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Express : France
20  mars     08h50
Macron faces no confidence votes as fury grips France over pension age change
   Emmanuel Macron had hoped his push to raise the retirement age from to would cement his legacy as the president who transformed France s economy for the st century
19  mars     16h04
Passport rules for British tourists holidaying in Spain, Portugal, France and rest of EU
   As passport workers prepare to go on strike in April there are several key travel rules Britons need to follow for holidays in the EU Here are the passport rules for holidays in popular destinations including Spain France Portugal and Greece
British tourists urged to swap Spain holidays for great-value’ lesser-known beach break
   British tourists have been urged to swap holidays in Spain for a beach break in a lesser known affordable hotspot Tourists could save almost a night on a hotel
18  mars     08h48
Effigy of Macron on fire as protesters chant ’we beheaded Louis XVI, we can start again ’
   Angry protesters took to the streets in Paris and other cities for a second day on Friday trying to pressure MPs to bring down French President Emmanuel Macron s government
17  mars     12h59
Corsica’s mysterious wild fox-cat’ is confirmed as unique species by genetic analysis
   Despite long being part of local folklore the exact identity of the elusive felines has been an enduring scientific mystery
British workers are striking like never before, but are still no match for the French
   Over five times more working days were lost to strikes per employees a year on average in France than in the UK over the past two decades
Macron ’stuck’ in pension reform war over EU demands as unrest continues on French streets
   EXCLUSIVE Generation Frexit leader Charles Henri Gallois slammed Macron blaming him for the fury that is spilling over on the streets of France and said the reforms are a direct consequence of EU membership
16  mars     08h34
France accused of slowing EU plans to restock Ukraine’s artillery shells
   Paris wants assurances that a deal to jointly procure weapons for Ukraine will only help EU companies according to European sources
Macron’s veiled threat that UK’s Aukus deal could fuel ’nuclear confrontation’ with China
   The French President claimed the Aukus built submarines would undermine Australia s sovereignty
Macron sparks fury in French parliament with nuclear plan to push through pension reform
   The French Parliament is reportedly livid as Emmanuel Macron s controversial strategy means politicians won t get to vote on his unpopular policy