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09  décembre     13h05
A teen overcame his shyness to collect and give away 54,000 toys
Cathy Free    I knew we had to keep going because there was such a need, said Reed Marcum, .
Ask Amy: How do I say no to requests to stay overnight at my house?
Amy Dickinson    Letter writer wants to start saying no to houseguests staying overnight but doesn’t know how.
Miss Manners: Recipients of my holiday treats said they’re not as good as usual
Judith Martin, Nicholas Martin, Jacobina Martin    Letter writer is offended and wonders whether they can cross these recipients off their holiday list this year.
Carolyn Hax: Best friend is there with her problems but counts on others for fun
Carolyn Hax    Almost a sister best friend goes to this letter writer to vent, then goes out with other friends to have fun.
08  décembre     19h23
McDonald’s comes for Starbucks with CosMc’s, a beverage-heavy spinoff
Emily Heil    McDonald’s opens the first location of CosMc, its beverage focused concept, in the Chicago suburbs, with nary a Big Mac in sight.
Can I ask my boyfriend to remove his tattoos? Give advice to this Hax question.
Carolyn Hax, Haben Kelati    Every week, we ask readers to think like an advice columnist and submit their advice to a question Carolyn Hax hasn’t answered.
Traffic reporter responds to body shaming email on live TV
Sydney Page    I’m not pregnant, I actually lost my uterus to cancer last year, Leslie Horton told her viewers after reading the insulting email on the air.
What to watch with your kids: The Boy and the Heron’ and more
Common Sense Media    Common Sense Media’s guide to this week’s family movies and TV shows.
A father fears he’ll pass his body image issues on to his son
Davon Loeb    As a boy, he felt he would never measure up to his strong father. Now a father himself, he wonders how to make sure his son doesn’t struggle like he does.
I want to repair a damaged vintage tile floor. What are my options?
Jeanne Huber    Check local online marketplace lists first, or consider a company that specializes in matching historic tile.
Carolyn Hax: Partner sick’ at the thought of hosting girlfriend’s deadbeat dad
Carolyn Hax    A letter writer is sick at the thought of having to fake Christmas pleasantries with girlfriend’s negligent dad.
Miss Manners: Should everyone take a turn buying a round of drinks?
Judith Martin, Nicholas Martin, Jacobina Martin    Is there an expectation that everyone must reciprocate buying a round of drinks
Ask Amy: My daughter-in-law is so cold to me, and it hurts my son
Amy Dickinson    Her son is clearly hurt by the way her daughter in law treats her. How can she fix this
07  décembre     18h00
Cava, Spain’s sparkling wine, is both affordable and delicious
Dave McIntyre    Cava proves that you don’t have to spend a fortune on good bubbles.
This chicken paprikash lightens up a classic but keeps the big flavor
Ellie Krieger    This popular Hungarian stew gets its bright flavor from aromatic and intensely hued paprika.