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20  mai     22h10
Netskope - Security Transformation For Digital Transformation
Patrick Moorhead, Senior Contributor    Ranked Industry Analyst Patrick Moorhead sits down with Sanjay Beri the founder and CEO of Netskope and talks the founding of Netskope security transformation and the emergence of the secure access service edge
19  mai     21h39
ReliaQuest Expands Leadership Team With Focus On Future
Tony Bradley, Senior Contributor    Organizations must defend an expanding attack surface against an evolving threat landscape ReliaQuest adds two executives to help it achieve its mission to protect customers from cyberattacks
18  mai     19h43
IBM’s Newest Quantum Computing Roadmap Unveils Four New Quantum Processors And Future Plans For A Quantum Supercomputer
Paul Smith-Goodson, Contributor    Senior Analyst AI Quantum Computing Paul Smith Goodson dives in as last week IBM updated its quantum computing roadmap for the third time since the first one was published in In this roadmap IBM has effectively introduced new and essential technologies
Intel Blazes Security And Software Trails At Intel Vision
Tony Bradley, Senior Contributor    Intel shared details of some interesting software based initiatives including performance analytics as a service and Project Amber at its Intel Vision event in Dallas
17  mai     22h31
Google Cloud Launches SOC Of The Future’
Tony Bradley, Senior Contributor    Google Cloud unveiled its vision for the SOC of the Future today at the Google Cloud Security Summit
Percona Percolates, Permeates & Penetrates To Platform Position
Adrian Bridgwater, Senior Contributor    Open source database software and services specialist Percona has detailed what is now a full platform play for the organisation s IT stack
Answering The Problems Of CIO Turnover
Emil Sayegh, Contributor    With each passing year the role of CIOs becomes increasingly important to the core operations of a company With everything that has happened these last two years technology is more critical today than ever and as we roll into the future there is no stopping this critical shift
16  mai     18h48
IBM CEO Arvind Krishna On The Future Of Big Blue
Patrick Moorhead, Senior Contributor    Ranked Industry Analyst Patrick Moorhead paraphrase Arvind s detailed and lengthy responses during a live round table with industry analysts providing clues to the future of IBM
13  mai     17h26
Cloudflare Stock Misses On Cash Flow In Q1
Beth Kindig, Contributor    Cloudflare missed on cash flow in the most recent earnings report Cash is becoming more expensive and therefore growth must be balanced with a stronger bottom line The company s CapEx will rise from in current quarter to to this year READ MORE
Zoho Continues To Unify Its Operating System With Zoho Marketing Plus
Patrick Moorhead, Senior Contributor    Ranked Industry Analyst Patrick Moorhead covers Zoho s announcement of Zoho Marketing Plus its solution to unify its marketing products into one platform
Pure Storage Releases First Annual Sustainability Report With Some Evergreen Surprises
Patrick Moorhead, Senior Contributor    Ranked Industry Analyst Patrick Moorhead takes a closer look as this year Pure Storage is putting its hat into the ring by releasing its first annual Environmental Social Governance ESG Report
12  mai     16h21
Opportunity Knocks: Deep Dive On Cloud Stock Valuations (Part 1)
R. Scott Raynovich, Contributor    With the market for technology stocks having just undergone one of its most rapid corrections in history with the tech dominant Nasdaq Index falling more than in just a few months it s time to take a close look at the valuations of companies producing leading cloud technology
A Lack Of Consumer Portability And Choice Are Negatively Affecting The Mobile Experience
Anshel Sag, Contributor    Analyst Anshel Sag examines how the lack of consumer portability and choice negatively affects the mobile experience In Part of a part series he delves into the issues plaguing messaging and payment apps
11  mai     15h42
ThoughtSpot Aims To Build The Democratic Modern’ Data Stack
Adrian Bridgwater, Senior Contributor    New IT platforms are being aligned to empower users to use data analytics insights to drive business actions and decision making by using all kinds of data visualizations and to embed live analytics into services to get the most value from what we now call the entire modern data stack
The Aussie Tech Billionaire Who Bet Big Against Coal, Making Enemies At Home And Admirers In The U.S.
David Jeans, Forbes Staff    Atlassian co CEO Mike Cannon Brookes is putting his money behind an effort to make Australia s biggest power company stop spewing carbon
10  mai     13h20
Over All Overalls, SAP Cleans Up Sustainable Supply Chains
Adrian Bridgwater, Senior Contributor    Factory warehouse workers are the frontline of modern supply chains While we can provide good working conditions competitive salaries and wellbeing support services to make the supply chain backbone workers better we can also clearly now use technology to improve the way these systems run
Red Hat To Provide Linux Base For GM’s Ultifi Platform
Sam Abuelsamid, Senior Contributor    When General Motors first announced its new Ultifi vehicle software development platform last October it revealed that it would be based on the open source Linux operating system but provided few other details Red Hat will provide its In Vehicle Operating System for Ultifi starting in
WDC SSD And HDD Announcements For Data Center, Client, Media & Entertainment And Game Applications
Tom Coughlin, Contributor    Western Digital revealed information on new HDD and SSD offerings These included products targeted at the data center client media and entertainment consumer and gaming markets WDC announced the highest capacity HDD to date an SMR drive with TB
09  mai     10h15
AI 50 2022: North America’s Top AI Companies Shaping The Future
Helen A. S. Popkin, Forbes Staff    This year s inductees reflect the booming VC interest as well as the growing variability in AI focused startups making unique uses of existing technologies others developing their own and many simply enabling other companies to add AI to their business model
AI 50 Methodology: How We Selected Our Honorees
Alan Ohnsman, Forbes Staff    More than companies were considered for this year s list Finalists were selected based on their use of AI enabled technology business models and financials
06  mai     00h12
Preparing For Cyber Attacks - Strengthening Defenses Against Nation-State Threats
Tony Bradley, Senior Contributor    The one year anniversary of the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack and the ongoing invasion and atrocities in Ukraine have something in common the pervasive risk of cyberattacks by Russian threat actors
05  mai     15h30
Cybersecurity Maturity Models Can Be Immature
Emil Sayegh, Contributor    Like many things in life cybersecurity posture is a spectrum of states in maturity But even proactive organizations cannot rely on their maturity model designation as a crutch against threats When the significant risk of Zero Day threats is unacceptable no stone can be left unturned
04  mai     21h15
Sonatype Defines Path To The Software Supply Chain
Adrian Bridgwater, Senior Contributor    There are defined pillars of software supply chain management safety scalability standardization speed savings solidity and sustainability Sonatypeadvocates software supply chain automation as the key enabling differentiator in this space
Synaptics Introduces Its FlexSense Integrated Sensor Processors, Integrating Four Chips Into One
Patrick Moorhead, Senior Contributor    Ranked Industry Analyst Patrick Moorhead covers Synaptics first family of integrated sensor processors FlexSense and how it could be disruptive in the IoT market
Hillstone Networks Expands Its Security Portfolio With CloudArmour
Matt Kimball, Contributor    Analyst Matt Kimball takes a look at Hillstone Networks new CloudArmour security offering