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23  novembre     11h30
What Every Crypto Buyer Should Know About OpenSea, The King Of The NFT Market
Jeff Kauflin, Forbes Staff    OpenSea’s founders have found the secret sauce to creating a hot market for all sorts of NFTs and now they’re on the cusp of becoming billionaires.
22  novembre     14h15
Eclipse Raises 510 Million For New Early Growth Fund Focused On Supply Chain
Rebecca Szkutak, Forbes Staff    The firm invests in early-stage companies looking to modernize legacy industries and raised this new fund to keep up with demand.
19  novembre     14h00
VC Firm Neo Raises 150 Million Second Fund For Its Engineering Talent Network
Kenrick Cai, Forbes Staff    Existing portfolio companies like Vanta ( 500 million valuation) and Kalshi ( 120 million) have recruited the majority of their engineers through Neo’s scouting network.
Making The Investment Case For Activist’ Founders
Check Warner, Contributor    In recent months I’ve started to encounter more technology founders who are self-professed activists, single-mindedly building their companies around a specific cause or mission - and using venture capital as their springboard.
17  novembre     15h00
The Hottest Startup Only Your Parents Know About Has Raised 10 Million
Kenrick Cai, Forbes Staff    GetSetup also announced a partnership that will make its senior education classes free to about 18 million Americans.
Why Head Of Platform Continues To Be One Of The Most Important Roles At A VC Firm
Heather Hartnett, Contributor    Having an effective platform is more than just offering ad-hoc help with marketing or fundraising. It means creating a supportive environment to help founders grow their businesses. This piece discusses the vital role that Heads of Platform play in a VC fund, and the key to a good platform strategy.
Former WNBA Star Renee Montgomery Has A New Position: Venture Capitalist
Rebecca Szkutak, Forbes Staff    The two-time WNBA champion and co-owner of the Atlanta Dream looks to invest in underrepresented founders as one of the first, if not the first, former professional athletes to become a general partner at an existing venture firm.
OpenStore Raises 75 Million To Acquire More Shopify Sellers, Reaches 750 Million Valuation In Eight Months
Alex Konrad, Forbes Staff    CEO Keith Rabois has raised a Series B led by General Catalyst for Miami-based OpenStore to acquire more brands in the Shopify ecosystem before the competition wakes up.
16  novembre     15h38
Tech Insiders Dave Morin And Brit Morin Are Back With 100 Million Venture Fund Offline Ventures
Alex Konrad, Forbes Staff    The Facebook, Path and Brit Co founders have raised 100 million with James Higa and Nate Bosshard to invest in early-stage health, web3 and consumer tech startups; Apple is a key investor.
Open Source IPO Boom: What GitLab And Confluent Show Us About The Future Of Software
Glenn Solomon, Contributor    A wave of developer-centric software companies are upending the traditional enterprise software market and will soon have a combined market cap worth more than 1 trillion. The recent IPOs of GitLab and Confluent point to some larger trends that all software founders and investors should watch.
When IRS Taxes Loans As Income
Robert W. Wood, Contributor    Loans are not income, but in Novoselsky, a lawyer was taxed on loans that the IRS recharacterized. The IRS said they were not loans and instead were taxable as income. The Tax Court agreed with the IRS, causing concerns in the litigation funding industry.
This Startup Raised 100 Million In Bid To Power All Doctor Information On The Internet
Katie Jennings, Forbes Staff    H1 cofounders Ariel Katz and Ian Sax have scraped global healthcare data into a LinkedIn-like interface to help biopharma companies figure out the best doctor to involve in a clinical trial or educate about a new therapy.
Why General Catalyst, a16z, And Rock Health Are Backing Ribbon Health’s 43.5 Million Funding Round
Seth Joseph, Contributor    The experiences of Ribbon Health’s two founders could not symbolize the American healthcare system better - the same system that created two wildly different journeys which nearly crushed one yet saved another.
15  novembre     16h00
ThoughtSpot Raises At 4.2 Billion Valuation As It Wraps Up Transition To The Cloud
Kenrick Cai, Forbes Staff    Annual recurring revenue will pass 100 million within a year, the data analytics startup says.
The Billionaire Chairman Of Vaccine Maker Moderna Wants To Reinvent Scientific Entrepreneurship
Amy Feldman, Forbes Staff    Noubar Afeyan launched 70 companies by pushing researchers to ask what if their craziest ideas were true. With 17 billion and a model of parallel entrepreneurship, he can fund a lot of wild notions.
10  novembre     14h00
These Former Googlers Raised 30 Million To Automate Phone Calls With Health Insurers
Katie Jennings, Forbes Staff    Infinitus Systems cofounders Ankit Jain and Shyam Rajagopalan have developed a robot to automate one of the most tedious and time consuming administrative processes in healthcare: verifying insurance benefits.
LanzaTech: Radically Rethinking Industrial Business Models
Erik Kobayashi-Solomon, Contributor    For all the wonderful science and engineering advances that LanzaTech has made in the process of commercializing its research into genetic engineering and synthetic biology, the phenomenal shift in business model that LanzaTech is making may be the most revolutionary aspect of this amazing company.
Tesla Had 5 Founders. Why Did Only Two Get Really Rich?
Alan Ohnsman, Forbes Staff    Original investor Elon Musk gained control of the electric-car maker from his early partners as funding rounds diluted their stakes. That move made him the richest person in history.
09  novembre     18h54
Every Firm Is Talking About It’: Venture Capital Is Having Its New York Moment
Alex Konrad, Forbes Staff    Pandemic work flexibility and red-hot deal flow in sectors like fintech, crypto and digital health have West Coast firms from Andreessen Horowitz to Lightspeed, Threshold and many others hiring New York-based investors like never before.
For Founders Selecting The Right VC Firm Is More Complex Than It Seems
Rob Kniaz, Contributor    Founders need to look at which investor is going to be there in the long term considering both follow-on rounds and signaling.
Operators Are The New It’ VCs: 10 Lessons On Making The Transition
Deena Shakir, Contributor    I sat down with NEA’s Ann Bordetsky, a former COO and business development executive who made the move to VC about a year ago, to discuss and document our top ten lessons on the transition from operating to investing based on some of the most frequently asked questions.
Inside Pear VC’s Tiny Startup Accelerator That’s Creating An Alternative To Y Combinator
Kenrick Cai, Forbes Staff    More than 10% of Pear’s past companies have reached valuations of 150 million, compared with about 5% of Y Combinator alumni.
Female Invest Raises 4.5 Million To Empower Women To Invest
Rebecca Szkutak, Forbes Staff    The startup looks to give women the resources they need to make informed investing decisions and has garnered more than 20,000 users.
08  novembre     22h28
Qualified Small Business Stock The IRS Gives And Congress Might Take Away
Daniel Mayo, Contributor    Qualified Small Business Stock - The IRS Gives And Congress Takes Away The ability to exclude capital gain on the sale of qualified small business stock (QSBS) is one of the most powerful and exciting tax opportunities for business owners.
Meet Austin’s Best Kept Venture Capitalist
Chase Feiger, M.D., Contributor    Adam Zeplain is a venture capitalist who keeps a low-profile in Austin, Texas. Known as a close confidant and coach to top VCs and entrepreneurs, Zeplain is included within a mafia of individuals such as Christopher Gavigan, Jim Breyer, Dmitri Alperovitch, Jeremy Johnson, Brett Hurt, and others.