it easier to hold polluting countries legally accountable for failing to tackle the climate emergency in a
The Guardian view on a water crisis: targets need to be binding Editorial
Editorial    The global response to an escalating water crisis is belated and inadequate But last week s UN conference was an important markerThe more than pledges that emerged from the UN water conference which concluded last weekend were an insufficient response to the worsening global water crisis
30  mars     10h02
Barcelona green space plan could improve health of 30,000, study finds
Ashifa Kassam in Madrid    Creating more green areas could also save up to m a year in costs linked to mental health issues say researchers An ambitious push to create more green spaces in Barcelona a city with one of the highest population and traffic densities in Europe could improve the health of more than
31  mars     10h00
Tulips are a must for spring - but go sustainable to keep it classy
Alice Vincent    There s a reason this joyful flower has its own emojiOur wedding started and ended at our house I like my home comforts and despite my husband s previous protestations that we were not having an afterparty one nevertheless unfolded in our living room The photographer ventured into the garden It
Buy. Return. Repeat ... What really happens when we send back unwanted clothes?
Amelia Tait    The rise and rise of online fashion stores and their generous returns policies has created a new industry dedicated to dealing with our unwanted clothes But what damage is being done to our planet and to retailers by our boomerang shopping habits In the past the post office has been an
Solar is now viable even in rainy climes - so why aren’t we making hay?
Paul Brown    Government s reluctance to require panels to be fitted on new homes in England from remains a puzzleIt may seem unlikely with the dark rainy skies in many parts over the last month but solar power is now the cheapest way of generating electricity according to the Intergovernmental Panel on
30  mars     15h48
Terrified for my future’: climate crisis takes heavy toll on young people’s mental health
Clea Skopeliti and Sammy Gecsoyler    Young people in the UK tell how the emergency is affecting their psychological wellbeing and how they are copingJem has started losing sleep over the climate emergency Over the last two years I have felt growing anxiety at the state of the environment It keeps me up at night Jem who
Singing to trees and Indigenous wisdom: the UK festival aiming to prevent ecological collapse
Phoebe Weston    At the Primal Gathering retreat attendees seek new and sometimes surreal ways to connect with nature and take meaningful action on environmental destructionThe explorer and documentary maker Bruce Parry pushed his penis inside his body on his BBC show Tribe in an effort to be accepted by
20  mars     16h49
As Pacific islanders, we are leading the way to end the world’s addiction to fossil fuels Ralph Regenvanu Seve Paeniu
Ralph Regenvanu and Seve Paeniu    Today s IPCC report has given a final warning to avert global catastrophe We call on all world leaders to urgently transition to renewablesThe cycle is repeating itself A tropical cyclone of frightening strength strikes a Pacific island nation and leaves a horrifying trail of destruction and
21  janvier     07h00
The carbon pirates’ preying on Amazon’s Indigenous communities
Patrick Greenfield    Selling credits should fund forest protection but unscrupulous firms are making deals where land stewards lose out say local leadersRevealed over of rainforest offsets by biggest provider worthless Greenwashing or a net zero necessity Scientists on carbon offsetting Nowhere else to go
03  janvier     11h23
John Kerry: rich countries must respond to developing world anger over climate
Fiona Harvey Environment editor    US climate envoy says there needs to be work on details of loss and damage fund in People in developing countries are feeling increasingly angry and victimised by the climate crisis the US climate envoy John Kerry has warned and rich countries must respond urgently I ve been
30  décembre     11h00
US response to the climate emergency: key moments of 2022
Oliver Milman    Biden s Inflation Reduction Act is one step to confront the crisis but a divided Congress will hamper additional measuresThe climate crisis inflicted painful wounds to the US in but the year also brought hope that the country is finally prepared to confront disastrous global heating while
30  mars     17h30
The Guardian view on Rishi Sunak’s energy plan: playing with fire Editorial
Editorial    The government has chosen oil and gas over renewables increasing the climate threatTo say that Rishi Sunak s government has chosen the path of climate vandalism as Labour s Ed Miliband did this week is no exaggeration The policies contained in the energy plan announced on Thursday are
Octopus farming turns my stomach - but are some species really more worthy than others? Elle Hunt
Elle Hunt    I haven t eaten octopus in years yet being smart shouldn t make them exceptions All animals need protection from unnecessary sufferingThe collective noun for a group of octopuses in case you were wondering is a consortium not as some wags might tell you a seafood buffet I myself don t eat
A climate policy that actually cuts emissions? It’s the reality that fossil fuel bosses and News Corp commentators can’t see Temperature Check
Graham Readfearn    Changes to the safeguard mechanism take us a step closer to net zero by the goal consecutive governments have signed up toFollow our Australia news live blog for the latest updatesGet our morning and afternoon news emails free app or daily news podcastAt some stage policies that
29  mars     23h00
Quality standards to hold carbon offsetting industry to account
Patrick Greenfield    New guidelines for bn carbon offsetting industry aim to guide buyers towards high quality creditsNew quality standards for the bn carbon offsetting industry have been published to help guide buyers to high quality credits following widespread concern that many are just hot air On Thursday new
A second chance’: Peru sanctuaries help rescued monkeys back into the wild
Izzy Sasada    At two wildlife centres in the Madre de Dios region the victims of illegal mining activities embark on a long journey of rehabilitation She used to fight every time I tried to feed her but she recognises it s me now says Cinthia Pariguana Garriazo a veterinary nurse at Taricaya eco reserve
28  mars     06h30
Return of the Gedi: space mission that maps Earth’s forests saved from destruction
Patrick Greenfield    Nasa grants last minute reprieve to invaluable climate and biodiversity scanner on International Space Station due to be incinerated in Earth s atmosphereNasa has extended the life of a key climate and biodiversity sensor for scanning the world s forests which was set to be destroyed in Earth s
The Maldives are 99% water, so why can so few teenagers swim?
Rebecca Root in Malé    A lack of swimming skills among young people especially girls stops them working in local industries and getting involved in conservationAzha Abdul Azeez lives in Malé the capital of the Maldives archipelago surrounded by the idyllic Indian Ocean But she grew up in the house and the water
25  mars     13h00
It’s win-win’: how a dangerous sailing race could reveal the ocean’s secrets
Yvonne Gordon    After a long hiatus the epic Ocean Race is back but this year as well as dodging icebergs cracking masts and suffering the occasional hull sandwich failure the teams are gathering crucial data from places even research vessels rarely reachThe Southern Ocean is not somewhere most people
23  mars     12h59
Whale meat on the menu as Japanese suppliers try to tempt tourists
Justin McCurry in Osaka    With the domestic market in long term decline whalers and restaurants are working with the Japan travel bureau in a bid to win over skeptical visitorsThe anticipation is building in the private tatami mat room at Murasaki a restaurant in Osaka At one end sit a handful of Japanese journalists
21  mars     06h00
Row erupts over deep-sea mining as world races to finalise vital regulations
Karen McVeigh    Head of seabed authority accused of abandoning neutrality at critical point with first commercial application imminentMichael Lodge a British lawyer and the head of the UN affiliated body responsible for governing mining in the high seas has been criticised by diplomats who claim he has been
20  mars     06h30
Ukraine is a false justification’: America’s destructive new rush for natural gas
Pam Radtke for Floodlight    As the war in Ukraine sent natural gas prices skyrocketing liquid natural gas LNG plants are springing up all along the fragile Gulf Coast seriously harming not just local communities but the world s ability to keep the entire climate crisis at bayAbout miles south of New Orleans a
23  mars     14h53
E coli from meat behind half a million UTIs in the US every year, study suggests
Sophie Kevany    Fatal bloodstream illnesses driven by urinary tract infections could rise warn scientists as research shows link to food borne bacteriaMeat bacteria are the likely cause of over half a million urinary tract infections UTIs in the US every year a new study has found with one of its authors
16  mars     08h00
A ringside view of Britain’s livestock markets - a photo essay
Bella Bathurst    Supermarket power and the BSE crisis nearly killed off traditional auctions But with sales of bn they remain a keystone of farming life We joined the traders at Ross and HerefordIt s a Thursday morning and the auction ring in Hereford is busy The steep steps that surround the ring have been
06  mars     12h00
Global craze for collagen linked to Brazilian deforestation
Elisângela Mendonça, Andrew Wasley and Fábio Zuker    Investigation finds cases of the wellness product hailed for its anti ageing benefits being derived from cattle raised on farms damaging tropical forestWhat is collagen and why is it so popular in the beauty industry Tens of thousands of cattle raised on farms that are damaging tropical forests
What is collagen and why is it so popular in the beauty industry?
Amy Fleming    The protein gives our bodies elasticity and resilience and there s always a market for products promising to turn back the clockGlobal craze for collagen linked to Brazilian deforestationCollagen is the most abundant protein in the human body It makes up of our cartilage and accounts for
30  mars     15h50
Climate activists disrupt Humza Yousaf’s first FMQs five times - video
Kathryn Bromwich    Scottish first minister s questions was disrupted five times on Thursday as Yousaf took questions from MSPs When FMQs eventually got going Douglas Ross leader of the Scottish Conservatives queried Yousaf s appointment of an independence minister asking if it was a fair use of taxpayers money
27  mars     15h43
Environmental disaster’: sailor shows oily sludge polluting water in Poole harbour - video
Bertin Huynh Yuji Shimada    A sailor in Poole in Dorset posted a video on social media on Sunday showing an oily substance he had noticed leaking into the water in the harbour He collected some of the horrible oil kind of sludge in a plastic bottle The public is being urged to avoid using the water and beaches within
25  mars     17h00
Rubbish fashion: street art costumes of Kinshasa - in pictures
Joanna Ruck    In his series Fulu Act Brussels based documentary photographer Colin Delfosse captures street artists in Kinshasa who craft striking costumes out of everyday objects found littering the streets such as discarded wigs wires soda cans and bottle lids to raise awareness of environmental issues
24  mars     14h00
Not a fringe issue: the hairdressers trained to talk to their clients about climate change - video
   The owner of Paloma salon in Paddington has organised seminars for hairdressers across Sydney to instruct them on how to talk to their clients about climate action Owner Paloma Rose Garcia started the A Brush with Climate workshops navigating how to discuss science and solutions with clients
The week in wildlife - in pictures
   The best of this week s wildlife photographs including a rescued sloth a baby nutria and a patient frog Continue reading
23  mars     07h37
Menindee community wants answers after ’ecological disaster’ - video
   Community members react after a town meeting at the Menindee civic hall which was held to address concerns relating to the cleanliness and security of the water of the town following the deaths of millions of fish in the Darling Baaka river A lot of the people who were here wanted answer to
22  mars     14h00
Birds of Australia: Elizabeth Gould’s stunning illustrations - in pictures
   The Australian Museum s new multimedia exhibition The Birds of Australia traces the journey of the th century naturalist and ornithologist John Gould and his wife illustrator Elizabeth Gould as they travelled through New South Wales and recorded the unique birdlife identifying hundreds of