20  janvier     21h10
What is the McFarlane Toys Gold Label Series?
   The Gold Label Collection is here and you might be asking, what’s so special about the Gold Label Series? This series will feature a number of highly limited figures from across many pop culture brands with exclusive packaging and art. They will be limited,
22  décembre     21h36
How McFarlane Toys Built the Timothee Chalamet Action Figure for Dune’
04  décembre     21h07
What’s coming to Mortal Kombat in 2021?
   Curious to know whether we’re expanding the beloved Mortal Kombat wave? Well, come Summer 2021, we’re releasing 4 more figures below Look out for pre-orders early 2021. Shao Khan (Platinum Khan variant) Liu Kang (Fighting Abbot variant) Kabal
16  janvier     22h13
DC Multiverse Collector’s Card Checklist
09  septembre     19h16
Have your eyes on the Warhammer Space Marine Primaris Intercessor Artist Proof? Get your guide on painting basics, techinques an...
01  septembre     21h54
Geralt of Rivia joins the Gold Label Collectors Series
   Next up in the Gold Label Collectors Series is a new look for the White Wolf. The famed Witcher Geralt of Rivia is back with his classic Kaer Morhen armor dyed yellow. Geralt will come with his signature assortment of swords and a base for you display and pose
BATMANTM Designed by Todd McFarlane Gold Label Series
   The first figure in our Gold series is a new Batman figure designed by Todd McFarlane The figure will come with two swords, a base, and a collectible art card with Todd’s design on it. So, get ready to see this new take on the caped crusader from one of the
The Witcher: 12 Geralt of Rivia Coming Winter 2020
   If there is a monster that needs to be slain a Witcher is what you will need, and there is none more renowned than the White Wolf, Gearlt of Rivia. This new figure of Geralt comes with his classic armor, his signature steel and silver swords and trophies from
22  juillet     09h02
Welcome to the World of Raw10
09  avril     15h28
Download a Spawn ZOOM background
   Click the image to download the Spawn ZOOM background
03  mars     21h25
Spawn drops March 8th
   Spawn is joining our Mortal Kombat lineup and we’re giving you a chance to get Spawn earlier than anticipated On March 8th, find Spawn exclusively at and in 400 Walmart stores. Check out our list of Walmart stores carrying Spawn If can’t
21  février     18h17
UNVEILING: SPAWN Mortal Kombat 11 Action Figure
   Just when fans thought that Mortal Kombat couldn’t get any better... SPAWN enters onto the scene of Mortal Kombat 11 McFarlane Toys has teamed up with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios to bring SPAWN to the world-re
14  février     01h29
Shark Shark Swimming Into Stores Near You
08  janvier     00h29
Todd shows off his McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse action figures
02  janvier     17h10
McFarlane Toys and Warner Bros. Consumer Products Launch New Merchandise Celebrating DC’s Multiverse
   McFarlane Toys, Warner Bros. Consumer Products, and DC, today revealed images and details of the highly anticipated new DC Multiverse collector figure line by McFarlane Toys, available in both mass and specialty retailers beginning January 2020. The new DC
01  septembre     21h54
McFarlane Toys’ Announces McFarlane Special Edition Chase Program
   In July, during McFarlaneCon, McFarlane Toys teased a new chase program coming soon. The new chase program officially is called McFarlane Special Edition. McFarlane Toys has designed the new chase program to create a line of collectibles that will excite a
17  décembre     08h59
CGC Announces Collaboration with Todd McFarlane for Private Signing
   CGC Announces Collaboration with Todd McFarlane for Private Signing Todd McFarlane has announced a collaboration with Certified Guaranty Company (CGC ) for an in-house private signing. For the first time in nearly two years, Todd McFarlane will be signing
Todd McFarlane and McFarlane Toys at 2019 San Diego Comic Con International
   Todd McFarlane and McFarlane Toys at 2019 San Diego Comic-Con International Attending San Diego Comic-Con? Make sure you also check us out at Diamond Booth #2401 where we’ll be displaying prototypes of new collectible action figures from Call of Duty to My
SPAWN merchandise set to release in celebration of SPAWN 300 & 301
   SPAWN merchandise set to release in celebration of SPAWN 300 & 301 The creator of SPAWN himself, Todd McFarlane, has placed extra care into curating each piece of the SPAWN Merchandise collection to ensure that it reflects the iconic superher
Rex and Drift Are In Stores - Get Yours Now