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02  juin     07h00
Evil is as Evil Does
   Today we have a review of the Blood and Doom adventures Faces of Evil
01  juin     07h00
Blood and Doom
   Today we ve got a review of the Blood and Doom Primer Bundle which at pages is a pretty unusual quickstart
31  mai     07h00
Turtle Power
   Why does a giant jet powered turtle protect little kids Find out in Gamera is a friend to all children
30  mai     07h00
Alpha Flight
   Shannon s alphabetical tour of influential RPGs continues in today s Advanced Designers Dragons Get ready for a ride from Nobilis to Torg
29  mai     07h00
Falling Stars
   It s a new run for the Starfinder society with a brand new intro Get starting by checking out our review Starfinder Society Intro Year of Fortune s Fall