24  novembre     18h12
Giving thanks for these budget-friendly tech gadgets
Jacob Carpenter    At-home COVID tests and never-lose-anything gizmos make our cut ahead of Black Friday. Read More
Wise co-founder Taavet Hinrikus on his next act as a venture capitalist
Rey Mashayekhi    The Estonian tech entrepreneur is now pursuing a burgeoning, prolific career as a startup investor. Read More
CEO Fran Horowitz remade Abercrombie and it’s luring back the millennial shoppers it ostracized as teens
Claire Zillman    This isn’t the Abercrombie you remember. Read More
Turkey’s currency crash was so bad that Apple seems to have suspended online sales there
David Meyer    President Erdogan’s mania for low interest rates was to blame, again. Read More
U.S. futures are under pressure even as bond yields dip crypto wobbles
Bernhard Warner    Crypto, COVID and a big dump of U.S. data looks set to dominate markets chatter ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. Read More
23  novembre     23h53
A.I. hiring software faces a regulatory reckoning
Jonathan Vanian    A recently passed New York City bill would impact companies using artificial intelligence in the hiring process - possibly nationwide. Read More
A standoff between Indigenous land defenders and a Canadian energy company has broader implications
Ellen McGirt    Movie star Leonardo DiCaprio tweeted out support for the Wet’suwet’en Nation, who have blocked the CoastalLink pipeline in northern British Columbia. Read More
Chip makers have a new best friend: government handouts
Jacob Carpenter    With Samsung set to get 650 million in local tax breaks for a new plant, will the feds follow? Read More
Hedge fund Alden Global wants to sink its teeth into another newspaper chain
Declan Harty    The hedge fund has made an unsolicited takeover bid of 24 per share in an all-cash deal to acquire Lee Enterprises, the owner of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and other newspapers across the country. Read More
Young women are leading the fight for a union at Starbucks
Emma Hinchliffe    Gen Z workers are fighting for Starbucks’ first unionized stores. Read More
How Brian Niccol turned Chipotle around
Alan Murray    Niccol saw where the world was going, and got there first. Read More
IOC’s middleman role in Peng Shuai case may invite boycotts of 2022 Olympics in Beijing
Clay Chandler    The Olympics government body vaulted itself into the center of global controversy over Beijing’s treatment of Peng. Read More
Investors dump Bitcoin, Ether and global stocks as fears over COVID and bond yields infect the markets
Bernhard Warner    U.S. futures point to a weak open on Tuesday. Read More
22  novembre     18h01
Activision Blizzard sets back gender progress
Jacob Carpenter    The video game developer chooses its CEO over female employees amid abuse and discrimination crisis. Read More
Royal builds out entourage with 55 million investment from a16z, The Chainsmokers, and Nas
Declan Harty    NFT music market Royal wants to bridge the gap between musicians and fans. Read More
For the Women’s Tennis Association, Peng Shuai’s safety is bigger than business’
Emma Hinchliffe    The Chinese tennis star spoke to Olympic officials via video chat this weekend but is that enough to prove she’s ok? Read More
Europe is getting tough on the unvaccinated and protests are spreading
David Meyer    Major demonstrations took place this weekend in Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands. Read More
Global stocks bounce back as volatile weekend trade sinks frothy’ Bitcoin
Bernhard Warner    U.S. futures are in the green, following Europe and Asia higher. Read More
19  novembre     19h53
Turns out, tech can be us
Ellen McGirt    Want to how to successfully use technology to hire diverse teams? Then bring in the bounty hunters Read More
Apple presses the gas on its self-driving car plans
Jacob Carpenter    An Apple-powered autonomous vehicle could come as soon as 2025. But will it? Read More
Neo-bank Dave’s CEO thinks traditional banks are in a pickle’
Rey Mashayekhi    Despite its unassuming name, the 4 billion startup has drawn attention as one of a wave of fintechs looking to disrupt the traditional banking model. Read More
Oprah Winfrey’s investment in Spanx is a full-circle moment
Claire Zillman    The TV icon is investing in the brand she endorsed two decades ago. Read More
The world has changed but many boards have not moved on’
Alan Murray    This is going very, very fast, says Paul Polman. Read More
Tough new COVID measures rock global stocks Bitcoin and Ether stumble
Bernhard Warner    The lone bright spot today: Nasdaq futures. Read More
Nearly two-thirds of Gen Z think they’ll become crypto millionaires
Declan Harty    Young American investors are bullish on their chances of making millions in the risky world of cryptocurrencies. Read More
18  novembre     18h40
Apple iPhone repair plan doesn’t impress everyone
Jacob Carpenter    The iPhone manufacturer’s at-home fix program falls short, consumer advocates complain. Read More
The spread of the Delta Plus’ subvariant is a reminder of where visions of our COVID future diverge
David Meyer    The future of COVID, and vaccine efficacy, is now dependent on variants, which experts predict could be on the rise and become vaccine resistant. Read More
VC crypto funds are getting bigger. So are the opportunities
Anne Sraders    Paradigm’s 2.5 billion crypto fund is the latest example of the clamor to invest in crypto startups. Read More
AOC can defend herself against attacks from colleagues but should she have to?
Emma Hinchliffe    In a mostly party-line vote, the House moved to punish Rep. Paul Gosar for posting a violent animated video directed at Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Read More
What the CEOs of Walgreens, Hilton and Progressive think about the Great Resignation
Alan Murray    Also: Bobby Kotick, gas probe, and the right to repair. Read More