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25  novembre     16h41
Qualcomm Expands AR Ambitions With Snapdragon Spaces XR Developer Platform
Anshel Sag, Contributor    Analyst Anshel Sag examines Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon Spaces platform for AR app development.
23  novembre     20h19
Planet CEO Will Marshall And dMY Technology CEO Niccolo de Masi Discuss Planet’s Investor And Customer Value Proposition
Patrick Moorhead, Senior Contributor    1-Ranked Industry Analyst Patrick Moorhead dives deeper into his conversation with the CEO of Planet, Will Marshall, and the CEO of dMY Technology Group inc. Niccolo de Masi, with questions like how Planet is different, its business model of big data, and Planet’s growth and future roadmap.
Cloud Container Challenges Emerging
Emil Sayegh, Contributor    There is little doubt that cybercriminals are aware of the soft middle presented by trusted sources of software. A compromise of a trusted third-party, or at the source of trusted company software can have catastrophic effects.
22  novembre     15h35
SAP Adds No-Code low-Code To Its Business Technologies Platform At TechEd 2021
Patrick Moorhead, Senior Contributor    1-Ranked Industry Analyst Patrick Moorhead covers SAP’s annual TechEd event where he talks about how even the most analog businesses have a foot in the digital world. It creates both a problem and an opportunity in every industry.
21  novembre     13h24
Best Before: Perishable Data Has A Shelf-Life
Adrian Bridgwater, Senior Contributor    Data gets stale. It doesn’t go bad’ as such, it’s usually still consumable much like the way a rotten slice of meatloaf isn’t, but its nutritional value may have long since left the building.
20  novembre     17h41
Media And Entertainment Digital Storage Growth Swells With Increased Cloud And Remote Services
Tom Coughlin, Contributor    The media and entertainment industry is a significant driver for digital storage growth and development, including all types of storage media and storage technology. Particularly, remote M&E workflows are driving cloud-based storage growth.
19  novembre     17h34
A Chat With Qualcomm’s Licensing Business Leader, John Han
Patrick Moorhead, Senior Contributor    1-Ranked Industry Analyst Patrick Moorhead shares some of conversation with John Han, SVP and GM of Qualcomm’s QTL division. on QTL and how Qualcomm is helping the promulgation of 5G technology.
18  novembre     16h24
Lattice Semiconductor Acquires Mirametrix In An All-Cash Transaction
Patrick Moorhead, Senior Contributor    1-Ranked Industry Analyst Patrick Moorhead dives in as this week Lattice Semiconductor announced that it has officially acquired Mirametrix INC. in an all-cash transaction
Qualcomm Showcases Diversification, Growth And Resilience At Investor Day 2021
Patrick Moorhead, Senior Contributor    1-Ranked Industry Analyst Patrick Moorhead take’s a look at the highlights of the day as Qualcomm held its annual Investor Day this week, and it did not disappoint.
Atom Computing: A Quantum Computing Startup That Believes It Can Ultimately Win The Qubit Race
Paul Smith-Goodson, Contributor    VIce President and Principal Analyst Quantum, AI, and Space, Paul Smith-Goodson dives into Atom Computing. The company recently revealed it had spent the past two years secretly building a quantum computer using Strontium atoms as its units of computation.
Planet Is The Most Differentiated Space Play We Have Researched In Years, Delivering Daily Whole Earth Data Subscriptions
Patrick Moorhead, Senior Contributor    1-ranked technology analyst Patrick Moorhead analyzes Planet’s capabilities and differentiation.
17  novembre     23h54
Qualys CEO: New IT Stacks Will Rise From Infrastructure As Code
Adrian Bridgwater, Senior Contributor    Infrastructure-as-Code is not wholly dissimilar from software application code used to build apps i.e. it is a descriptive model’ for defining and provisioning the structure of an IT network and its shape.
Zscaler Digital Experience Raises The Bar For Application Monitoring And More
Will Townsend, Contributor    Analyst Will Townsend offers his take on several new enhancements to Zscaler’s ZDX service offering.
15  novembre     21h00
Product Introductions During The 2021 OCP Summit
Tom Coughlin, Contributor    New products supporting enterprise hyperscale customers were introduced at the 2021 OCP Summit. These included storage boxes with EDSFF E3 storage modules and CXL, computational storage, high performance object storage, new SSDs and SSD controllers and a native NVMe HDD.
Software Defined Memory, Object And Computational Storage At 2021 OCP Summit
Tom Coughlin, Contributor    2021 OCP Summit presentations introduced Software Defined Memory and showcased developments in in and near memory computing, high performance object storage, CXL and computational storage.
Beyond The Device With Self-Sovereign Identities
Alastair Johnson, Contributor    Their digital identity, just like their physical one, will travel with them wherever they go via the rollout of biometrically enforced digital IDs that live in the cloud and can be cryptographically proven and are tamper-proof.
12  novembre     20h11
The World According To Jeff Goldblum’ Explores The Science Of Magic
Tony Bradley, Senior Contributor    Jeff Goldblum is also quite curious, and dives into understanding the why and how behind a number of life’s great mysteries or mysteries, at least in the series The World According to Jeff Goldblum on Disney.
In New Rebecca Minkoff Tops And Dresses, The Blockchain Is Stitched In
Nina Wolpow, Forbes Staff    For its new RM Green(e) line, Rebecca Minkoff has teamed up with Resonance, a bootstrapped company operating out of New York’s Chelsea Piers that offers cloud-based production alternatives for designers that want to cut back on inventory.
FAANG-Leader Microsoft Is Banking On 4 Key Trends
Beth Kindig, Contributor    Microsoft’s stock trajectory began to change when Satya Nadella became CEO in 2014 and today Microsoft is the world’s most valuable company partly thanks to Microsoft Azure and Microsoft’s other cloud solutions. This analysis looks at 4 key trends that will drive cloud growth into the future.
11  novembre     22h28
Database-As-A-Service - Are You In The Cloud?
Matt Kimball, Contributor    Senior Analyst, Servers, Matt Kimball dives in as he will unpack this data-as-a-service and show what companies like Nutanix are doing to compete in this DBaaS space.
What’s Driving The SASE Boom
R. Scott Raynovich, Contributor    SASE is a cybersecurity technology market responding to the changing needs of cloud networking.
Hello Robot, Why Overly-Realistic AI Is Bad
Adrian Bridgwater, Senior Contributor    Am I talking to a software robot or a human? It’s a question that many of us will have posed at some point when we are online interacting with a web interface chatbot with its chirpy Hi Can I help?’ message flags and discussion box.
10  novembre     20h28
NVIDIA Improves Its Intelligent Vehicle Stack At NVIDIA GTC
Patrick Moorhead, Senior Contributor    1-Ranked Industry Analyst Patrick Moorhead dives in as this week he virtually attended NVIDIA’s GTC 2021 event. At this NVIDIA GTC event, the company launched some new solutions focused on improving the experience and safety of autonomous driving.
09  novembre     23h58
AMD Flexes Manufacturing Might In Data Center Announcements
Jim McGregor, Contributor    With announcements of new data center processors and a GPU for accelerated computing, each takes the performance of a single chip socket to new levels and demonstrates the impact of designing products for High-Performance Computing (HPC) applications.
Readying For Regulation Response To Cyber Incidents
Emil Sayegh, Contributor    For most, compliance and regulation are not completely new territory, however the horizontal rollout and application to formerly voluntary industries will carry some challenges along for the ride.