Chess Bot : video
26  novembre     11h50
Chess Bot ChessBotX 1.5.9 Next Chess Move Calculator
   Chess Bot: https: How to use a chess bot? ChessBot is a computer app, which can play chess at online websites. It has a lot of cool features. For example, program can show best moves straight on the chessboard during your current game. You can use it for educational purposes to...
05  novembre     12h54
   ChessBotX 1.5.9 download: https: Chess bot config in this video: Engine: Stockfish Polyglot 241021 Book: Goi.BIN (latest) Threads: 8 Hash: 1024 Slow mover: 10 Engine depth: 12 (static) EGTB: none Chess is a very interesting, yet difficult game. Sometimes you win, sometimes you...
30  octobre     12h33
Testing new STOCKFISH 14.1 15 seconds VS 1 minute ChessBotX vs Lichess Max Comp
   Moves made by ChessBotX: https: Latest Stockfish: https: download More engines: https: blog chess-engines-download.html From the developers: Stockfish 14.1 Today, we have the pleasure to announce Stockfish 14.1. As usual, downloads will be...
26  octobre     16h55
Stockfish plays Halloween Gambit Match against MAX Computer BONUS
   Download Chess Bot: https: Fire Trap and many other engines here: https: blog chess-engines-download.html Today we gonna play Halloween gambit Two games: 1. Stockfish Dev - Chess.Com Max Level 2. Fire2.2 Trap Edition - Halloween trick bot Moves on the board made by...
23  octobre     15h17
Can Stockfish defeat "Danya" Naroditsky bot with BONGCLOUD? ChessBotX 1.5.9
   Download chess bot: https: Chess engines list: https: blog chess-engines-download.html Online chess calculator: https: online calculator next best move.html Daniel "Danya" Naroditsky is an American grandmaster, chess writer, streamer, and...
19  octobre     20h09
White King is Trapped Stockfish VS MAX computer ChessBotX
   ChessBotX 1.5.9 download: https: Will the latest Stockfish Dev survive with the king trapped in the corner? It’s a tricky position. If you want to try it yourself, make sure to set big calculation time depth for a first 10 moves.
02  octobre     14h36
Chess bot playing HORDE ultrabullet vs STOCKFISH at Lichess
   Chess bot: https: ChessBotX can also play variants of chess, here is list of supported variants: - crazyhouse - three check - antichess - king of the hill - horde - racing kings - chess960 Please note that chess bot can play most variants only in automatic mode from the start...
29  septembre     19h57
10 Rooks VS 5 Queens - Who Will Win? 25 MAX level ChessBotX
   Download ChessBotX: https: Engine: Sugar 2.40 Just some fun with the custom board setup at - 10 rooks against 5 queens. ChessBotX vs Strongest bot - who will win?
25  septembre     09h54
Testing new Komodo Dragon 2.5 ChessBot 25 Level Max
   ChessBotX: https: Chess engines: https: blog chess-engines-download.html Komodo: https: Just some tests of a new Komodo Dragon 2.5 chess engine. Pretty good. Weaker than the latest Stockfish, but has its own style. From the authors: We have...
22  septembre     19h13
Raubfisch vs Stockfish ULTRABULLET Lichess Chess Bot
   Download chess bot: https: Download Raubfisch: https: blog chess-engines-download.html Testing Raubfisch x47b against Stockfish level 8 at lichess. Time control: ultrabullet 15 seconds. Threads 8 Hash 1024 Opening book: Cerebellum3Merge.bin EGTB: none (a little...
03  août     23h01
   GET YOUR CHESSBOT HERE: https: More about 1.5.9 update: https: blog chessbotx159-update-release.html Advisor 2.0 - faster - no flickering - premoves recognition - better looking on large boards We have completely renewed the Advisor mode. The speed and stability of...
26  juillet     17h23
chess24 playzone
   ChessBotX 1.5.9 preview Support for new chess24 Playzone
04  juillet     20h38
New STOCKFISH 14 quick test ChessBot vs 25 Level comp
   Stockfish 14 download: https: download windows ChessBot download: https: The engine is now significantly stronger than just a few months ago, and wins four times more game pairs than it loses against the previous release version. Stockfish 14 is now at least...
18  juin     10h56
20 ULTRABULLET games VS Stockfish at (chess bot fun)
   Download your own chess bot here: https: Config: Hardware (notebook) Intel i5, 4 cores, 8 threads, 4.2Ghz 16 GB RAM SSD 1650Ti Software Bot: ChessBotX 1.5.8s Engine: CFish 64bit BMI2 Books: Goi.bin (latest) Cerebellum3Merge.bin own books for...
13  juin     16h54
Chess.Com 25 Level VS Stockfish Chess Cheat Bot
   The power of a computer chess monster at your service https: