Express : France
27  novembre     20h49
French fishermen’s leader faces expulsion from British waters in Brexit triumph
   FRENCH FISHERMEN leader Olivier Leprêtre faces expulsion from British waters as he claims the UK Government is denying him a fishing licence.
You should be ashamed ’ Ex-Macron advisor slammed over Brexit claim in furious clash
   A FORMER top-level advisor to Emmanuel Macron clashed with Andrew Pierce on LBC after the Frenchman repeatedly tried to turn a conversation about the Channel migrant crossings into a discussion about Northern Ireland and Brexit.
French fishermen block roads and ports over Brexit licences causing traffic chaos
   French fishermen caused massive disruption for Channel crossings yesterday by blockading UK ships in a protest over Brexit licences.
Macron’s desire to punish Britain risks more migrant lives, says PATRICK O’FLYNN
   IMAGINE if British police officers were in the habit of idly standing around watching migrants scrambling down English beaches and putting to sea in flimsy and overladen inflatable boats bound for France.
Boris told to get tough with France and stop sending millions to Macron after his outburst
   BEN HABIB has called on Boris Johnson to get tough with France and stop paying for cooperation from Paris amid diplomatic rows over the Channel migrant crossings and enduring tensions over fisheries.
Macron hates Britain more than he cares about human lives, says CAROLE MALONE
   HOURS after the lifeless bodies of 27 migrants had slipped beneath the icy waters off the coast of France, tinpot tyrant Emmanuel Macron trumped his own record for hypocrisy, saying: I will not let the Channel become a cemetery.
France makes lame effort to bash Britain with a Brexit stick over migrant plan
   EMMANUEL MACRON and France made a lame effort to bash Brexit Britain amid the ongoing dispute over migrant Channel crossings.
Macron warned he will have blood on his hands if he refuses to budge on migrant crisis
   EMMANUEL MACRON has been warned that he will have blood on his hands if he refuses to reconsider his latest move in the ongoing row over migrant Channel crossings.
Can’t come to France to make money’ - British expat shares tips on buying French property
   A BRITISH expat and business owner has shared her advice to Britons looking to emigrate to France, buy property and renovate their own French gîte. The renovation expert and single mum has spent years renovating her gîtes but warned Britons that you can’t come to France and expect to make a...
Macron plot to deflect ’Paris wokerati’ from own failures ahead of crucial vote exposed
   EMMANUEL Macron adopted a hard stance in his row with the UK over how to best tackle illegal immigration in the Channel to deflect critics from his other political failures, former British MEP Steven Woolfe claimed.