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Express : France
03  juillet     09h01
Macron facing Fukushima-style’ horror accident as EDF reactors crack force shutdown
   FRENCH President Emmanuel Macron is facing a nightmare situation as cracks in EDF s reactors threaten to create accidents as devastating as Fukushima Express co uk was told
02  juillet     08h37
Not Brexit Simon Calder highlights Germany, France and Holland holiday flight chaos
   BRITONS will not have as good a time at airports as they did in according to Manchester Airport s managing director But this issue is not limited to UK flyers
Covid a scapegoat’France brought to standstill as airline workers launch weeks of strikes
   FRENCH AIRPORT staff have explained their reasons for striking during the busiest time of the year after they caused holidaymakers travel plans to be disrupted due to their protests
Get Frexit done ’ Campaigners ramp up referendum pressure on Macron after election chaos
   EMMANUEL MACRON is coming under renewed Frexit pressure following his recent election disaster with one campaigner warning France could soon be edging closer to the European Union exit door
01  juillet     11h19
Paris of Hemingway has gone’ Waiter slams smelly, graffiti-covered, run down capital
   AN ENGLISH waiter living in Paris has given his account of living in the city savaging the capital for its smell and amount of litter
30  juin     09h28
Geraint Thomas’ brutal view of Mark Cavendish: ’Just some chav with a terrible car’
   GERAINT THOMAS thought Mark Cavendish was just some chav when they first met he once said
France weather forecast: Storms to lash nation as lightning sparks forest fire warning
   SEVERE THUNDERSTORMS are set to lash France with warnings issued of flooding and forest fires
Macron accused of ’climate hypocrisy’ as staggering emissions exposed after 13bn pledge
   EMMANUEL MACRON has been exposed for generating some of the highest travel related emissions out of all the leaders in the G despite promoting the message that he is tackling the climate disaster
First Dates’ Fred shares his no-brainer’ travel tip for Britons and staycation spot
   WHEN he s not welcoming hopeful singletons to the First Dates restaurant Fred Sirieix loves to travel the world The maître d hôtel spoke to Express co uk about his favourite destinations and why he s supporting a new vaccination campaign
Petrol and diesel cars targeted in Europe as Britons warned of Low Emission Zone charges
   PETROL and diesel drivers have been handed a major warning ahead of the summer break as popular European cities roll out their Low Emission Zones