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New York Times : France
01  juillet     17h47
Review: The Mutes’ Gives Voice to Musical Outsiders
Joshua Barone    In Paris a moving and wistful performance installation by Lina Lapelyte gathers untrained singers for reflections on regret and inability
Eurozone Inflation Rises to 8.6 Percent, the Highest Ever
Melissa Eddy    Nearly half the countries in the currency area have now reached double digit inflation
Why Airport Employees Are Striking
Liz Alderman    Across Europe airport and other transport employees are striking disrupting summer travel plans to demand better staffing and pay
Belgian Court Finds 10 Guilty Over Ties to 2015 Paris Attacks
Aurelien Breeden and Constant Méheut    The convictions followed the end of a giant trial in the French capital over the same massacre in which people were killed
30  juin     02h39
20 Men Convicted in November 2015 Paris Terrorist Attack
Constant Méheut and Aurelien Breeden    The verdict capped a month trial on the Islamic State rampage of November that killed people traumatized the country and still shapes French politics
29  juin     19h10
Marked by the 2015 Paris Attacks, and Now Defending the Accused
Constant Méheut    Half the lawyers speaking for the men charged with involvement in the massacre belong to a young generation in France scarred by a spate of terrorist acts
28  juin     09h00
Una revolución en las noticias para los jóvenes en Francia
Adèle Cordonnier    Los comunicadores que triunfan en YouTube se caracterizan por crear contenido polà tico para una audiencia que tiende a evitar los medios tradicionales franceses
27  juin     19h43
Redesign Around Notre-Dame to Keep Tourists Moving and Lower Temperatures
Aurelien Breeden    Plans call for more trees around the famed Paris cathedral which is being rebuilt after a devastating fire and for a cooling system in front of the building
28  juin     18h32
In France, YouTubers Deliver Political News to Young Audiences
Adèle Cordonnier    YouTubers in the country are finding success by delivering political content to an audience that tends to shun traditional media
27  juin     06h17
France’s Far Right Surges Into Parliament, and Further Into the Mainstream
Aurelien Breeden and Constant Méheut    Marine Le Pen s National Rally now has a place of power in the political establishment and a chance to prove itself in the eyes of voters