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22  mai     19h27
Take Instant Pot cooking to the next level with a pot-in-pot technique
Joe Yonan    Using the pot in pot technique allows you to create multiple components of a dish at the same time
No, you can’t pick my brain,’ and here’s why
Sharon De La Cruz    It can be a predatory approach for creatives especially for women in the workplace
Solution to Evan Birnholz’s May 22 crossword, Unmatched
Evan Birnholz    A meta with a unique solution
Carolyn Hax: Invitation without a plus-one threatens decades of family friendship
Carolyn Hax    A mother struggles to move on after her daughter s invitation to a family wedding did not include a plus one
Ask Amy: How do I support my trans son and hold on to my church?
Amy Dickinson    Reader supports their son who is trans but worries about their church s reaction
21  mai     14h00
Make burger night better with recipes for patties, sauces and more
Becky Krystal    From buns to toppings and everything in between these burger recipes will satisfy meat eaters and plant based diners alike
Inside queer proms, where LGBTQ adults get a high school redo
Janay Kingsberry    Many say these events offer them a safe and inclusive space to be themselves
Carolyn Hax: Friend’s young adult kids are always tagging along
Carolyn Hax    One friend seeks a diplomatic way to approach another whose kids always I mean always tag along at every social event
Ask Amy: I’m not in love with my partner but don’t want to break his heart
Amy Dickinson    Reader is in a year relationship with a man but has always been attracted to women and wants to explore that
Miss Manners: I didn’t wait for everyone to be served before eating
Judith Martin    Reader didn t think they had to wait for everyone to have an appetizer before they started eating
20  mai     21h24
Roger Angell, editor, baseball writer at the New Yorker, dies at 101
Matt Schudel    As fiction editor he helped mold the stories of generations of writers As a sportswriter he was enshrined in the writers wing of the National Baseball Hall of Fame
Couples share the abortion decisions that shaped their lives
Anne Branigin    Four couples told The Washington Post about making that choice to abort or not and how it affected them
Meet the man who has eaten a Big Mac a day for 50 years
Emily Heil    Big Mac superfan Don Gorske of Fond du Lac Wis has missed only a few days in the past half century
The Pentagon congratulates the New York Times for doing its work
Erik Wemple    The Pentagon s spokesman credited the Times with a punishing series exposing Defense Department missteps Is there a precedent for such an acknowledgment
Make sexy, smoky cocktails with grilled citrus, pineapple and more
M. Carrie Allan    For grilled fruit cocktails try charring lemons grapefruit and pineapple for richer and smokier juices
Track team was suspended for sports bras at practice. They fought back.
Anne Branigin    A disagreement over sports bras between the Albany High School girls track team and the school district s athletic director sparked a protest a flurry of suspensions and accusations from the student athletes of blatant discrimination
In Lyon’s network of hidden passageways, footfalls of the past
Lily Radziemski    Books and movies have added to the mystique of the traboules or hidden passageways that wind through Lyon
How to peel and devein shrimp a visual guide
Aaron Hutcherson    Peeling and deveining shrimp yourself is simple and can save you money This video tutorial will show you how
Explaining water pillows and three other specialty headrests
Angela Haupt    Specialty pillows such as water cervical buckwheat and wedge help with different sleep problems
A rock shattered our window in Jordan. It became a trip highlight.
Steve Hendrix    A thrown rock is an unexpected introduction to village culture on a road trip through rural Jordan