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20  mai     07h00
Tall Tales
   Tales from the Loop has turned out to be quite the franchise with roleplaying games art books and a television show Today our review takes a look at the newest addition Tales from the Loop The Board Game
19  mai     07h00
Best Practices
   Today we have a thread running on Simple GM Tricks See how other people do it and submit your own
18  mai     07h00
Artistic Flowering
   One of the most interesting developments in the last few years in OSR NSR spaces has been Hex Flower tables Find out all about them including cool examples and how to make your own in this thread
17  mai     07h00
Genre Staples
   Want elves and dwarves but weirder Check out this thread
16  mai     07h00
Iron Irrations
   On the forums we ve been having a lively discussion about when it s appropriate or inappropriate for player characters to act irrationally when not compelled by game mechanics Come check it out it s what your character would do