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26  novembre     14h12
NFL Extends Moneyball To A New Level Of Professional Sports Leadership
Randy Bean, Contributor    How the NFL is using data and analytics under their new Chief Data and Analytics officer.
19  novembre     21h59
Identifying Patients Needing Help With Squark AutoML At UPMC
Tom Davenport, Contributor    UPMC uses automated machine learning software from Squark to identify patients who may benefit from living donor liver transplants.
Digital Bounty Hunters Want To Help Businesses Track Down Hidden AI Biases That Can Prevent People Getting Jobs And Loans
Martin Giles, Forbes Staff    A move by New York’s city council to insist on AI audits for recruitment software could spark greater interest in using ethical hackers to find evidence of discrimination in algorithms.
17  novembre     19h34
Innovating Across Sectors To Fuel Gender Equality In Tech: A Q&A With Renee Wittemyer
Judith Spitz, Contributor    Investing in innovation for social good requires collaboration across institutional players and that isn’t easy. But Renee Wittemyer, director of program strategy and investment for Melinda French Gates’ Pivotal Ventures, knows how to get it done.
16  novembre     15h59
Rethinking AI: Dire Warnings And Imperfect Results
Randy Bean, Contributor    AI has been in the news a lot lately, and not all for good reasons. What are the issues? I am write about some of them here.
Starbucks Just Set Two Digital Transformation Marks That Cannot Be Ignored
Noah Barsky, Contributor    Coffee giant shows how prioritizing customer loyalty eases cash flow pressures.
10  novembre     23h39
GM Restructures Global IT Organization, Names New CIO And Head Of Digital Business
Steven Norton, Contributor    Stacy Lynett will lead a new Digital Business Software group while Fred Killeen, the company’s former security chief, will oversee global IT.
09  novembre     15h03
What CIOs Want To Hear In A Vendor’s Sales Pitch
Mark Settle, Contributor    Too many sales pitches resemble the Wheel of Fortune gameshow. CIOs are expected to guess what a vendor really does based upon piecemeal information regarding their capabilities, customers and competitors.
08  novembre     14h24
Gartner’s 2022 Top Predictions For Technology Organizations & Users. Did They Really Say That?
Steve Andriole, Contributor    Gartner’s predictions about organizations and users are sometimes interesting and sometimes goofy, though many of us will like losing our bosses, tricking social media and attacking cyber hackers (with the military).
04  novembre     00h13
CIO Spotlight: Novant Health’s Angela Yochem Is Using AI And Drones To Get Surgeons And Medicines To Patients Faster
Martin Giles, Forbes Staff    The tech leader of one of the U.S.’s biggest regional health systems, which generated 5.7 billion in revenue last year, is making bold bets on emerging technologies.
03  novembre     13h43
After Nearly 10 Years At GM, CIO Randy Mott Announces Plans To Retire
Steven Norton, Contributor    During his time at GM, Mott insourced the company’s IT talent, expanded innovation capabilities and rolled out a range of new data and analytics initiatives.
02  novembre     23h54
What GitLab’s 11 Billion IPO Says About In-House Software Development: Iterate To Innovate
Vijay Gurbaxani, Contributor    On October 14, GitLab, a ten-year old coding platform company with just 1,350 employees, went public at a valuation of 11 billion.
Stellantis Leverages Tech And Digital Innovation To Make Driving Safer And More Environmentally Friendly
Peter High, Contributor    Stellantis’ Mamatha Chamarthi leads the Software Business & Product Management team that is helping to make driving safer and more environmentally friendly. Much of the innovation will be driving through technology and digital innovation.
01  novembre     19h32
Gartner’s 2022 Top Strategic Technology Trends. Old Problems. Old Trends. New Names.
Steve Andriole, Contributor    Every year the Gartner Group releases their list of top strategic technology trends. At the outset one must be impressed with how Gartner neologizes so creatively year after year. But are the trends really new or just renamed old ones? Maybe they’re all just aspirations.
29  octobre     19h46
Extracting Customer Knowledge With SupportLogic
Tom Davenport, Contributor    Extracting customer knowledge from tech support interactions has a long history, but SupportLogic has a new approach to the issue.
26  octobre     12h30
Procter & Gamble’s Tech Spending Boosts Supply Chain Resilience
Noah Barsky, Contributor    Strategic IT investments help P&G fortify iconic consumer brand leadership and deliver record results during the supply chain crisis.
21  octobre     16h30
NASA’s CIO Wants To Fire Up Quantum Computers And Break Down Data Silos At The Agency
Martin Giles, Forbes Staff    Speaking at this week’s Forbes CIO Next virtual summit, Jeffrey Seaton said he’s also focused on defending NASA’s systems and personnel against rapidly escalating cyber threats.
20  octobre     21h59
A New Era Of Enterprise Systems With Unqork
Tom Davenport, Contributor    Unqork is helping its customers create enterprise systems without any code.
18  octobre     20h06
Gartner’s Top 12 Strategic Tech Trends For 2022 And Beyond
Peter High, Contributor    Gartner Research Vice President David Groombridge emphasized that just as 2020 and parts of 2021 found companies focused on survival, the future will focus on a return to the path toward growth, and the 12 tech trends that Gartner noted focus on that pathway.
136 Year Old Johnson Controls Has A Plan To Become Digital To Its Core
Peter High, Contributor    Johnson Controls has a chief customer and digital officer, a chief information officer, and a chief technology officer, each reporting to the company’s CEO. One might think this would be a recipe for confusion, but the synergies these execs have forged have the company on a path to digital success.
17  octobre     14h55
How To Stop Today’s Higher Education Exodus Of Women In Tech
Paige Francis, Contributor    Tech teams are running in droves to new opportunities offering more lucrative compensation packages, less stress, bigger responsibilities, better work life balance opportunities, safer work environments and or a combination thereof. This is especially true for female tech leaders.
16  octobre     05h00
Can AI Help Prevent Natural Disasters?
Kathleen Walch, Contributor    With the power of big data, advanced analytics, and AI geospatial companies can play a critical role in understanding factors contributing to natural disasters like wildfires, the associated risks, and impacts on communities.
14  octobre     18h58
Software’s Big Skill-Up, Learning The Way To Cloud-Native
Adrian Bridgwater, Senior Contributor    The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) puts a big emphasis on skills and cloud software engineering excellence. We don’t want the new always-on on-demand world of cloud that feeds the applications and services we all access on our smartphones, tablets and laptops to be clunky and inefficient.
12  octobre     16h31
Toward Better Data Science: Mostly People, But Also Process and Technology
Tom Davenport, Contributor    A panel of experts discuss how to professionalize the data science discipline.
CIOs Are Sellers Not Buyers In Today’s Talent Market
Mark Settle, Contributor    In today’s hyper-competitive labor market CIOs need to learn how to sell opportunities instead buying talent.