Express : France
08  décembre     11h09
Panicking’ Macron receives bleak poll warning as unexpected rival could defeat President
   EMMANUEL MACRON could be beaten by an unexpected challenger at next year’s French Presidential elections, according to the latest poll.
07  décembre     09h50
Why Boris Johnson will be delighted with French Conservatives’ election nomination
   BORIS JOHNSON could receive a welcome boost from across the Channel as France heads to the polls to elect their president next year, and the UK Prime Minister will be chuffed with the French Conservatives’ choice of nominee.
France introduces new Covid rules for British tourists - huge impact on ski holidays
   FRANCE has introduced strict new Covid rules that will impact British tourists’ holidays ahead of Christmas. The country is set to close nightclubs for a month.
How France embraced the far right - and what it means for the 2022 presidential election
   THE rise of the far-right in France is becoming more apparent in the run-up to the 2022 Presidential Election as Eric Zemmour takes centre stage in the fight for the top job.
06  décembre     10h16
Embarrassment to the French people ’ Britons rage at Macron’s ’vendetta’ against UK
   EMMANUEL MACRON has sparked a furious reaction over his vendetta against Brexit Britain after being told he is now becoming an increasing embarrassment to the French people .
France election 2022: Furious clash erupts as protesters storm Eric Zemmour rally
   ERIC Zemmour’s rally in Villepinte descended into complete chaos after attendees began to clash with protesters staging an anti-racism demonstration.
Macron’s ’stupid’ Covid plan slammed by angry politician - fury grows as election looms
   A FRENCH far-left presidential candidate has accused Emmanual Macron’s government of imposing stupid Covid measures and establishing a controlling society.
Will fishing row be resolved? How UK could offer solution as deadline looms
   THE ongoing Brexit fishing wars’ could be resolved sooner than anticipated thanks to an olive branch from UK negotiators.
Eric Zemmour: Why first rally turned violent for French Presidential hopeful
   ERIC ZEMMOUR held his first campaign rally on Sunday since announcing his intention to stand in the French presidential elections next year, but the festivities quickly soured with numerous arrests in Paris.
Fashion houses urged to fix customers’ clothes to save items from rubbish tip
   FASHION houses should mend customers’ clothes to stop them ending up on rubbish tips, designers say. Resale and rental of top-brand gear has surged, but top label Ganni says designers should also patch up clothes after they have been worn.