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09  décembre     13h34
Ukraine’s Zelensky appears increasingly embattled as U.S. backing wavers
Isabelle Khurshudyan    The Senate’s blocking of aid for Ukraine and the stalled counteroffensive comes as Zelensky seems to be facing more internal criticism.
Iowa GOP says only residents can caucus after Casey DeSantis urges others to participate’
Hannah Knowles    Casey DeSantis urged mothers and grandmothers from around the country to descend upon the state of Iowa to be a part of the caucus, and added, you do not have to be a resident of Iowa to be able to participate in the caucus.
Texas Supreme Court temporarily halts order that allowed pregnant woman to have abortion
Maegan Vazquez    The case involves Kate Cox, who asked the nonprofit Center for Reproductive Rights for help in obtaining an abortion after she learned her fetus had a genetic syndrome.
01  décembre     20h14
George Santos’s expulsion, by the numbers
Aaron Blake    Santos’s tenure, the vote itself, and where it all leaves us.
The Great Red vs. Blue State Debate’ that wasn’t
Aaron Blake    A debate that was billed as a chance for Ron DeSantis and Gavin Newsom to compare their governing philosophies really wasn’t about that, thanks in large part to the host.
30  novembre     20h26
Why new Ariz. indictments are key in the fight against election subversion
Aaron Blake    Refusing to certify election results has emerged as an unpredictable anti democratic weapon. Now it’s leading to accountability.
09  décembre     00h45
Trump camp escalates attempt to limit second-term talk from outside allies
Marianne LeVine    Trump campaign officials sought to quell discussions of his possible second term amid alarms about authoritarianism and reports about personnel.
Defense policy bill stripped of most GOP culture war demands
Abigail Hauslohner    If it passes, as appears likely, the National Defense Authorization Act will symbolize a defeat for the House GOP’s raucous right flank.
Biden privately meets with UNLV community after deadly shooting
Maegan Vazquez    President Biden met with University of Nevada Las Vegas community members after a shooting there earlier this week that left three people dead.
08  décembre     21h40
Republican Party frees candidates to organize own their presidential debates
Michael Scherer    This decision could lead to more debates before the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary.
Trump gag order reinstated but narrowed in Jan. 6 case
Rachel Weiner    In new gag order, Donald Trump cannot comment on the testimony of likely witnesses, but he can single out Special Counsel Jack Smith, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit said.
DeSantis’s views on untimely death depend on whom he gets to scapegoat
Philip Bump    The Florida governor likes to saber rattle about fentanyl, though covid kills more Floridians.
Nearly half of GOP say the U.S. is giving too much to Ukraine, poll finds
Azi Paybarah    The Pew Research Center’s finding shows a big partisan divide on the issue and comes as the latest aid package is stuck in Congress.
J.D. Vance tried to troll Trump critics. He helped make their point.
Philip Bump    The Ohio senator’s letter to the Justice Department was meant to be a thought exercise. But his arguments reinforce the concerns to which he’s responding.
Police chief turned yoga teacher sentenced for role in Jan. 6 attack
Rachel Weiner    Alan Hostetter defended himself in court by claiming the riot was instigated by federal agents.
Furor over the Ivies and crickets about Florida
Philip Bump    The week’s conversation about higher education both reflects the salience of the war in Israel and the right’s success in how it frames higher education.
Hunter Biden indicted on federal tax evasion charges in California
Washington Post Staff    It is the second indictment of Hunter Biden by special counsel David Weiss in three months. Biden was charged with gun violations in Delaware in September.
CNN, ABC to host GOP presidential debates in Iowa and New Hampshire
Washington Post staff    The debates offer some contenders additional opportunities to sway voters after Wednesday night’s debate in Tuscaloosa, Ala.
07  décembre     21h43
Texas judge allows abortion in Cox case as AG Paxton threatens legal action
Pradnya Joshi    Kate Cox, a year old mother of two from the Dallas area, was weeks pregnant when she found out her fetus had a severe anomaly.
Our Republican debate poll finds Ron DeSantis won but gained little support
Washington Post Staff    Most candidates saw little movement after the debate in the share of GOP debate viewers considering supporting them.
House censures New York Democrat Jamaal Bowman for pulling fire alarm
Washington Post Staff    The resolution was sponsored by Rep. Lisa C. McClain R Mich. , secretary of the House Republican conference, who said that Bowman had knowingly pulled a fire alarm to cause chaos.
States where abortion is legal, banned or under threat
Caroline Kitchener    More than a dozen states have laws that criminalize abortion when the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. Here’s a look at abortion laws by state.
Feds calling for Gaza cease-fire face Rubio’s insubordination’ ire
Joe Davidson    Sen. Marco Rubio R Fla. disparages federal employees who sent an open letter urging an Israel Hamas cease fire, while offering no evidence for his accusations.