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30  novembre     16h25
World Cup 2022: Iranian man killed celebrating football team’s loss - report
   Activists say Mehran Samak was shot by security forces after he honked a car horn as a sign of protest
IS announces leader’s death and names replacement
   The US military says Abu al Hassan al Qurayshi was killed by rebels in southern Syria last month
Christine McVie, Fleetwood Mac singer-songwriter, dies aged 79
   The singer songwriter behind some of the group s biggest hits dies after an illness her family says
San Francisco to allow police ’killer robots’
   The measure permits police to deploy robots equipped with explosives in extreme circumstances
Climate change: US to pay 75m to relocate tribes facing flood threat
   The Biden administration will give three tribal communities m to move from coastal areas
EU Commission calls for freeze on 13bn funding for Hungary
   The EU s executive says Hungary needs to enact reforms before receiving EU budget and Covid funding
French baguette gets Unesco heritage status
   President Emmanuel Macron welcomed the news saying the loaf was grams of magic and perfection
Nigerian student Aminu Adamu Mohammed accused of defaming Aisha Buhari
   The year old s lawyer says he has denied a charge of criminal defamation
Hakeem Jeffries: The Democrat who is replacing Nancy Pelosi as leader
   With his unanimous election the New Yorker becomes the first black person to lead a party in Congress
Students killed as bomb blast hits Afghan school
   At least people are killed after an explosion at a religious school in northern Afghanistan officials say
Germany to ease entry rules for skilled workers
   The country is currently experiencing labour shortages in several industries including childcare and IT
Alzheimer’s drug lecanemab hailed as momentous breakthrough
   Lecanemab is the first drug to remove damage but there are questions around its impact side effects and use
Pele: Brazil legend in hospital but daughter confirms ’no emergency’
   Brazil legend Pele is in hospital but his daughter confirms there s no emergency involved
Ukraine war: Letter bomb at Ukraine’s Spain embassy injures employee
   Ukrainian embassies have been ordered to increase security after a security guard was injured
Japan court upholds ban on same-sex marriage but raises rights issue
   A judge in Tokyo says a ban on same sex marriage is constitutional but voices human rights concerns
Chinese web users bypass censors to remember Jiang Zemin
   Chinese netizens use toads spectacles and the word grandpa to talk freely about their ex leader
Afghanistan: Parks become latest no-go areas for women in Kabul
   With new restrictions imposed by the Taliban Afghan women fear what could come next
Davido son’s drowning: Could tragedy improve Nigeria safety for swimmers?
   Nigerians consider how to prevent drowning accidents after the son of the Afrobeats star died in a pool
Ukraine war: The surrender hotline for Russian soldiers
   The I Want To Live project says it is getting up to enquiries a day from invading troops
Ukraine war: Germans struggle with influx of Ukrainian refugees
   As winter sets in there are warnings that some communities cannot cope with more arrivals
Why Dutch ’bike banks’ are a game changer for kids
   In the Netherlands the cost of living crisis has pushed up demand for refurbished second hand bikes
29  novembre     22h54
Stewart Rhodes’ son: How I escaped my father’s militia’
   Militia leader Stewart Rhodes could face two decades in prison It took his son years to escape him
30  novembre     00h33
Ros Atkins on... China’s crackdown on Covid protests
   The BBC s Ros Atkins looks at how authorities have clamped down on protests against Covid measures
Spectacular scenes as Hawaii volcano erupts
   Aerial footage shows Mauna Loa the world s largest active volcano spewing lava into the air
28  novembre     21h46
China Covid: How five dramatic days of protests unfolded
   After a deadly fire in a locked down building people are demanding an end to Covid restrictions
29  novembre     00h05
Mauna Loa: World’s largest active volcano erupts in Hawaii
   Mauna Loa in the US state of Hawaii lights up the sky as it erupts for the first time since
27  novembre     18h23
New York: Man rescued seconds before incoming train
   It was reported the man had accidentally fallen onto the tracks in Harlem New York
29  novembre     23h54
Camels battle it out in Qatar beauty contest
   The hoofed mammals from across the Gulf strut their stuff at a very different World Cup
28  novembre     09h03
Chinese police: Delete photos or face arrest at Shanghai Covid protest site
   Authorities are stopping anyone taking photos at the Shanghai Covid protest site