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28  novembre     01h31
Reactions To Rising Inflation Have Begun - Investment Drama Ahead
John S. Tobey, Contributor    Inflationary talk and tactics that have been absent for many years have restarted.
The CHIPS Act: Good Questions, Bad Questions, Bad Bets? (Part 2)
George Calhoun, Contributor    50 billion is an awful lot of money, more than enough to distort the capital allocation process in the semiconductor industry - especially given that there are indications that this largesse may be aimed at the wrong targets.
China Mints Its Latest Green Energy Billionaire
Russell Flannery, Forbes Staff    Shares in Jiangsu Haili Wind Power Equipment soared on their Shenzhen debut
27  novembre     22h47
You Are Getting Less For What You’re Spending. Here’s Why.
Nicole Lapin, Contributor    I am an optimist; but when it comes to snacks, if companies are skimping on how many chips they put in their bags, that bag is half empty not half full.
Florida Court Sheds Light On Piercing The Corporate Veil
Alan Gassman, Contributor    In the 2021 3rd District Court of Appeals case of Segal v. Forastero, Inc., an investor who bought and sold real estate used an LLC he had to enter into a purchase agreement and then walked away from the deal, claiming that he had no personal liability because it was the LLC and not him who signe...
Market Volatility Rises - Markets Shoot First And Ask Questions Later
Robert Barone, Contributor    Interest rates had gapped significantly higher Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of Thanksgiving week only to plunge back to even lower levels by Friday’s close (November 26). Based on the fear that the newly identified Covid-19 variant (omicron) could disrupt the world.
What To Do While Congress Ponders Changes To Estate, Gift Taxes
Bob Carlson, Senior Contributor    There are actions you should take now while Congress considers how to change estate and gift taxes.
The Cheapest 6.9% Dividend Portfolio You’ve Ever Seen
Brett Owens, Contributor    What if I told you that, in a market this expensive, there are nine dividend stocks with price-to-earnings (P E) ratios under nine?
5 Reasons Why It Makes Sense To Claim Social Security As Late As Possible (Age 70)
Chris Carosa, Senior Contributor    These reasons can be very compelling and chances are at least one of them applies to you. Do you have the patience and discipline to wait?
5 Reasons Why It Makes Sense To Claim Social Security As Early As Possible (Age 62)
Chris Carosa, Senior Contributor    When it comes to claiming Social Security, some people feel a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Should you be one of those people?
Do 3 Things For Your Student Loans Right Now
Zack Friedman, Senior Contributor    Start savings money on your student loans.
Here’s How Bad Experts Think Inflation Will Get And How It Will Affect Markets
Sergei Klebnikov, Forbes Staff    The Fed continues to insist high inflation is transitory, but experts interviewed by Forbes think higher prices will stick around for longer.
Post-Claim California Private Retirement Plan To Protect Debtor’s Non-Exempt Assets Held To Be A Sham In Gluck
Jay Adkisson, Contributor    A debtor who transferred title to his second home and other assets into a retirement plan shortly after being sued sees the plan fail to protect his assets when the private retirement plan exemption is disallowed.
26  novembre     22h18
Opportunity Zone Investment Fraud - Sometimes It’s Better To Just Pay The Taxes
Peter J Reilly, Contributor    The announcement by the United States Attorney’s Office of the Southern District of New York of the indictment of Joshua Burrell on charges of securities fraud, wire fraud and aggravated identity theft is very saddening.
Airline, Cruise, Resort Stocks Tank Big On Covid-19 Variant News
John Navin, Contributor    Omicron is the name of the new Covid-19 variant identified by the World Health Organization and new travel restrictions are already going into effect.
U.S. Poverty Rate By City In 2021
Andrew DePietro, Contributor    Find out which U.S. cities boast the lowest rates of poverty and which suffer from the highest.
Whitehouse Drilling Move Could Send Gas Prices Higher
Simon Constable, Contributor    It’s a strange announcement that comes after efforts by the government earlier this week to try to mitigate sky high gas prices.
Vaccine Shares Soar As Dow Drops 1,000 Points, Oil Tumbles Over New Covid Variant Concerns
Robert Hart, Forbes Staff    The Dow and oil prices fell by 2.8% and more than 10%, respectively, marking their worst days this year.
German Auto Manufacturers Breathe Again As New Coalition Eschews Radical Policies
Neil Winton, Senior Contributor    German automakers were breathing a collective sigh of relief Friday as a new three-party coalition government appeared to hold off from radical action that might have brought an earlier than expected demise to new internal combustion engine vehicle sales.
Don’t Get Suckered By Breaking’ Stock News
Erik Sherman, Senior Contributor    Almost everything stock related is transitory except long-term growth.
Build Back Better: What The House Version Might Mean For Taxes
Leon LaBrecque, Contributor    On November 19th, the House passed the Build Back Better (BBB) tax and spending proposal. Currently, bill is much more benign for most individual taxpayers and investors than previous proposals, with no change in the capital gains rates or individual tax rates, except for high-income taxpayers.
Will Luminar Stock Continue To Decline?
Trefis Team, Contributor    Luminar, a company that develops lidar sensors for use in self-driving cars, has seen its stock decline by roughly 14% over the last week (five trading days). This compares to the S&P 500 which has remained roughly flat over the same period. The decline follows Luminar’s mixed Q3 2021 results...
BlackBerry Stock Fell 10% Last Week. What’s Next?
Trefis Team, Contributor    BlackBerry, the smartphone pioneer that has since reinvented itself as a provider of cybersecurity and automotive software, has seen its stock decline by about 10% over the last week (five trading days). In comparison, the S&P 500 remained roughly flat over the same period...
A Closer Look At Tesla’s Supercharging Network And Expansion Plans
Trefis Team, Contributor    Tesla’s (NASDAQ: TSLA) network of Superchargers enables Tesla owners to recharge their vehicle in as little as an hour, reducing range anxiety and improving the experience of owning a Tesla. The Supercharger network has grown steadily from around 1,500 stations in Q1’19 to over 3,250 stations as...
Will GameStop Stock Continue To Rise?
Trefis Team, Contributor    The stock price of GameStop saw a large 14% fall yesterday (Nov 23) after a sharp rise over the recent weeks. Despite yesterday’s fall, GME stock is up 23% over the last month, while it is up a very large 1035% year-to-date. The stock has been very volatile this year driven by a broader rally seen..