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31  mars     12h45
Live updates: Trump plans to turn himself in for arraignment Tuesday
Washington Post Staff    Former president Donald Trump was indicted Thursday by a Manhattan grand jury in a case involving payments to porn star Stormy Daniels before the presidential election
From rap royalty to federal court, Fugees star on trial in financial scheme
Paul Duggan    Pras Michél has been accused of money laundering campaign finance violations and other charges in a sprawling criminal case arising from one of the world s biggest financial scandals
How a fake Nashville manifesto fueled anti-trans rage online
Drew Harwell    The fake highlights how trolls and liars can use computer tools to muddle the truth about mass shootings
30  mars     17h34
Disney’s move may rob DeSantis of 2024 calling card
Aaron Blake    DeSantis introduced his takeover of the board that oversees Disney by saying there s a new sheriff in town It turns out the old sheriff had something to say about that
29  mars     19h08
New poll shows skepticism of Manhattan DA’s case against Trump
Aaron Blake    By a nearly to margin Americans view the case as being more about politics than the law And when it comes to Trump that s unusual
Americans want spending cuts. Just not those ones. Or those ones.
Aaron Blake    As Republicans push for spending cuts in the debt ceiling debate a poll shows percent say the government spends too much But people also don t want cuts in virtually any major specific area
31  mars     10h00
Trump indictment marks a first for U.S. democracy. It may not be the last.
Kevin Sullivan    No ex president had been charged before Thursday prompting debate over whether the case will ultimately strengthen or weaken the rule of law
We’re not going to fix it’: The GOP response after Nashville shooting
Derek Hawkins    In the aftermath Republican lawmakers have voiced resignation called for facts first and accused Democrats of politicizing the attack
Marshals Service uses go-between to dodge Biden’s private prison order
Joe Davidson    After President Biden ordered the Justice Department to stop using private prisons the U S Marshals Service continued to do so by using a middleman
How Kevin McCarthy manipulated Biden’s words on debt talks
Glenn Kessler    House Speaker Kevin McCarthy tweeted a misleading mash up of Biden quotes from
Trump is indicted in N.Y. Here’s what it means and what happens next.
Perry Stein    The th president who is running for president again in is the first former occupant of the White House to be charged with a crime
Trump indicted by N.Y. grand jury, first ex-president charged with crime
Shayna Jacobs    Trump is expected to turn himself in and appear in court on Tuesday at p m a person familiar with the matter said
Trump and advisers caught off guard by New York indictment
Ashley Parker    Advisers had privately counseled Trump that an indictment by a Manhattan grand jury involving hush money payments to an adult film star would not come for some time
Grand jury in New York votes to indict Trump in hush money case
Washington Post Staff    The New York investigation is one of several criminal probes focused on former president Donald Trump
Republican rivals, leaders rally around Donald Trump after indictment
Michael Scherer    Some GOP lawmakers and strategists see short term gains for the former president in his quest for the nomination
DeSantis, possible Trump rival, says he won’t assist in extradition
Mariana Alfaro    Gov Ron DeSantis R said Florida will not work with New York on any extradition requests in case one is necessary for the former president
Trump can still run for president in 2024 after being indicted
Perry Stein    Donald J Trump became the first former president to be charged with a crime after leaving office The charges don t prevent Trump from running for president
30  mars     23h04
Who is Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan DA whose probe led to a Trump indictment?
Jennifer Hassan    Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is the prosecutor on the investigation into former president Donald Trump s role in hush money payments to Stormy Daniels
Trump ally complaints aside, crime is down in Manhattan
Philip Bump    A common attack on the indictment of Trump is that the district attorney should focus on other crime Serious crimes are down in Manhattan
FBI informant testifies at Proud Boys sedition trial for the defense
Rachel Weiner    An associate of the group who defendants in the Jan trial say asked for details about their trial strategy and gave them advice was also reporting to the FBI
The status of key investigations involving Donald Trump
Matt Zapotosky    What you need to know about the Mar a Lago documents the Jan investigation the Georgia elections probe and the New York fraud lawsuit among others
Trump indictment follows 50 years of investigation on many fronts
Marc Fisher    Donald Trump has been investigated over matters big and small by federal and state agencies bankers and casino regulators and legions of prosecutors
Joint Base Andrews on lockdown after unauthorized person seen with rifle
Keith L. Alexander    Joint Base Andrews home to the President s Air Force One was on lockdown Thursday after an unauthorized individual was seen on the base carrying a rifle