Upcomer : Starcraft
19  avril     13h00
The defining moments that shaped the esports world
Upcomer Staff    t might be tough to believe, but competitive gaming has a history that stretches back nearly half a century. The day? Oct. 19, 1972. The prize? A yearlong subscription to Rolling Stone. The arena? The Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab in Los Altos, California, according to the publication. The...
04  novembre     05h07
Serral conquers StarCraft 2 WCS Finals at BlizzCon 2018
Tyler Scott    On November 3, 2018, after over 20 straight years of South Korean dominance, we finally have a non-Korean StarCraft II World Champion. Serral, the Finnish Phenom, went toe to toe with Stats in the final match of the WCS Global Finals at BlizzCon. Serral and Stats recently met at GSL vs. the World,...
30  octobre     23h23
BlizzCon unveils exclusive StarCraft beer
Tarah Bleier    StarCraft players and fans can now get their drink on thanks to a new beer to be unveiled at BlizzCon 2018. The can design looks pretty cool and will be a nice touch for people attending the convention from November 2-3 in Anaheim or those who are local to the area. This is part of [&]
29  octobre     13h38
Bracket announced for StarCraft II WCS Global Finals at BlizzCon
Tyler Scott    This weekend was packed to the gills with some excellent StarCraft II action. The top 16 players in the world gathered in Burbank, California to figure out who will go on to BlizzCon this weekend. Only the top two players of each group (shown in green below) will move on to the Round of Eight [&]
22  octobre     18h51
Last vs. Rain, the KSL vs. ASL StarCraft: Remastered showmatch at BlizzCon
Alexandra Tremblay    With BlizzCon just a few days away, everyone is getting hyped to watch the best StarCraft II players in the world fight it out on the big stage for the title of WCS champion. But last year’s StarCraft: Remastered showmatch was one of our surprise favourite events at BlizzCon, and this showmatch is...
French esports organization Millenium to close down by end of 2018
Arend Zijdenbos    Shocking news came from the French esports scene this week. Long-standing team Millenium announced it’s shutting down by the end of the year. In the blog post dated Oct. 20, CEO and Founder of Millenium, Cédric Page, explained how franchising in many of the large esports titles and increased...
01  octobre     14h28
StarCraft GSL Super Tournament 2 day four: reverse sweeps for the win
Alexandra Tremblay    The final day of the GSL Super Tournament, and the last GSL event of 2018, is upon us, and before we get into the it, let me just say what an amazing finale this was. We’ve been covering the previous days of the event so far, so if you missed day one, day two, or [&]
30  septembre     05h05
StarCraft GSL Super Tournament 2 day three: elimination in round eight
Alexandra Tremblay    Day three of season two of the GSL Super Tournament may have been my favourite so far. But before we get into it, if you missed out on day one or day two of the GSL, check out our coverage of it so you aren’t lost, because we’re going to jump right in. Since the [&]
29  septembre     03h35
StarCraft GSL Super Tournament 2 day two: rise of the underdogs
Alexandra Tremblay    In our previous coverage of day one of the Super Tournament we focused on the players fighting for a spot at the WCS Global Finals at Blizzcon in November. Day two of the GSL Super Tournament was very different. In all four of the matches, it was easy to guess who should win. But by [&]
28  septembre     14h28
StarCraft GSL Super Tournament 2 day one: tense competition for Blizzcon
Alexandra Tremblay    Day one of the GSL Super Tournament 2 took place at 5 p.m. KST today, which is either very early or very late for those of us in North America, at 4 a.m. EST. Let’s dive into the action The Super Tournament The Super Tournament is a four-day competition running until Sunday, Sept. 30. By [&]
21  septembre     14h09
StarCraft II GSL Super Tournament 2 bracket announced
Tyler Scott    We’re just short of a week away from last WCS Korea events before the StarCraft II Grand Finals at Blizzcon this November. This tournament is the most important of the year for some of the players in this bracket. It’s make-or-break time for players like soO, who are just below the cutoff to...
27  août     19h45
StarCraft II WCS Challenger NA Season 3 Recap
Tyler Scott    As we approach BlizzCon and the StarCraft II WCS Global Finals, every WCS event becomes more and more important. There are only a few events left this year that reward WCS points, and every point matters. One thousand WCS points are on the line this weekend for both NA and EU StarCraft players,...
26  août     13h02
StarCraft II WCS Challenger EU Season 3 Recap
Tyler Scott    As we approach Blizzcon and the StarCraft II WCS Global Finals, every WCS event becomes more and more important. There are only a few events left this year that reward WCS points, and every point matters. One thousand WCS points are on the line this weekend for both NA and EU StarCraft players,...
21  août     19h52
TeSPA announces Collegiate StarCraft II tournaments for Fall 2018
Tyler Scott    Yesterday, TeSPA announced on Reddit that they will be holding two tournaments open to any collegiate StarCraft II players. TeSPA will hold a traditional 1v1 tournament in addition to a team-based tournament. Both tournaments will be eight weeks long and start September 29th, ending with playoffs...
16  août     22h22
Dutch StarCraft League to focus directly on Dutch national scene
Tyler Scott    In its fifth year of operation, the Dutch StarCraft League (DSCL) has decided to withdraw inward and focus its efforts on providing StarCraft II opportunities to Dutch nationals. The DSCL was previously open to any international player that worked their way up through their qualifying events....
10  août     00h29
DreamHack teams up with Bell for 2018 Montréal event
Tarah Bleier    Major esports event organizer DreamHack announced via its website (and as originally reported by The Esports Observer) that it has renewed its partnership with Bell for its upcoming Montréal event. This is the third year in a row DreamHack will be teaming up with Bell, a major telecom provider in...
09  août     02h05
Serral makes StarCraft II history at GSL vs. The World
Tyler Scott    Following a very close Grand Final, we finally have a champion After defeating Stats this weekend, Serral made StarCraft II history by being the first non-Korean to ever win the top spot in a GSL event. This breaks an almost 20-year span of undisputed Korean dominance in StarCraft and StarCraft II...
04  août     22h14
StarCraft II GSL vs. The World: Quarterfinals Semifinals Recap
Tyler Scott    Day three of GSL vs. The World gave us some amazing StarCraft II matches and quite a few upsets. If you missed any of it, we’re here to provide a breakdown of each match. We have quite a few action-packed series to discuss, so let’s just jump right into it. Quarterfinals Maru vs. Showtime Final [&]
StarCraft II GSL vs. The World: Round of 16 Recap
Tyler Scott    GSL vs. The World is a fan favorite, and for good reason When you shove eight of the best StarCraft II players from around the world into a bracket, it’s going to result in interesting games and great action. Besides the World Championship at BlizzCon, this is one of the few events where a lot [&]
27  juillet     18h47
Team Expert to release StarCraft II players Scarlett and Bly
Tyler Scott    Yesterday, the Team Expert Twitter account posted a notice that they will be disbanding and releasing all their current players, including their StarCraft II players Scarlett and Bly. However, the post also alludes to an upcoming announcement: With this post, the makers and managers of Team expert...
25  juillet     14h44
New StarCraft: Remastered ladder system is live
Kuro    The new StarCraft: Remastered ranking system, revealed a week ago, has finally gone live Patch 1.22.0 introduces the new ladder and some eye candy to go with it. Players will also receive rewards and portrait borders based on their ranking and will be able to view their performance statistics in...
23  juillet     14h21
QLASH StarCraft II Invitational can intensify the SC community
Kuro    StarCraft is a complex game, and that makes it hard to watch for an inexperienced person. It is restricted to a specific meta, and with the usual elimination bracket system, the same players keep getting to the top. This way, same styles and same games get played over and over again. The tournament...
22  juillet     15h01
GSL vs. the World bracket announced: our projected winners
MisterL    GSL vs. the World is starting in just about 2 weeks (August 2-5), and the official bracket has been announced. That means it’s time to take a look at the exciting Starcraft II match-ups that await Right off the bat, we have two very unexpected candidates winning the popularity vote: Has, after his...
21  juillet     17h35
Foreigners in Korea: GSL Code S
Kuro    South Korea is an exceptional country with regards to cybersport. It was always this way there is Korea, and then there is the rest of the world. Jokes about how Bronze Korea is better than Challenger NA, and so on. There is a reason behind this an average Korean player is incomparably better ...
20  juillet     19h33
2018 Korea StarCraft League: Season 1
Kuro    Twenty years ago, in 1998, StarCraft was released. This year, we celebrate its 20th anniversary with SC20, a series of StarCraft and StarCraft II events. Not long before this, in late 2017, StarCraft got a remastered edition, which made the game look considerably better and helped raise awareness...