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RFI : France
22  mai     14h05
France’s new Solidarity Minister denies accusations of rape
Amanda Morrow with RFI    Scandal has hit France s reshuffled government after freshly minted Minister for Solidarity Autonomy and Disabled People Damien Abad was accused of raping two women
It suits me well’: France’s Le Drian welcomes Australian PM’s election loss
Amanda Morrow    As he handed over the baton of France s foreign affairs portfolio outgoing minister Jean Yves Le Drian celebrated Saturday s election defeat of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison saying the result suits me very well
21  mai     09h46
Survivors and victims’ families tell of Paris attacks trauma
Michael Fitzpatrick    Friday s session at the Special Criminal Court where the Paris terror trial is taking place continued to hear testimonies of the families of victims They were followed at the bar by families who lost their homes and belongings in the police raid on the terrorist hide out in Paris Saint Denis
20  mai     16h34
Macron and newly appointed PM Borne name reshuffled cabinet
RFI    French President Emmanuel Macron named new foreign and defence ministers on Friday as part of a government re shuffle intended to create fresh momentum ahead of parliamentary elections next month
Paris attacks trial: ’We are here for the dead’ survivor tells court
Michael Fitzpatrick    This has been a particularly difficult week at the Paris terror trial where the survivor of the Bataclan attack and the families of victims have come to give their version of November There have been tears and courage There has been the unfailingly benevolent attention of court
French MP candidates forced to stand down following assault allegations
RFI    The MeToo anti sexual harassment movement is reshaping France s sexist political culture with several politicians running for parliament in upcoming elections forced to stand down over alleged violence against women
French government moves to block ’burkinis’ in public swimming pools
David Coffey with RFI    France s interior minister says that he will seek to overturn a rule change in the city of Grenoble that would allow women to wear burkinis in state run swimming pools
19  mai     14h22
Podcast: France’s female PM, protecting Marseille’s Calanques, Battle of Rocroi
Sarah Elzas    Does France s new female Prime Minister mark a victory for feminism Marseille s creeks Calanques faced with degradation limit visitors The battle in that shifted influence in Europe from Spain to France
Eleven members of French ultra-right Patriot Vengeance group taken into custody
David Coffey with RFI    Eleven people from the ultra right wing group Patriot Vengeance have been arrested and placed in police custody on suspicion of planning to carry out violent attacks
Bataclan survivors continue their litany of fear, grief and incomprehension
Michael Fitzpatrick    Another day of evidence from those who escaped the Bataclan massacre The Paris attacks trial heard the continuing litany of shock suffering and guilt With merciful moments of courage generosity and hope
18  mai     15h12
Crimes against humanity’ charge upheld over Lafarge collusion with IS in Syria
David Coffey with RFI    A Paris court of appeal has upheld the indictment of French cement group Lafarge for complicity in crimes against humanity concerning its activities in Syria at the height of the country s civil war
Ukraine’s Zelensky asks filmmakers ’not to be silent’ in emotional Cannes speech
RFI    In a surprise speech during the opening night of the Cannes Film Festival Tuesday Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky urged filmmakers not to be silent over Russia s invasion of Ukraine
Russia expels dozens of European diplomats in retaliatory move
RFI    Russia on Wednesday announced the expulsion of French Spanish and Italian diplomats in retaliation for moves by France to expel Russians in April in the wake of Moscow s offensive in Ukraine
Heat dome’ in France delivers record May temperatures
RFI    France is set to experience record temperatures for the month of May as a heat dome fuelled by bursts of hot weather from the Sahara hits much of the country
Paris attacks survivors talk of broken relationships and lives filled with fear in the aftermath
Michael Fitzpatrick    This week the Paris attacks trial will hear the testimonies of victims and their families If the tragic facts remain the same the individual experiences of the night of November and of life since are unique