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Express : France
18  avril     10h20
Inside world’s ’most expensive house’ with 100 rooms on sale for eye-watering sum
   The sprawling Chateau d’Armainvilliers in Seine et Marne, France, is believed to be the world’s most expensive home and is on the market for a staggering amount of money.
Moment gun-wielding cops evict hundreds of migrants from France’s biggest squat
   French police stormed the country’s biggest migrant squat to evict hundreds of mostly undocumented young men from the site.
17  avril     17h15
Disaster for Emmanuel Macron as rival Marine le Pen storms ahead in shock election poll
   Marine le Pen’s National Rally has surged ahead and is now points ahead of French President Emmanuel Macron’s Renaissance, the latest poll shows.
The pretty seaside city tarnished by its reputation as Europe’s ’most dangerous’
   Marseille has featured on lists of Europe’s most dangerous cities, but tourists still visit in their droves.
Vladimir Putin snubbed as Russian President not invited to key European event
   The Élysée reportedly agreed Russia needs to be represented at the event but won’t send an invitation to Vladimir Putin.
English ship’s damning radio message accusing French Navy of ’human trafficking’ to Dover
   An English ship captain furiously complained to the French coastguard as he watched the French navy escort migrant boats toward Britain.
16  avril     12h42
France blasted in furious Brexit fishing rights row as tempers flare: ’Hypocrites ’
   There will be concerns that an escalation could revive the so called Scallop Wars when fleets clashed over access to waters.
14  avril     13h01
Europe’s most complained about train stations revealed - and 5 are in the same country
   Amid the hustle and bustle of European railway travel, a recent analysis unveils the continent’s most complained about train stations.
I’m a travel expert and these are the overrated crowded destinations I’d avoid’
   A travel expert spoke to about the overcrowded holiday destinations they’d leave off their bucket list.
Full list of world’s most underrated tourist attractions that get nearly no tourists
   If standing in long queues and crowds of tourists isn’t your thing, then one of these destinations may be for you.