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07  mai     05h01
US woman tries to track down owners of Soviet-era album in Ukraine, but has few clues
   Images of the war in Ukraine have inspired people worldwide to search for ways to try to help
18  mai     13h43
   Everything you need to know about bitcoin blockchain NFTs and more Plus the latest cryptocurrency news interviews and investing guides
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   View the latest Russia news and videos including politics and business headlines
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   Ah holiday travel Between huge crowds and weather delays flying during this time of year is hectic Now close your eyes and imagine the entire scenario with one additional annoyance Loud talkers yammering into their cell phones at feet
20  décembre     19h54
Are cell phone calls on airplane flights inevitable?
   Debuting its first flights in January Taiwanese start up STARLUX Airlines could be the first new player in years to upend the island s duopoly aviation market
18  décembre     02h41
Hamlet’ in the skies? The story behind Taiwan’s newest airline
   In Copenhagen traffic is usually caused by the two wheel variety of transportation the bicycle
11  décembre     12h27
Copenhagen’s new Metro is a thing of beauty
   From traditional souks mosques and UNESCO World Heritage sites to futuristic skyscrapers Baku capital of Azerbaijan offers an eclectic mix of old and new
23  décembre     11h03
The hotel designed for likes
   There are a number of destinations around the world famed for the longevity of their residents
20  décembre     11h46
The best luxury bars in Budapest
   This fire has burned years and never stopped says Aliyeva Rahila Even the rain coming here snow wind it never stops burning
02  décembre     11h08
Budapest ’s fine dining revolution
   More than Ukrainian educational institutions have been destroyed by Russia since the start of the war says President Volodymyr Zelensky Follow live news updates here
02  septembre     14h23
Luxury atop one of the world’s tallest hotels
   Parts of Spain have experienced a record heatwave for the month of May as temperatures reached degrees Celsius degrees Fahrenheit in one city according to the country s national weather agency AEMET
10  décembre     22h03
They say he lived to be 168. Here’s how
   A guilt ridden Russian officer says he resigned from the military out of shame for the invasion of Ukraine People around us were dying he told CNN I didn t want to feel like I was part of it but I was a part of it
31  octobre     13h29
This fire has been burning for 4,000 years
   The pine forests around Irpin are Oleh Bondarenko s happy place He discovered them as a child when his mom sent him to the area for summer camp and he has been coming back ever since
Russia’s war in Ukraine
   Russia claims it has taken control of the Azovstal steel plant in the besieged port city of Mariupol Meanwhile heavy fighting continues in eastern Ukraine with Russian strikes hitting civilian structures Follow here for live updates
Spain experiences record-breaking heatwave for May
   It is nearly three months since Russia invaded Ukraine a week period in which Russian forces have wrought devastation on the country and its people resulting in death on a vast scale and causing millions to flee
Russian officer reveals why he risked it all to quit Putin’s war
   As thousands of Ukrainians continue to flee Russian occupied parts of southern Ukraine they run a gauntlet of harassment by Russian troops sometimes coming under fire
Ukraine’s natural environment is another casualty of war. The damage could be felt for decades
   Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Donbas is completely destroyed and accused Russia of a deliberate and criminal attempt to kill as many Ukrainians as possible Follow here for live updates
May 21, 2022 Russia-Ukraine news
   A tornado swept through the German city of Paderborn Friday injuring at least people authorities said and blew away roofs toppled trees and sent debris flying for miles
It’s nearly three months since Russia invaded Ukraine. Here’s where things stand
   Oleksiy Paradovsky had just got out of the shower Yuriy Glodan was heading back from the store Then their homes and lives were shattered
Days-long roadblocks, missiles and ’lots of blood.’ Civilians recall terrifying attempts to escape Ukraine’s cities as Russian forces tighten grip
   Russian paratroopers executed at least eight Ukrainian men in the town of Bucha on March in what appears to be a potential war crime according to a New York Times investigation published Thursday
May 20, 2022 Russia-Ukraine news
   When year old Maria Kozlovskaya gazes out of the window she sees the green fields of the west of Ireland It s a far cry from the shelled apartment buildings of her home city of Zaporizhzhia in southeastern Ukraine Forced into exile by conflict the young mother has found an unlikely refuge in
A tornado swept through Paderborn, Germany, and injured at least 30 people, authorities said
   A NATO military official with knowledge of the intelligence said the military alliance is seeing momentum in the war is shifting significantly in favor of Ukraine
How one Russian missile changed the lives of two men forever
   Parasitic worms in ancient poop found at the site of a prehistoric village near Stonehenge reveal that the settlement s inhabitants who likely built the stone circle feasted on the internal organs of cattle
New York Times: Investigation reveals potential war crime in Bucha involving Russian forces
   The crisis has brought to the fore longstanding Turkish grievances against Western nations and NATO allies while it has given Ankara an opportunity to use its position in the alliance to extract concessions
Ireland gives warm welcome to Ukrainians fleeing conflict. Asylum-seekers from elsewhere point to unequal treatment
May 19, 2022 Russia-Ukraine news
Ancient poop reveals what the builders of Stonehenge liked to eat
Why is Turkey causing problems for Finland and Sweden’s plans to join NATO?