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Wired : science
03  décembre     13h00
An Invisible Demon’ Lurks in an Odd Superconductor
Charlie Wood    Physicists have long suspected that hunks of metal could vibrate in a peculiar way that would be all but invisible. Now physicists have spotted these demon modes.
02  décembre     13h00
Climate Cookbooks Are Here to Change How You Eat
Caroline Saunders    Sustainable diets have been around for ages. An emerging cookbook genre that tackles the climate crisis signals a new appetite for change.
Was Bobi the World’s Oldest Dog or a Fraud?
Matt Reynolds    A quest to uncover the truth about Bobi, named the oldest dog ever by Guinness World Records, led to dog fur experts and conspiracy theories, and left me with serious questions about how world records are verified.
Ozempic Could Also Help You Drink Less Alcohol
Grace Browne    Mounting evidence bolsters the idea that drugs like semaglutide better known as Ozempic or Wegovy can hamper a thirst for booze.
01  décembre     12h00
Dr. Nergis Mavalvala Detected the First Gravitational Wave. Her Work Doesn’t Stop There
Swapna Krishna    The dean of MIT’s School of Science embraces skepticism and failure, and she wants the next generation of scientists to jump right in.
The Race to Find What’s Making America’s Dogs Sick
Sassafras Lowrey    Hundreds of dogs across multiple states have been struck down with a severe respiratory illness. Veterinarians suspect a mystery bacteria but are still grasping for clues.
How Dr. Clara Nellist Collides Art and Science
Swapna Krishna    This particle physicist, science communicator, and member of the team who uncovered the Higgs Boson wants everyone to know that art and science aren’t mutually exclusive.
30  novembre     15h00
Cicadas Are So Loud, Fiber Optic Cables Can Hear’ Them
Matt Simon    In , scientists experimenting with fiber optics picked up a strange signal: the cacophony of cicadas. It could lead to a new way of monitoring insects.
Dr. Ishwaria Subbiah Is Reimagining Cancer Care
Erica Kasper    All but raised in oncology wards, Dr. Subbiah is on a mission to make cancer care work for everyone, including those usually overlooked.
Inside India’s Gargantuan Mission to Clean the Ganges River
Oliver Franklin-Wallis    The Ganges river is one of the world’s most sacred waterways and one of its most polluted. To restore it, India is undertaking one of the biggest engineering programs in the history of sanitation.
29  novembre     17h16
A Cutting-Edge Cancer Treatment May Cause Cancer. The FDA Is Investigating
Emily Mullin    CAR T cell therapy harnesses the immune system to attack blood cancers. Six years after approving the first treatment, the FDA is investigating whether it can give rise to secondary cancers.
How to Set Your Thermostat According to Science
Chris Baraniuk    Win the family arguments over heating your home this winter or better yet, avoid them altogether with this handy guide.
The Weirdest Reason the Poles Are Warming So Fast? Invisible Clouds
Matt Simon    Clouds way up in the stratosphere act like a blanket, trapping heat in the Arctic and Antarctica. That could help explain why models keep underestimating how fast they’re warming.
Dr. Dara Norman Wants to Bring More People Into Science
Swapna Krishna    From data access to scientific merit, Dr. Norman is working to make astronomy and all STEM fields more inclusive.
28  novembre     12h00
Dr. Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski Will Change How You Think About Space
Swapna Krishna    Pioneering a new field in cosmology, Dr. Pasterski explores diverse perspectives in physics and astronomy and whether the universe might actually be a hologram.
A Life-Extension Drug for Big Dogs Is Getting Closer to Reality
Emily Mullin    The FDA has yet to approve any drugs for life extension. But biotech company Loyal is now a step closer to bringing one to market for dogs.
27  novembre     17h59
The Best Continuous Glucose Monitors
Carol Milberger    Continuous Glucose Monitors, or CGMs, are an excellent way for people with diabetes or prediabetes to manage their condition. We tested some of the leading models to see which is best for you.
Dust Is So Much More Than You Realize
Matt Simon    In her new book, Dust, Jay Owens charts a fascinating history of the tiny particles floating all around us.
Dr. Paula Johnson Is Breaking Down the Barriers to Better Health
Erica Kasper    An accomplished cardiologist and the first Black woman president of Wellesley College, Dr. Johnson’s life’s work is improving quality of care for women and women of color around the world.
26  novembre     13h00
Starquakes Might Solve the Mysteries of Stellar Magnetism
Jackson Ryan    In their jiggles and shakes, red giant stars encode a record of the magnetic fields near their cores.