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31  mars     11h30
The GOP response to Trump is one hell of an indictment
Dana Milbank    Did you or did you not decriminalize public urination in Washington D C Rep Lauren Boebert demanded of a witness D C council member Charles Allen
Readers critique The Post: Wrestling with a lack of coverage
Letters to the Editor    Here are this week s Free for All letters
Chicago voters must choose further decline or a remedy for an ailing city
George Will    In Chicago the mayoral election on Tuesday offers voters two starkly different candidates Only one is a potential remedy for an ailing city
The Kremlin takes an American hostage. Again.
Editorial Board    Evan Gershkovich is not a pawn to be traded Journalism is not a crime
Getting indicted isn’t enough to stop a reelection
Jeff Greenfield    If you are a prominent political personality facing an official accusation of criminal misconduct there is every chance the voters will return you to office
We’ll never solve our many crises without this key ingredient
David Von Drehle    Hint It s the thing with feathers But not birds
Trump is indicted, and justice is served
Jennifer Rubin    The rule of law seems finally to have caught up with the former president
Trump’s mugshot
Ann Telnaes    Donald Trump becomes the first former president to be indicted
30  mars     23h00
The Great Medicaid Purge begins
Catherine Rampell    With pandemic provisions ending about in Medicaid and CHIP recipients are expected to lose coverage
By indicting Trump, Alvin Bragg restores our faith in the rule of law
Dennis Aftergut    The principle that no one is above the law was deeply damaged in the Watergate crisis
It should be outrageous that Trump’s indictment is not a federal case
Henry Olsen    How would Democrats feel if partisan prosecutors in one of the country s most conservative jurisdictions went after Biden
The Trump indictment is a poor test case for prosecuting a former president
Editorial Board    The case over hush money payments to Stormy Daniels is far from the strongest pending against the former president
The tragedy in Juárez is what a migration deterrence policy looks like
León Krauze    The death of desperate migrants in Ju rez is the inevitable outcome of a policy designed to deter migration
Is there a point to living in a state that hates you?
Drew Goins    Plus A possible answer to falling fertility Marjorie Taylor Greene money queen Over the counter Narcan
The Checkup With Dr. Wen: Will we repeat the same mistake we made on boosters?
Leana Wen    Why not let vulnerable Americans who want an extra dose get it
The Biden administration barely pretends to care about Syria anymore
Josh Rogin    Bashar al Assad s friends want to normalize him Washington shouldn t let them
How Putin could finally face justice for his illegal war in Ukraine
Editorial Board    The Biden administration has endorsed the establishment of a special tribunal to try Vladimir Putin Accountability is an objective worth the fight
Trampling the press
Michael de Adder    A cartoon by Michael de Adder
How big should the House be? Here’s what readers suggested.
Danielle Allen    Does it matter What if it outgrows the Capitol What about increasing the Senate instead
Centcom gets a tech disruptor
David Ignatius    Schuyler M Moore is the command s first chief technology officer The U S military needs a lot more people like her
Your questions about covid-19, answered by Dr. Leana Wen
Leana Wen    When should I get the new bivalent booster What should I do if I m exposed to covid Public health expert Dr Leana S Wen answers your questions
The GOP is playing catch-up on health care. It needs some fresh ideas.
Henry Olsen    North Carolina s expansion of Medicaid highlights the need for the GOP to make a big shift
What to wear when you’re on trial after a ski accident
Edith Pritchett    The Goop guide to courtroom style and skin care personal injury
Is Biden too old to run? Perry Bacon Jr. answered your questions.
Perry Bacon    Perry s Q A with readers was at p m ET on Thursday Read the transcript
Anna Deavere Smith and Arne Duncan on their new opera The Walkers’
   In this conversation recorded for Washington Post Live on March renowned playwright Anna Deavere Smith and former education secretary and creator of Chicago CRED Arne Duncan discuss their new opera The Walkers which explores Chicago CRED s engagement and collaboration with people
Pence must testify. What he’ll have to reveal is an open question.
Jennifer Rubin    Trump s executive privilege claims take another hit
This element is critical to human flourishing yet missing from the news
Amanda Ripley    If hope is critical to human flourishing then why can t journalists make it part of their job
I’m a progressive in Kentucky. I think Republicans want me to leave.
Perry Bacon    I really like Louisville and its people culture restaurants schools But I think often about whether my family and I should move
Tolerance is a muscle. The Navy shows why.
Theodore Johnson    An integrated military increases racial tolerance Unfortunately it doesn t last
What’s acceptable in America?
Ann Telnaes    From art to what happens in schools to what happens in the doctor s office America is dealing with new ground rules
29  mars     22h58
Everyone should have Narcan in their homes
Leana Wen, Robert Gebelhoff    Here s how to make the most of the overdose antidote s over the counter status
The government already got a good return on coronavirus vaccines
Letters to the Editor    The government s ROI on the Moderna vaccine was at a minimum percent
Banning TikTok on mere speculation would undermine the rule of law
Letters to the Editor    Even after evidence on Facebook s role in Russian election interference the government did not ban the platform
Effective education demands well-trained teachers and involved parents
Letters to the Editor    It is not well served by a cynical and partisan federal act that in one stroke demeans educators and lets parents off the hook
Trump voters won’t believe they’ve been misled
Letters to the Editor    It is a strongly ingrained human trait to powerfully resist discovering you were wrong or perhaps conned
Youngkin’s secretive change to felon voting rights is troubling
Letters to the Editor    The governor has said that he believes in second chances Perhaps he could give us all the first chance to know how the surreptitiously changed process works
Wisconsin Supreme Court race shows folly of electing judges
Editorial Board    The campaign nonpartisan in name only has become an unseemly spectacle that underscores why judges should never be on the ballot
Meet the Queen Kong of Hoops, Iowa’s Caitlin Clark
Rick Reilly    How good is Iowa s Caitlin Clark In the NCAA tournament she put on a show so goosebump great that LeBron James tweeted She s SO COLD SHEESH
What stopping at nothing’ on guns really means
Drew Goins    Plus How a long walk can help you see America anew The true cost of child care
Belarus should not be the Kremlin’s nuclear sandbox
Editorial Board    Vladimir Putin s announcement that Russia will deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus marks yet another worrisome episode of saber rattling
Lower fertility rates are the new cultural norm
Charles Lane    We need answers to the puzzle of declining child bearing Social science seems unable to provide them
Cartoon by Ed Hall
Ed Hall    An editorial guest cartoon from Ed Hall of Artizans com