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04  novembre     23h18
Fixing Yet Another HyperRAM Bug
   Grargle I thought I had fixed all the bugs with the HyperRAM expansion RAM interface, but it looks like at least one still remains.The test program passes, but my older hyperramtest.c program fails to detect the RAM size correctly, and the read stability test quickly reveals something of the...
28  octobre     10h34
Reading Amiga disks in the MEGA65
   Geehaf asked some questions about how to read Amiga disks in the MEGA, so I started looking into what’s involved. Note that this is for reading Amiga disks from the MEGA core, and has no impact on any future Amiga core that would allow you to run Amiga software on the MEGA . That is...
23  octobre     11h39
Hardware-Accelerated IEC Serial Interface - Part 1
   One of the main unfinished aspects of the C ROM is the IEC serial interface. From memory, it is basically copied from the C , and massaged for the C ’s different hardware. However, it is not particularly well adapted for the . MHz mode, and had some quite nasty timing bugs. ...