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30  mars     15h56
Battle Mechanic Spotlight March of the Machine
   All hope is not lost Gather courage in the face of the Phyrexian invasion in March of the Machine and learn of the new card type to Magic Battle Read the full March of the Machine Mechanics article https magic wizards com en news feature march of the machine mechanics Preorder Now https
29  mars     16h13
March of the Machine Official Cinematic - Magic: The Gathering
   It rsquo s all or nothing March of the Machine brings the Phyrexian arc to an end as those who remain band together The planes have all but fallen and all that rsquo s left is one final battle for the fate of the Multiverse It rsquo s the showdown of righteousness versus perfection Get ready
New Set Debut March of the Machine Card Previews, Battle Card Type, New Mechanics
   All hope is not lost Gather courage in the face of the Phyrexian invasion in March of the Machine Meet the Multiverse legends who teamed up to take on the Phyrexian scourge and make One Last Stand with a brand new card type mechanics new card previews and the finale of the Phyrexian Arc
14  mars     17h59
The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth - First Look
   Your journey there and back again in Magic The Gathering begins with The Lord of the Rings Tales of Middle earth The characters you know and the story you love set out on a new adventure in this Universes Beyond set where you can join the filthy cruel Hobbitses on their quest or seize the power
07  mars     19h50
WeeklyMTG Shadows over Innistrad Remastered Previews
   Blake talks B amp R MagicCon Minneapolis shows us some Shadows over Innistrad Remastered preview cards and jams some games on MTG Arena Untap News MagicCon Minneapolis Shadows over Innistrad Remastered MTG Arena Q amp A Endstep
28  février     21h52
WeeklyMTG Pro Tour Phyrexia Recap with Reid Duke & Benton Madsen
   Get to know Pro Tour Phyrexia Champion Reid Duke and runner up Benton Madsen plus learn why a healthy meal might be all that s standing between you and Pro Tour success Watch the coverage from the event https www youtube com watch v i IG F VB amp list PLoN IELmnC LFfchgR K SegesxXRMCR
21  février     20h13
WeeklyMTG Monthly Announcement Day
   It s Monthly Announcement Day Blake gives us the latest info on The Lord of the Rings Tales of middle earthâ announces Commander Masters and shows off some of the latest features and cards to make it into MTG Arena Check out the latest articles and more at https magic wizards com en news
19  février     23h45
The Road to March of the Machine
   Magic s longest running story podcast quot The Vorthos Cast quot is live covering the last few years of story on the road to March of the Machine from the end of War of the Spark through Phyrexia All Will Be One If you ve fallen off of Magic s Story in the last couple years this is the panel
First Look at March of the Machine
   All the way from Seattle the WeeklyMTG crew comes to town with a live First Look at the next piece of the Phyrexian puzzle MTG MTGMachine OneLastStand
March of the Machine Official Teaser Trailer
   Every world Every hero One Last Stand Preorder Now https magic wizards com en products march of the machine Register for Prerelease at Your Local Game Store Apr Play Early on MTG Arena Apr Available Everywhere Apr MTG MTGMachine OneLastStand
18  février     23h45
The Spirit of Kitchen Table Magic: The Past, Present and Future of Cube
   A panel of seasoned Cube experts discuss the past present and future of the format What began as singleton collections of the most powerful cards in the game has grown into one of the deepest and most creative ways to engage with Magic Listen in as our panelists make the case that we are living
Cosplay Contest
   Our incredible contestants are the stars of the show as our Cosplay Contest returns Across Novice Journeyman and Masters categories come and marvel at the ingenuity creativity and crafting excellence on display
I’ve Got a Secret (Lair)
   Let s keep this one between ourselves shall we Exclusive reveals previews insight and truly stunning art combine for an hour of top secret entertainment about upcoming Secret Lair releases Guests Wizard of Barge Justine Jones Steve Sunu Emily Floyd Tom Jenkot
Magic Words Game Show
   You like Magic You like games You like shows This panel brings you all three with two teams battling it out for championship bragging rights Expect big names big facts and extremely big wrong answers
17  février     23h43
Phyrexian Phylology in Phylly #MCPhilly
   Let s talk Phyrexian No literally let s talk Phyrexian Compleat your education in the company of leading linguists as we explore the culture sounds and symbols of what will eventually be everyone s favorite language Guests Riley Knight Mary Kathryn Amiotte Bella Guo mtg