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New York Times : France
20  mars     09h00
A Parisian Designer Builds His Dream House in a Former Brothel
Nancy Hass and François Halard    Ramdane Touhami has turned a haute bohemian landmark into an audacious showcase for his inimitable fearless creativity
18  mars     12h26
Macron Faces an Angry France Alone
Roger Cohen    President Emmanuel Macron saw his decision to push through a change in the retirement age as necessary but the price may be high
17  mars     16h26
Simone Segouin, Teenage Fighter in French Resistance, Dies at 97
Richard Sandomir    Portrayed in Life magazine in as a simple farm girl brandishing a submachine gun she became a symbol of the partisans who helped defeat the Nazis
18  mars     17h07
Protests Continue in France Against Unpopular Pension Bill
Storyful    Police used pepper spray to hold back protesters in Paris
Protests Resume in France After Macron Pushes Through Pension Bill
Aurelien Breeden    After President Emmanuel Macron pushed his unpopular pension bill through Parliament without a vote demonstrations about the changes broke out again including a violent standoff in Paris
17  mars     02h58
Protesters in Paris Clash With Police Over Retirement Age Change
Clement Lanot Via Reuters    Demonstrators with covered faces threw cobblestones torn from the pavement at the police who responded with tear gas and water cannons
16  mars     23h17
Singing and Banging, French Lawmakers Vow to Stop Pension Change
Catherine Porter and Constant Méheut    Parties from the left and right erupted in anger after learning of the government s plans to adopt the measure without a vote
Macron Pushes Through Law in France Raising Retirement Age
Roger Cohen    Lacking parliamentary support the French president used a special measure to circumvent a vote a step likely to further enrage opponents
Your Friday Briefing: Macron Pushes Through Pension Bill
Amelia Nierenberg    Also Poland says it will give Ukraine warplanes and Japan extends a hand to South Korea
Macron Forces Through Pension Bill
Reuters    Élisabeth Borne the French prime minister said We cannot gamble on the future of our pensions The reform is necessary