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27  novembre     13h00
The Fed’s Climate Reckoning Awaits, A Plant-Based Pork Producer, And A Chat With Amazon’s Jake Oster
Sofia Lotto Persio, Forbes Staff    This week’s Current Climate, which every Saturday brings you a balanced view of sustainability news. Sign up to get it in your inbox every week.
EV Charging Infrastructure Needs To Work, Not Just Be Installed
James Morris, Contributor    Just installing EV chargers is not enough. They must also be maintained so drivers can be confident they will be able to charge their electric cars when and where they want to.
26  novembre     16h31
Top Climate Experts Blast Rich Nations For Breakdown In Trust’ At COP26
David Vetter, Senior Contributor    A group of leading climate experts has taken aim at wealthy western countries for pretending they have done more than they have to help the global south.
Why Parks Are Good For You And The Air You Breathe
Jamie Hailstone, Contributor    Parks are not just good for health and wellbeing, they can absorb carbon and clean the air around us too.
25  novembre     15h54
Don’t Clutter Footways With England’s Official Electric Vehicle Charging Points, Urge Charities
Carlton Reid, Senior Contributor    Two charities have called on the government to make sure the new public electric vehicle (EV) charging points won’t impede pedestrians.
What The Outcome Of COP26 Means For The Fight Against Climate Change
Sofia Lotto Persio, Forbes Staff    COP26 was a mixed bag of progress on some issues, disappointment on others, and a whole lot of pledges.
Why Disabled People Mustn’t Be Excluded From Combatting The Climate Crisis
Gus Alexiou, Contributor    People with disabilities are amongst the most vulnerable on the planet when it comes to assessing the impact of the ongoing climate crisis. It, therefore, remains a point of contention that disabled people are often blocked from maintaining sustainable practices by a lack of basic accessibility.
The Matrix Returns But Sleep Well: Industrial Automation Is So Siloed The Dystopia Could Never Be Real
Mike Hughes, Contributor    Industrial interoperability will create countless new opportunities for the digital economy, for big and small companies - leading us towards a net zero utopian, rather than a dystopian future. The big screen franchise-inspired question remains: how many will join the resistance’?
24  novembre     20h46
Meet The Two Female Inventors Behind Beauty Brand Everist, One Of 2021’s Best Inventions
Karin Eldor, Senior Contributor    Meet the female cofounders behind one of 2021’s Best Inventions : the inventors of Everist, a beauty brand focusing on the first patent-pending waterless concentrates for hair and body.
Hyundai Sees Hydrogen Vehicles As Ten Years Behind Battery Cars And Is Pushing Both
Alan Ohnsman, Forbes Staff    As it prepares to take on Tesla in EVs, the Korean industrial giant also has big plans to take hydrogen power mainstream.
EV Charging And The Infrastructure Bill: Converting Federal Investments Into Local Impact
Stacy Noblet, Contributor    The newly enacted infrastructure bill means more money for electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Getting funds from the federal level to state and local governments will take planning and coordination across all levels, as well as buy-in from local communities.
Elon Musk Sells Another 1.05 Billion Worth Of Tesla Stock He’s Now Sold More Than Half The 10% Twitter Voted For This Month
Robert Hart, Forbes Staff    Musk has sold nearly 10 billion worth of Tesla stock this month.
23  novembre     22h30
Smart From The Start: Smart Home’ Is Becoming Sustainable Home’
John Koetsier, Senior Contributor    How smart is your smart home when it’s out of power? Increasingly, smart homes are homes that are sustainable ... and resilient.
Tripling Bicycle Use Would Pump 6.5 Billion Into London’s Economy Each Year, Says Report
Carlton Reid, Senior Contributor    A Bicycle Association commissioned report states that cycling in the U.K. capital could be helped to grow from a current 2% of all journeys to 14% within eight years.
This Celebrity-Backed Electric Boat Upstart With SpaceX, Tesla Roots Hauls In 30 Million
Alan Ohnsman, Forbes Staff    The Los Angeles startup with celebrity backers including Will Smith and Kevin Durant wants to start delivering its 300,00 Arc One in early 2022.
Design Thinking For A Sustainable Food Supply - Dole’s Innovation Officer
Joan Michelson, Contributor    Dr. Lara Ramdin, Chief Innovation Officer of Dole Sunshine Foods, said that thinking about redesigning the food system and packaging fruits and vegetables can help address both food insecurity and climate change.
After COP26, New Research Warns Climate Forecasts Could Be Way Off Target
David Vetter, Senior Contributor    Confident claims that climate promises made by world leaders could drastically rein in temperature increases could be wildly off the mark, according to a major new international study.
Could A Little Known Banking Committee Shift Bank Support Away From Fossil Fuels?
Felicia Jackson, Contributor    With the BCBS issuing a public consultation on climate risk for banking supervisors, is the writing on the wall for bank support for fossil fuels?
When Will Zuckerberg Start Solving Problems In The Real World, Not Create A Virtual One?
Jeroen Kraaijenbrink, Contributor    Facebook has become Meta and their big plan is building a metaverse. What if they would use their money, technology, data and power for solving real world problems instead?
Government Lab Says Unexpected Blackout Proved Resilience Of 100% Renewables
Jeff McMahon, Senior Contributor    A transformer exploded last October at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s Flatirons campus in Colorado, cutting off the lab’s connection to the grid and spurring innovation.
22  novembre     16h38
Growing Food To Heal The Planet
Ashoka, Contributor    Social entrepreneurs in Brazil and the Netherlands on better ways to grow our food.
Reflections On COP26 From Asthma U.K. And The British Lung Foundation’s Sarah Woolnough
Jamie Hailstone, Contributor    I certainly didn’t have a single conversation with anyone who wasn’t buying the science around air quality and the impact it has on health.
Four Ways To Give For Disaster Relief
Timothy J. McClimon, Contributor    After natural disasters strike, people are often looking for ways to support relief and recovery efforts. In addition to longstanding humanitarian organizations, there are newer groups that provide essential services after disasters, but that might not be as well-known to potential donors.
Denmark Plans To Spend 195 Million To Boost Plant-Based Foods. Can It Do So While Remaining A Top Pork Producer?
Daniela De Lorenzo, Contributor    The Danish government has approved a climate agreement that includes the largest investment in plant-based research and development in the European Union in an effort to reduce emissions from the country’s food systems.
21  novembre     15h30
Flying The Swedish Electric Hydrofoil With Candela
Heather Farmbrough, Senior Contributor    Swedish electric boat manufacturer Candela is delivering speed, style and range, thanks to revolutionary twin hydrofoils on top of the water. The demand is there, but can it scale up?