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30  novembre     02h41
No dejemos que China ponga en marcha otra masacre de Tiananmén
Jianli Yang    Ver c mo los tanques en la plaza de Tiananmén aplastaron vidas j venes me hizo entender que China debe cambiar Hoy ver las protestas que ha sucedido en la à ltima semana ha superado todas mis expectativas
Gee, thanks for this tiny step to protect my same-sex marriage
Jonathan Capehart    The more I focus on the details of the Respect for Marriage Act the more my joy diminishes
29  novembre     22h56
The heat is on
Michael de Adder    A cartoon by Michael de Adder
Biden should respond boldly to a radical Netanyahu government
Aaron David Miller, Daniel C. Kurtzer    If a far right wing government is installed in Israel President Biden will need to firmly and clearly communicate U S interests in keeping peace
Xi Jinping will order a crackdown. It will probably work.
John Pomfret    The appetite for brutality lives on at the top of the Chinese Communist Party
Sam Bankman-Fried doesn’t read. That tells us everything.
Molly Roberts    This means to an end worldview may be the key to understanding SBF s career
Fed Chair Powell should make it clear: More rate hikes are needed
Editorial Board    Fed Chair Jerome H Powell must be willing to do what is necessary to tame the inflation threat even if it angers Democrats and causes a recession
The court’s supremely obtuse response to its ethical problems
Ruth Marcus    The Supreme Court has ethics problems But the court does not seem to care
Post Elizabeth: William and Kate’s Boston trip sparks royal turf chatter
Autumn Brewington    The Prince and Princess of Wales aren t the only royals spending time with the Kennedys soon
Weapons of war should not be available to the public
Letters to the Editor    A dark confined space makes heading off the attacker highly unlikely The compactness of these makes them easily concealable
A plane crash and sudden darkness: What happens next?
Letters to the Editor    Surely there s insurance for this sort of thing
The voters have spoken, and here’s how they answered my top 10 election questions
Marc Thiessen    Their responses were more surprising than expected
Best of: Michael Fanone’s battle for accountability for Jan. 6
   In this Washington Post Live conversation from Oct former D C police officer Michael Fanone discusses his new book Hold the Line The Insurrection and One Cop s Battle for America s Soul recounts his firsthand experience defending the U S Capitol and explains why it s so important to
New Trumpist threats in Arizona make electoral college reform urgent
Greg Sargent    How the scheming of Kari Lake and her election denying allies shows the need for reform
Biden’s pledge to close private migrant prisons remains unfulfilled
Editorial Board    A Senate report is a reminder of a pattern of problems at migrant detention centers
Hong Kong’s Jimmy Lai goes on trial soon. So does freedom of speech.
Editorial Board    Media mogul Jimmy Lai goes on trial soon in Hong Kong The right to freedom of expression and association are in the dock along with him
What are your favorite holiday gifts? Alexandra Petri answered your questions.
Alexandra Petri    Petri s Q A with readers was at a m ET on Tuesday Read the transcript
Law enforcement is failing to crack down on domestic terrorism
Jennifer Rubin    Imagine the outrage if law enforcement failed to take foreign terrorism after seriously
The midterms showed Democrats don’t need to pander on crime
Katrina vanden Heuvel    The Democratic Party shouldn t panic over the issue
In health care, America is the world’s indispensable nation
David Goldhill    Expensive medicine and treatments in the United States enable other countries to keep their costs low
No, conservative commentators aren’t responsible for mass shootings
Megan McArdle    The familiar accusation that political pundits drive people to commit murder is an assault on free debate
México debe detener la más reciente maniobra antidemocrática de AMLO
Editorial Board    Las propuestas electorales del presidente mexicano Andrés Manuel L pez Obrador amenazan la independencia del INE y con ello la transici n de México del autoritarismo a la democracia multipartidista que tanto le cost ganar
28  novembre     23h40
Balenciaga y el problema de la moda de convertir cualquier cuerpo en un objeto de deseo
Angélica Marà­a Gallón Salazar    Hemos convenido como sociedad que cualquier tipo de acercamiento sexual con ni as y ni os es un delito y viola sus derechos La à ltima campa a de Balenciaga no parece entender este acuerdo
Xi’s ghost of demonstrations past
Ann Telnaes    The recent protests in China awaken memories of the Tiananmen Square demonstrations
The GOP’s sickness is far worse than a Trump problem’
Karen Tumulty    Trump s Mar a Lago dinner with white nationalist Nick Fuentes was nothing out of the ordinary
Don’t let China stage another Tiananmen massacre
Jianli Yang    Western leaders should openly show their moral support for the protesters
Elon Musk is harming free expression on Twitter, not protecting it
Editorial Board    Those who believe in free expression on Twitter should be fighting for clear and consistent policies along with transparent enforcement
Truth can defeat gaslighting,’ the word of the year. But not always.
Paul Waldman    Gaslighting is the Merriam Webster Word of the Year and the problem is worse than ever
Florida is no longer a swing state. That’s good news for U.S. foreign policy.
Max Boot    President Biden is finally free to pursue rational policies on Cuba and Venezuela
The real reasons Georgia should reelect Raphael Warnock
Eugene Robinson    Sure he d be the st Democrat in the Senate But more than that he s doing hard work to make sure his constituents benefit
Mexico should stop its president’s latest antidemocratic maneuver
Editorial Board    The United States is not the only North American democracy at risk from a president s belief that he is a victim of election rigging
Zero covid’ has pummeled China into a crisis. Xi should react.
Editorial Board    China is tumbling into a major covid crisis without a playbook
Cartoon by Lisa Benson
Lisa Benson    An editorial guest cartoon from Lisa Benson
Here’s one way to make football safer
Leana Wen    Dartmouth s football team has adopted this reasonable change Others should follow
The GOP’s path to dumping Trump will be torturous
Henry Olsen    The new Republican Party breaks down into four rough factions in response to this query and none has a clear plurality
Hunter Biden’s addiction recovery should be acknowledged
Letters to the Editor    Addiction does not define the entirety of a person
The Giants are not the problem
Letters to the Editor    The Giants owner was criticized for keeping a general manager too long
Are we really divided?
Letters to the Editor    The media tell us we are but I don t feel it
Philadelphia needs to get serious on public safety
Letters to the Editor    If moves against the district attorney make that clear all the better
Maryland residents deserve transparency on the Beltway project
Letters to the Editor    A judge s ruling cements the farcical nature of this so called public private project
How Trump is handing white supremacists huge propaganda victories
Greg Sargent    A historian of white power movements sheds light on Trump s dinner with Nick Fuentes
Asa Hutchinson shows up weak-kneed Republican presidential contenders
Jennifer Rubin    You don t have to be a spineless apologist for MAGA extremism to run for president as a Republican
Democrats’ lame-duck priorities have shifted
Jennifer Rubin    Here s what they should make sure to pass and what to leave for
El gobierno de Pedro Castillo agrava su crisis con una interpretación auténtica
Jonathan Castro Cajahuanca    El presidente de Perà Pedro Castillo aà n con nuevos ministros ha tomado decisiones que menoscaban la tecnocracia del Estado enquistan a nuevas argollas corruptas y ha olvidado a fin de cuentas por qué fue elegido
Biden has a deep, talented bench for a Cabinet reshuffle
Jennifer Rubin    Move up superstars move out aging underperformers and fill the bench vacancies
If you ignore history, Biden looks like the only Democrat who can win
Matt Bai    There s plenty of recent history to suggest that renominating Biden for president in would be reckless for both the Democratic Party and the country
Suburbanites are saving the Democrats in Georgia and elsewhere
Perry Bacon    The electoral transformation of Cobb County is part of a broader shift happening in American politics
Brazil still needs to get its military out of politics
Mac Margolis    Keeping uniformed officials out of government is easy enough It will be harder to depoliticize the military
Canada’s leaders should take the Chinese threat more seriously
J.J. McCullough    A disposition of patient tolerance for the world s largest and most unapologetic dictatorship was learned only with decades of effort
Congress could act on the border and dreamers’ this year
Donald Graham    Kevin McCarthy s careless pledge to block legislation on amnesty gives both Republicans and Democrats motivation to address the southern border and DACA